[INACTIVE][TP] ShroomTp v1.1 - Portalless nether access, iConomy, Permissions [860]

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    ShroomTp - Teleport to and from the nether with mushrooms
    Version: 1.1
    Shroom tp is a simple plugin that allows players to teleport to and from the nether by "eating" (right clicking air while holding) a red/brown mushroom. Brown mushrooms allow the player to teleport to the nether, with a configured price and message, whereas red mushrooms allow the player to return to the regular world. The player is teleported to the world they are in with _nether attached to the end, and when they return they are teleported to the nether world name minus the _nether. This plugin supports iConomy 5.x/3co 1.2 and Permissions.

    • Teleport to the nether by eating a brown mushroom
    • Return to the regular world by eating a red mushroom
    • iConomy 5.x support - Charges to enter/return from the nether
    • 3co 1.2 support - Charges to enter/return from the nether
    • Permissions support
    Config (open)

    A file will be created at /plugin/ShroomTp. Be careful when editing this file! It will look like this (but without comments):
    WARNING! When editing the messages be sure to add a ' to the beginning and end! They aren't added by default!
    UseEconomy: false #Change this to enable iConomy/3co support
    #All of the messages support colors with &a-f/1-9
    ReturnChargeMessage: You have been charged %cost for returning! # %cost shows the cost, only shows when iconomy/3co is enabled. %currency shows the currency, only when 3co is enabled.
    TeleportChargeMessage: You have been charged %cost for teleporting to the nether! #Same as above
    TeleportCost: 0 #Cost to teleport to the nether (only if iConomy is enabled)
    ReturnCost: 0 #Cost to return from the nether (only if iConomy is enabled)
    ReturnMessage: You have returned from the nether! #Message upon return
    TeleportMessage: You have been teleported to the nether! #message when teleported

    Permission Nodes:
    • shroomtp.teleport - Allow teleporting to the nether by eating shrooms
    • shroomtp.return - Allow returning from the nether by eating shrooms
    • shroomtp.free - Makes teleporting free of charge (if iConomy/3co is enabled)
    The source code is included in the .jar (/me/ic3d/stp/)

    Planned Changes

    Version 1.1
    • Added 3co 1.2 Support!
    • Changed UseIConomy in the config to UseEconomy. 3co or iConomy is chosen automatically, whatever you have installed.
    • Added %currency to config messages, only when 3co is enabled.
    Version 1.0
    • Original Release!
    • @captainawesome7 - All coding
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    Finally finished :/ What do you think @DreadKyller @kahlilnc @Lolmewn ?
    (I say finally but it took me less than an hour...)

    WARNING! Chunk loading is retarded and may kill you! It worked perfectly on my test server, but not on my regular server :/

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    sounds AWESOME, just as your name suggests. of coarse probably should rename it, ShroomTP sounds like something to deal with drugs...
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    Well it was originally going to be a trippy plugin that teleported you to a random place on the server, but I decided not to do that (I think you cant get that purple waviness unless your actually in a portal).
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    lol, because the portal effect is client side I believe. When I get done with my clipboard plugin want me to post it on IC3D?
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    That would be awesomeness. How close are you to being done with it?
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    fairly close, it is fully working, now just adding a cuboid selection feature. Read my sig for details on is so far

    EDIT, Why is my sig no on?

    EDIT2, just look up a few posts, it was on that
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    Only shows up on your first post per thread
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    Yay, I'm done with the clipboard, now to post...
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    i lol'd at the random place idea.
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    random place is interesting, but only random x and z, and have the max and min values for both axises is a config file, I belive that should be made, it could be used as a random spawn point plugin
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    Looks quite cool :p
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    One suggestion, make the world configurable. :)

    Would be nice to be able to go to and from other worlds instead. Skylands maybe. :)
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    I can do that in the next update.
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    Dude this is sweet

    this helps me out so much i posted this idea on in the request and wow you guys are so much help for me!

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    @matthayez011 A lot of our plugins come from request, we are glad to help is it's possible. You are welcome. you can thank captainawesome7 for 100% of this work.
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    Except I just randomly thought of this one day :)
    But I would have done it if I saw the request
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    an update with multiworld config... would be aaaaawesome! :)

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