[INACTIVE][TP] MyWarp v2.0.1 - native PermissionsEx support - no superperms yet [1337]

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    Version: 2.0dev
    Download (JAR / ZIP)
    Source code

    MyWarp is now in development by SpathiZilla, please see here

    MyWarp was made by Taylor Kelly (tkelly), all credits go to him! I forked MyWarp and will provide updates in future, or until tkelly is back. There are no changes in usage or functionality. Just the same commands, same permission nodes and same features. Original description:

    ...is Basic
    Many server admins only want the very basics. MyWarp delivers on that, and still gives the speed and reliability of using a SQLite database.

    By only giving your users permission to mywarp.warp.basic.*, they will only be able to use the very basic commands.

    ...is Social
    However, sometimes your users will demand more. They'll want to make their warps private, invite only specific people to their warps, even give their warp to someone else. MyWarp can do that too.

    Give your users mywarp.warp.soc.*, and they'll be able to do all of that.

    ...is Intelligent
    Sometimes, warps can be long and hard to remember. This is where MyWarp's auto-complete abilities come into play. It tries to find the most applicable match, and sends you there. It only considers warps you have access to, and will not send you somewhere unless it knows it's correct.

    A few examples:
    There are warps: {"Mob Spawner", "Farm", "farm", "tkelly's house", "joe's house"}
    tkelly has access to: {"Mob Spawner", "Farm" "tkelly's house"}
    joe has access to: {"Mob Spawner", "Farm", "farm", "joe's house"}

    No matter who uses /warp spawn, they will be sent to "Mob Spawner"
    If tkelly uses /warp house, he'll be sent to "tkelly's house"
    If joe uses /warp house, he'll be sent to "joe's house"
    If tkelly uses /warp farm or /warp arm, he'll be sent to "Farm"
    If joe uses /warp farm, he'll be sent to "farm"
    But if joe uses /warp arm, it equally matches both "Farm" and "farm", so will send him to neither.

    ...is Sign-full
    Physical interactions with the world is what Minecraft is all about. That's why signs can be used to replace many of the basic commands. For now, you can have a sign warp you to one of your current warps (using the auto-complete). Feel free to suggest more things, and I'll build that in.

    In order to build a warping sign, create a sign with two lines of text (it doesn't matter what specific lines).

    If you don't use the basic permission-set, give your players following nodes:

    ...is Guiding
    Want to make your users work to get to their points of interest? Rather than giving them /warp permission, just give them (mywarp.warp.basic.compass) permission. This will let them /warp point <name> to a given warp, and that'll orient their compass to that warp, allowing them to use their own two legs to get there.

    ...is Restricting
    In addition to the compass restrictions, you can also limit the number of public and private warps users can make. You can find and change these settings in MyWarp.settings.

    Until Bukkit's permissions and groups get fleshed out, this is a global number. However, with another setting in MyWarp.settings, you can allow admins to go around this limit.

    ...is Helpful
    As an server administrator, warps can easily be abused. MyWarp gives you access to be able to visit and modify all the warps.

    Version 2.0dev
    • MySQL support
    • importing warps from warps.db to mysql
    • permissions 3.x
    • removed extremely old artifacts (import of hmod warps)
    • tested and works on CB928
    Version 1.10.7
    • added native support for PermissionsEx
    • fixed namespace
    Version 1.10.6
    • updated for CB786-793
    • updated to Help 3.0 ( not interesting for you until you compile from Lycano's fork on github :p )
    Version 1.10.5c
    • fixed the "Could not pass event PLAYER_INTERACT to MyWarp" error
    Version 1.10.5b
    • updated for CraftBukkit RB #677 (also tested with CB #678)
    • Permissions 2.5.5 or higher (tested with 2.6 and 2.7)
    • added GroupManager support
    • changed update URL where MyWarp downloads sqlite libraries
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    @Justin The Cynical: this is what i also got as result. thanks for testing. btw. mywarp uses pex natively.
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    Will 1185 support PermissionsBukkit?

    Also, is it smarter to use PermissionsBukkit or just use Permission 3.x for now? (PhonicUK recommends PermissionsBukkit, I was just wondering if he was wise on it.)
  4. [ADMN/DEV] PermissionsBukkit v1.2k - Official Default Groups Plugin [1185]

    SuperPerms have been in Bukkit for the past few recommended builds, and I remember seeing PermissionsBukkit before MC 1.8/Bukkit 1185 was released.

    Permissions 3.x is a dead plugin. I strongly suggest moving to something else before you do anything else.
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    I meant, will your plugin (when updated to 1185) support PermissionsBukkit?
    I'm currently using PermissionsBukkit, that's why I'm wondering. Because SOME plugins don't support it now.
  6. Ah, my apologies for the misunderstanding then.

