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    Nether - Super-Simple Nether Portals
    Version: v1.2
    Tested on: should work on all RBs 450+; tested on 766. DOES NOT work on 1060.

    I'm updating Nether very soon to work on 1060+ and also adding some nifty new features!

    I use Bukkit, but have no plugins except a bit of my own tinkering installed. When multiworlds came out I decided that the denizens of my server could use some Nether action, but every plugin I could find came with too many frills, so I wrote up a simple one to use. There is no configuration and no commands. Figured I'd post it here in case somebody found it useful. It's basically designed to be used when you just want to add a classic Nether to your currently single-world server.

    • World coordinates are scaled 8x like in single player.
    • No configuration, commands, or persistent storage - drop and go!
    • Teleportation is smooth and usually lag-free (especially when the chunks on the other side are already loaded)
    • Portals are auto-created when teleporting through a new portal, carving a small cavern and placing a platform if needed.
    • Dying in the Nether teleports you back to the Earth spawn!
    Known Issues:
    • Portal frames are not detected, only active portals, so if you try to portal through to an inactive portal, a new portal might be generated a few blocks off.
    • Both sides of a portal must be uncovered or there is a risk of suffocation when teleporting in.
    • The area carved around new portals can sometimes cut into existing structures if you're not careful, though this is unlikely.
    • Ghast noises can still be heard on Earth in some cases (Bukkit bug).
    Download: Nether v1.2
    Source code: GitHub (MIT License)

    Version 1.2 (April 13)
    • Portals no longer make a giant platform and air bubble and instead seek vertically for a suitable location (thanks Acru).
    • The Nether world name is now configurable (thanks Acru).
    • The Nether world is now loaded on startup instead of first portal use.
    Version 1.1 (February 25)
    • Removed some vestigial debugging methods.
    • Dying in the Nether now respawns players on Earth.
    • Fixed TSLPC.
    Version 1.0 (February 15)
    • Initial release.
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    I'll look into it today.
    EDIT: by the way, for clarification, is it resetting your spawn point or is it just that deaths in the nether world respawn you at the default spawn on the first world? I expect it's the latter, based on the code. Again though, I'll look into it.
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    We seem to have a problem with not being able to see Ghast's fireballs. Anyway to fix this?
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    I respawn at my worlds normal respawn point that I set, so its like before 1.4 and just ignoring the bed =)
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    Not currently. That's a problem on Bukkit's side, unfortunately, and likely related to problems with invisible ghasts and/or unkillable slimes.
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    Actually, the invisible Ghast fireballs are from Mojang's original code. At least in 1.3 for sure, because I tested the official server with it set in server.properties to use a Nether world, and it had the invisible fireballs and the Ghasts also not showing the spitting animation to go with it. Since it's still broken in CraftBukkit, I assume the 1.4 official server still has the problem as well.

    OK, I looked into it. There's currently no good way I know of to check and see if the player has a special respawn location set or not, and Bukkit still respawns players in the world they die in by default. So... not sure offhand what the best way to handle it is and I don't have time to work on it further at the moment.
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    Is there a way to set the Monsters in the Hell to "false"?
    In my server.properties:
    "spwan-monsters: false". In the normal world: It runs!
    In the Hell are Monsters: Sooo many Ghast's.
    What can I do to have no monsters in the Hell?
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    Same issue here on cb670.
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    You should be able to use another plugin like CrowdControl or EssentialsProtect to prevent specific mob types from spawning.

    Have you tried my last unofficial build 1.3.2 linked above in response to that post? It should be working.
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    I'm running b670 with nether 1.3.2 and no matter what I do, I can't get the chunk with a portal in it to load after a jump. I've tried all of the nether plugins (I liked this one the most) but no matter what I do, it won't load properly. Any ideas?
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    I havent done any bukkit developing yet, but are you able to use "org.bukkit.event.player.PlayerRespawnEvent.getRespawnLocation()" to get the location of the bed BEFORE they enter the nether? if so, why not just cache it and in case they die or leave the nether just reset the respawn location to that value you cached earlier using "org.bukkit.event.player.PlayerRespawnEvent.setRespawnLocation (Location respawnLocation)" and respawn them afterwards.
    As I said I havent done any bukkit development yet myself so I cant tell if getRespawnLocation() actually works that way or if it'll just give you the normal spawn, but this might be an idea.

    Other idea:
    I dont really know but I think the plugin respawns the player into the normal world, right? Like its not the default bukkit behaviour. If so, would respawning at beds work if you disable that component? If so: give an option to disable it :p

    Other idea if getRespawnLocation does work indeed and if the plugin does the respawning and if respawning at bed works with the plugins respawn feature disabled: Just check for "getRespawnLocation()" != default spawn and if its true just disable the spawning of the plugin :p

    Hope any of this helps you, for now I cant do anything else as I dont had the time to do any bukkit developing yet

    Oh and what happened you @SpaceManiac? You wrote like ages ago you would compile a new version using the input of Arcu and Brettflan

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    This plugin does not seem to work on 670. It says You feel the pull of nether energies, and thats it, you dont get ported.
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    works for me.
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    @Dreadreaver You can only use the getRespawnLocation() function when it's attached to a PlayerRespawnEvent. Until you have an event fire which passes a PlayerRespawnEvent (which only happens when a player respawns), you can't use it.
    The default behavior with Bukkit is to respawn you in the world you die in. I'm not certain where it gets the location within that world from, though. It bears looking into, but... lately my free time is very limited.

