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    BlockRemover - disable blocks (specified by admin)
    Version: v0.4

    BlockRemover allows the server administrator to decide what blocks he doesn't some people to be able to place.

    First download the .jar and place it into your plugins folder. Run your server so it generates the directory. Inside the Blockremover directory their will be a file Worlds.txt. In this file list all of the worlds that you wish to use BlockRemover on. It is case sensitive. Then, reload the plugin or startup your server and it will generate a seperate text file for each world. In the text file for the world you can put each block you do not want to be able to be placed. If my world names are world1, nether, main, and extra then my Worlds.txt would look like this:

    Four seperate text files by these names will then be created and fill them with the ID's of the blocks you dont want. Example of a main.txt:

    **After any changes in the textfiles make sure you reload the plugin**

    This also has permissions support for allowing blocks to people that are listed as disabled in the textfiles. The node is BlockRemover.Block.BlockId
    For example, if I was to allow a player to place sand even though in my textfile it says they cant, I would put a permissions node, BlockRemover.Block.12 so they would now be able to use sand.

    *The use of names in the textfiles is no longer supported in v0.4*

    * Admin can chose which blocks to disable
    * Operators can place blocks that are disabled
    * Make any block that is listed file disappear instantly
    * Broadcasts a message to the server if a player tries to place a disallowed block
    * Permissions support to bypass textfiles
    * Multiworld support - Different blocks for different worlds
    * Much more efficient then previous versions
    * Clears the players inventory of the type of block if they try placing it and it is disabled(Prevents spaming broadcast messages)

    <Edit by Moderator: Redacted mediafire url>
    <Edit by Moderator: Redacted mediafire url>

    Version 0.1:
    * Release

    Version 0.2:
    * Added ability to put either block names or block ids

    Version 0.3:
    * Updated for 818 support

    Version 0.4:
    * Multiworld
    * More efficent
    * Permissions
    * Inventory Clearing
    * 860 support
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  2. Any reason why?
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    my reason for it is that ids are much easier as the names are kindof confusing. Since im adding support for multiple worlds there would be 2 text files for each world and that could get really messy if you have like 6 worlds. If you like the names, I can always keep them as its not any extra work.
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    If you finish it in the next 5 hours I'd be able to give some quick feedback/testing... gonna be messing around with some new plugins till I go to bed...
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    kk i need to know if you want to be able to input only id's or names and id's cause i noticed doing both is a bunch of extra work.
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    I think IDs would be just fine since you will probably end up configuring the file only once.
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    Can this block lava? If not would it be possible to add that?
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    for the multiworld aspect, can you make a universal config and then (if we want) a config for each world to add to/remove from the universal one? or would that be too much of a hassle? it would also cut down on the mess for each world's individual config file.
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    Thank you :D
    I'm making an adventure server where you can't place any blocks except torches and this works out perfectly.
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    I'm pretty much done with coding the multiworld now, im just fixing bugs, so i can't do that sorry.

    I'm not sure if it works for lava cause i'm pretty sure lava doesn't give off a block placed event. Try it out and tell me if it works.

    I'm gonna need some testers for the new update with multiworld... anyone interested?

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    Sign me up!
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    HUGE update for blockremover released. Includes most of community wanted features, Including multiworld!
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    Would be nice to have the enable log show version name... handy feature and quick to implement.
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    Is it just id's in the new update? I put a lava bucket id in and it wont block it!
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    Lava bucket isnt a block. it's an item. You have to block a lava source block, id [13].
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    i don't actually think that lava throws a block place event so it might not prevent it
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    Ok its cool this plugins helps! But ill get another plugin to prevent lava buckets!
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    ok links are broken...
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    I agree, if it does not prevent lava and water from being placed from buckets the whole purpose of this anti-grief measure is lost, at least for me and my server, other then that, it works perfectly! good job.
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    with new items from 1.7, does it auto block them if we add in/change existing ID values? none changed this time around but since pistons were added could we, in theory, put in 29 (sticky pistons) and 33 (pistons) and have them not get placed? I wouldn't do that to my users, but there isn't anything you would have to update, is there?
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    sorry i have no idea what your asking
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    @0ffn00b sorry. You know how Pistons/Sticky Pistons were just added in 1.7? well they have new IDs. can we block them, if we wanted to, without an update? do you need to update the plugin to account for the new ID values or should it just work?
    if it's not clear what I'm asking, nevermind, since my use hasn't changed :)
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    I'm trying to do permissions for this and I was wondering why this doesn't work:

    I'd rather not list every single block out...
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    Bad plugin it dropes 2 times the omount of things i put out of my inventory

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