    FYI, I didn't write the plugin, so I don't know what flames' plans are for permissions support, but adding support for SuperPerms would be a very good move IMO.
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    mywarp does not support permissionsbukkit, but mywarp works perfectly with builds 1185++ with PermissionsEx, mywarp supports pex natively and doesn't use any old compatibility or bridge mode.

    i for my self dont need superperms support, feel free to fork and add it. superperms is limited, and i even didn't read how to use it. while pex offers a lot of nice features including support for superperms.

    so people who use superperms/permissionsbukkit are limited only to superperms.
    people who use pex are able to use any supserperms-only plugins, native pex plugins with full feature set, and also older plugins that were supposed for permissions2.x/3.x

    same goes for the other features like economy and what else, i don't need them. ofcourse i will add them when i have sparetime, but currently i dont have time. if someone whants to add, feel free to fork. like described in the OP i only updating mywarp to make it working with new craftbukkit builds, and this is exactly what i do. it works with 1185, so no update needed.

    in december i will have more time again, then i will work on mywarp more intensive, if it will not be too late and somebody takes over (which would be also ok)
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    Is it possible to make a group able to make 10 private warps, and another makes 15 and so on?
    Like giving them access to making private warps, but not an unlimited amount? :)
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    Well, looks like I'm back to generic commandbook warps and MultiHomes plugin..

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    I had a talk with SpathiZilla (MyHome) he will take it over. I see he does a great job with MyHome and he will be the perfect dev for MyWarp. Dont ask him now about updates, when the deal is over we will inform you about everything and there will be a new topic.

    please don't post in this topic anymore.
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    Please add option to enforce current gamemode. If I am in gamemode 1 the gamemode is changed to 0 after the warp.
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    It doesn't work, if CommandBook is running. But if CommandBook is disabled it works! Is there a general problem with CommandBook or have I configured MyWarp wrong?
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    can we get a /warp plist command? - lists all your private warps
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    don't know whats not understandable in "please don't post in this topic anymore." this topic is closed for me, i am busy with some real life things currently ;)

    but anyway, there is no issue with commandbook. just download the customizable version of commandbook and disable warp feature there. and disable also home feature, if you use MyHome.

    and again, i don't have time to maintain MyWarp for a while, i didn't ever had the time to do so, i just updated it because i use it myself and nobody were there as tkelly left the field. SpathiZilla will take over this plugin soon when it needs an update. but please, don't ask SpathiZilla about updates now. We will inform you ASAP! Spathi is very qualified dev to take over mywarp, so expect some news soon. just don't bug him or me, please be patient until it is so far!
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    With all due respect, you can't seriously expect people to stop posting in here. There is currently no where else to post about it as this is the thread for the plugin. Just because you're not supporting it any more doesn't mean that members of the community wouldn't help out and give advice where we can if somebody posts a problem (as has been done in this thread numerous times).

    Plus, like anybody reads that, people still post in TKelly's old thread.
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    ah indeed, thats a good point :)
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    WHY?! Why inactive :(
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    please Update on 1337 ... it makes overloads... ;(
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    Flames has stopped working on this plugin, he had said a page or two ago that @Spathizilla would be taking on the project but I've not seen any evidence to support this so I'm not overly sure if this will get updated or not.
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    MyWarp v2.1
    CraftBukkit Recommended Builds: 1240, 1317, 1337, 1597 and 1818


    * MyWarp DevBukkit - Post ALL issues to devBukkit, I won't always look at the thread.

    Bzzzzt wrong :p
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    Happy to be wrong on this occasion. :D
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    @Spathizilla yay! I want to thank you for taking MyWarp and to wish luck with it in future :)
    I really think MyWarp is in good hands now.
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    what's the permissions for MyWarp?
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    Update fo #1597 ???
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    I thought I should mention it here also and not just on bukkitDev. I have found a seriuos bug that allows users to bypass the limits given in the config.

    Let's say you have defined a limit that allows everyone to create one privat and one public warp. You create a private warp named 1, via '/warp pcreate 1'. If you try now to create an other private Warp via '/warp pcreate 2' it wont work since you are only allowed to have one private Warp at all. But if you create a public (!) warp named 2, and privatize using '/warp privatize 2' - it works, regardless of the defined limits.
    This bug works the same way for '/warp public NAME', so you can have as many private or public warps as you want, as long as you can still create one single warp.

    As a workaround I denied my users to privatize or public there one warps via permissions - but hopefully @Spathizilla can fix this soon.
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    This problems im having with this plugin.

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    One, this thread has been inactive for a very long time. Two, that video doesn't tell us what's wrong or how this particular plugin is causing a problem.

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