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    DynaHate - Hate the dynamite
    Version: v1.0.1
    Tested with Permissions 2.7.4-3.1.5b and CraftBukkit #935

    TNT - It's full of hate. Griefers and non-trusted members may abuse it, but no longer! DynaHate disables dynamite explosions! Trusted members with permission node 'DynaHate.exclude' or OPs are unaffected.

    This is a rewrite of my DropPlugin and uses almost identical sourcecode. I made this plugin for basic protection while still allowing TNT traps and having a Permissions system for TNT.

    How it works:
    Player puncing TNT without permission: Defuse the bomb, drop a TNT block.
    Player punching TNT with permission: Boom.

    You can also use this plugin for spleef! TNT makes an instant drop and hence a good platform to play spleef on! Just make sure everyone is in your "spleef group" and that they don't have the exclusion node.

    • Prevents TNT explosions (Note: Redstone activation is not prevented!)
    • Permissions support (OP check if not found)
    • Lightweight
    • No config, easy to use!
    Download (Latest version, wget friendly):
    DynaHate.jar (Mirror)
    Source Code

    Place the DynaHate.jar in your server's /plugins/ directory, just like any other plugin. Restart your server.

    If using Permissions, configure your groups excluded from this plugin. The permission node for excluded users/group is 'DynaHate.exclude'.

    Permission nodes (open)

    DynaHate.exclude - User/Group is excluded from this nerf, punching TNT will make it go boom.

    • Logging? Notify moderators?
    • Redstone can activate TNT and blow it up. Since there is no ownercheck for redstone and I like to make traps for people, I'll leave this in as a "feature". If you're looking for a complete TNT nerf, try some other plugin such as WorldGuard.
    • BigBrother does not log defused TNT. Maybe a feature too? :D Missing API from BigBrother.
    Version 1.0.1 (Download)
    • Minor code changes, just to be sure that this works in future(?).
    Version 1.0 (Download)
    • Initial release
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    ThreeDGuy I steal plugins as my own

    I always wanted to have this!

    PS: Can u check the message I left you in your profile ?
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    Heh, thanks, and I moved all your plugins to releases. :D
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    ThreeDGuy I steal plugins as my own

    Thank you :D
    I haven't found any bugs so your plugin is going very well on my server!
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    Right, I forgot how this has the same issue with BigBrother like DropPlugin. TNT defusal is not logged by BigBrother, but does it matter? :D
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    ThreeDGuy I steal plugins as my own

    No! xD
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    v1.0.1 released with very minor changes.

    EDIT: Should I add notify messages or console logs when TNT is broken?
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    I would say yes to that! But make it optional!
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    A config... permissions(?)... hmm, possible and quite easy! :) But maybe later, I got bigger projects to do.

    By the way, there was a mixup with the downloads, the versions didn't quite update. Try redownloading if you tried to download v1.0.1 but got v1.0 instead.
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    Alright :D
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    I figured, I don't see a use for the logging right now. If you really want it, go ahead and use GriefAlertR, less work for me. :D

    EDIT: GriefAlertR conflicts with this plugin if TNT onBreak is restricted. Just restricted to false and it should work fine.
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    I was so happy to see this plugin and installed it right away. Then realized the fatal flaw, anyone can light the tnt with redstone and triggers. :/ I know there's no way to fix that so I just have worldguard to stop the explosions so all players can use TNT as building block now since they can pick them up and moving them...but yeah, I don't feel safe leaving tnt on everywhere else when anyone can trigger it.
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    What about if a lever is press or a pressure plate is triped?
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    Like I said, it's a "feature". You must use another plugin such as WorldGuard to prevent explosions with redstone.

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    Is there a hook in the current bukkit build that could prevent triggering through redstone or switch interactions?
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    I think there is, but it doesn't have a permission check. A workaround could be that TNT explodes with no damage with redstone. Player actions (punching) would drop a TNT block unless he or she is excluded.

    I have no intentions to do this, however.

    Also, I think that... fire may just set the TNT on fire, ignite and explode it too. :)
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    I will no longer support this plugin from Beta 1.7 onwards, as TNT cannot be ignited with a punch anymore.

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