[INACTIVE][SEC/GEN] PlayerLock - IP Matcher 1.2 [566] {Looking For Devs}

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    <font color="rgb(100, 100, 100)">[SEC/GEN] PlayerLock - IP Matcher [566+]</font>

    {Description Will Be Changed After I Get Some Sleep I May Add More Commands (/PL Delete)

    Want to be a Dev For this Plugin? Email Blinghung@hotmail.com

    This plugin locks your users to 1 ip and one player name. Many thanks to whitelist plugin file reading/writing which i based this around!

    If a player tries to login from a different IP address than they (automatically) registered on their first connect, then they will be kicked with the message 'Your IP is not associated with this account'

    If a player tries to login from a different character than the one associated with their IP address then they will be kicked with the message 'Your IP Does Not Match This Account'.

    * Certain Players To Use PlayerBlock
    * Prevents players from account sharing (Unless Subnet is Enable)
    * Forces players to use a static ip instead of dhcp to access their characters
    * Provides an additional layer of security to prevent users breaking into admin accounts
    * Supports MySql
    * /playerlock reset {name} - Resets a user's ip

    Authorize Or AuthMe Support

    <Edit by Moderator: Redacted mediafire url>

    Drop PlayerLock Into Your Plugin File.

    Config file

    ## PlayerLock Configuration ##

    # whether names should be checked to be frem the same subnet as before if ip is different
    checkSubnet: true

    # block users if name is not alphanumerical?
    blockSpecialChars: true

    # max username length allowed to login
    max_namelen: 20

    # will hold a temp. user cache in plugin, to lower resource usage during a login
    # use this to change how long it is considered current (seconds)
    tempCacheTTL: 10

    # what to use for tablename/filename
    tableName: playerlockusers

    # use mysql?
    useMySQLUserDB: false

    # database to use in MySQL
    database: minecraft
    # MySQL Login Username
    username: root
    # MySQL Login Password
    password: root
    # MySQL Connection Hostname (IP)
    Hostname: localhost
    # MySQL Connection Port Number
    Port: 3306
    # whether certain names get special treatment
    # include - only check the listed names
    # exclude - don't check the listed names
    # none (default) - everyone is checked
    checkOption: none
    # list of users to apply the above rule to (space or comma-delimited)

    Version 1.0

    * New Command: Playerlock reset {NAME}

    Version 1.1

    * Added MySql

    Version 1.0

    * Initial Release


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    This plugin is great, but I have not tested it yet
    You can make ip-lock is not for all players, but only to those who are in a list
    Or is it already supported?
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    Already Supported! :D Scroll Down To Bottom Of Config
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    Would it be possible to add the password system I suggested in the other thread? It would allow players to override the IPlock with a password, and the player would be asked to set a password on the first entrance to the server.
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    You can use Authme AnjoSecurity Or Something plus I don't need to add password because of the Subnet thingy
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    Only problem with that is that it wont override the IP from places with different beginning octets.

    Say a player has 2 places they live. Each place has different beginning octets, such as 64.122.*.* and 43.158.*.*. Authme would not override the difference in subnet. Now a spot for multiple IPs per user may help, but say I use wireless at school and work to check up on the server. Thats even more IPs to keep track of. See the point of the password override? The Subnet system isn't foolproof.
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    Well that's not my problem the hoster can put 2 ips onto the playersfiles


    But I think I might add the password system too but then the plugin will be like authme and authorize.....

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    It wont be. It will be more secure, a lot more secure than just passwords alone.

    You could allow the player to be on for 10 seconds, and restrict all permissions from them until the correct password is entered. If they connect 3 times and don't enter the password, the username is blocked from the server for a configurable amount of time.

    However, you would have to remove the subnet security feature, as this provides a loop to anyone else with a similar first two octets.
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    So if u dont match the ip u will require to enter a password if u dont get the password right the plugin will block the ip that has to enter the password right?
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    If you don't match the IP, you will be unable to do anything but type in chat(I think thats possible), and if you don't enter the password within 10 seconds of joining, you will be disconnected. If you enter the wrong one, you will be disconnected. If you fail three times, your acc is blocked from the server for a configurable period of time.

    So like this

    - Login from different IP
    -- Prompted in chat to enter override
    --- Wrong password/time limit runs out will disconnect you
    ---- 3 disconnects lock the user from the server for a period of time
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    I think I can slip in something like that wait..... ill think about it
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    Is the permission lock possible to? That way people can't grief in the seconds before they are disconnected.
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    Can you support so that only a set group of people are affected by the IP lock. I don't want anyone's IP locked except for the admins (5 people).
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    There is a section in the config that allows you to specify certain users.

    You would want to have 'checkOption: include'.

    Permissions support would be epic, but isn't a dire necessity. Regardless, I'm sure having it work with certain permissions groups wouldn't be to hard.
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    Y would I need permission support?
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    You don't, but it would be useful to be able to specify a permission group or groups that is included/excluded.

    Remember, these are all suggestions.
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    Updated 1.2

    Added A Reset Command
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    it should not kick? :S
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    If it should not kick then griefers can grief and wat would replace the not kick?
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    Ill see if I can learn to code. If not, I'll be happy to help test it.
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    i don't like when people take a program i've written & submit it as their own.
    i also don't appreciate you renaming the package names to obscure the original author

    would very much appreciate being listed as the author of this one, thankyou ;)
    i wrote this last week as a fork off of iplock from a user request

    i wouldn't mind helping with development, either, if you'd have asked
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    Looks nice!
    So is it possible to prevent users with same IP to create multiple nicks only?
    Cause many players have dynamic IPs and I don't want to lock player's nickname to a specific address.
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    Great :D I'm working on Sqlite Support looks like it works so far mind if u test?
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    sure, i can test sqlite

    Just hook me up with the download link
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    I have a player with a 0 and a _ and he gets blocked. Even when I added his name to the list and set it as Excluded
    And/or if i set the check to false and/or if i added a # infornt of it
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    Ya I Gotta Let The Plugin Allow "_"
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    Cool so this will be fixed in 1.3?
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    Prob 1.4 wats ur server ip?
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    I'll PM
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