    Unofficial 1.3.2 is working fine for me in 670 as well. @Xandrake - Did you change the settings in the plugin's config.yml, and if so, what settings do you have in there?
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    Newest CB673 changelog is:
    "Made fauxSleeping persist on death and cross-world teleport. (commit: 55e3e267880febaabbde243e557b4dbcb5fa9924) (detail / githubweb)"
    Whats fauxSleeping? Persist on death and cross-world teleport indicate that this could fix our problem.

    I just updated to CB673 but the problem remains ...
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    It seems to be working fine now thanks, it was a issue with my custom compile of bukkit.
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    All right, another unofficial:

    • Added "spawn-fix" config option; can be used to disable the feature which makes players respawn in a non-nether world
    • Added code to ensure safe running of "players in portals" check; no direct problem found in this plugin, but a very similar method in another plugin had problems

    @Dreadreaver from what I can tell, fauxSleeping is pretty much what the name indicates, a way to make the server see the player as being in a bed when they might not be. Probably for AFK scripts and similar. So, nothing to do with this.
    I added the "spawn-fix" option for you to test disabling that feature, so you can see if it works better for you.
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    alright. fauxSleeping .. lol I probably was too tired to understand the meaning behind the word :p

    anyway, thx for 1.3.3, gonna start testing =)

    when I die in the nether I'll respawn in the nether - doesnt matter if you got your bed set or not.
    havent tested dying in the real world AFTER going through the nether yet though

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    Eyh SpaceManiac, thx for the update ! I got one (stupid) question. if i use the new version, do i need to rebuild my portals? Or all the information of portalS / netherworld that i have in 1.1 will be saved ?

    And does it work with CB677?
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    Bug: Placed lava in the normal world is flowing like lava in the nether. Much further than 3 blocks.
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    @Kuun Yep. If I recall correctly, Brettflan's build changes portal placement a bit, but 1.2 portals and 1.1 portals should hook up just fine.

    @Someone3x7 Sounds like a Bukkit bug, but I'll take a look when I can.
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    A graphical glitch i've noticed in the server sometimes is Ghast appear to jump around and glitch through thing in certain areas when they arn't actually there. It isn't just me either, everyone on the server can see the same glitches in the same places.
    Also sometimes when you die in the nether it respawns you on earth inside blocks, suffocating you.
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    I'm using Dynmap 0.15 and am trying to get my nethermap to load. What is the default world name for the nether?
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    Please place the JAR in a ZIP folder. Mozilla Firefox reads the JAR as a Firefox plugin, not a download link.
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    First off, thank you for this mod. No complaints. No errors. No problems. You've made an elegant little plugin that does credit to the way the nether is supposed to be! I run a server with a dozen or so people who have begun to explore the nether. One of our users has built safe walkways between all the portals under each of our bases. His next objective is to run rail between those locations. I want to try to ensure that his work does not go to waste. I know Mojang is being tight lipped about their plans for SMP Nether, but the folks on here may know more. How likely is it that if the nether is officially implimented, our current nether world files will be obsoleted? Is it likely that it can be saved in such a situation? Or should we treat our nether world data files as disposable worlds?


    I forgot to ask this question. I am using Tectonicus, a 3rd party app that converts minecraft world data into a zoomable google map webpage. Its barfing though, because it's expecting to find the directory structure to be the same as regular world files.

    Expecting something like this:



    Netherworld folder looks like this:



    Where do the missing directories go, in your mod?

    Thanks in advance.

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    Wrote a little plugin to fix this problem
    you have to use Brettflans unofficial build 1.3.3 and set "spawn-fix" to false
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    You should be able to map it by moving the directory "DIM-1/region" out of DIM-1.
  29. Just to inform you, on Bukkit #689 (the 1.5_02 one) i get following error when Stepping on Detector or Powered Rails:

    2011-04-21 15:36:36 [SEVERE] Could not pass event PLAYER_MOVE to Nether
        at org.innectis.Nether.NetherPlayerListener.onPlayerMove(NetherPlayerListener.java:48)
        at org.bukkit.plugin.java.JavaPluginLoader$7.execute(JavaPluginLoader.java:240)
        at org.bukkit.plugin.RegisteredListener.callEvent(RegisteredListener.java:59)
        at org.bukkit.plugin.SimplePluginManager.callEvent(SimplePluginManager.java:257)
        at net.minecraft.server.NetServerHandler.a(NetServerHandler.java:129)
        at net.minecraft.server.Packet10Flying.a(SourceFile:126)
        at net.minecraft.server.NetworkManager.a(NetworkManager.java:195)
        at net.minecraft.server.NetServerHandler.a(NetServerHandler.java:73)
        at net.minecraft.server.NetworkListenThread.a(SourceFile:100)
        at net.minecraft.server.MinecraftServer.h(MinecraftServer.java:370)
        at net.minecraft.server.MinecraftServer.run(MinecraftServer.java:285)
        at net.minecraft.server.ThreadServerApplication.run(SourceFile:394)
  30. Server reports Nether Version as 1.1 even though i downloaded 1.2
  31. Im having the same issue, but it should really be 1.2..

    Good news, works with bukkit #695! (damn ghasts)

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