[INACTIVE][SEC/ADMN] FLT Detector v1.2.6 - Make the Usage of Lava, Fire and TNT impossible[860]

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    FLT Detector - Disable Fire, Lava and TNT
    Version: v1.2.6
    CraftBukkit Build: Tested with 766


    This Plugin disables Fire, Lava, TNT and TNT ignite for choosen players. It delets the placed Block(Fire, Lava or TNT) and kicks(if you want) the player who placed the Block.

    This is my first very little and simple Plugin. But everyone is a beginner at the beginning :D. I'm learing Java at the Moment because im 14 and ... yes. I hope you have fun

    • Be sure that only choosen players can place Fire, Lava and TNT and ignite TNT
    • Kicks Players who place Fire, Lava and TNT if you want
    • Change Kick Messages
    • Chose detected blocks
    • Decide if you want that players get kicked

    • fltd.disable
      • Allows player to Place Fire, Lava and TNT
    • tnt.allow
      • Allows player to place tnt
    • fire.allow
      • Allows player to place fire
    • lava.allow
      • Allows player to place lava
    Download FLT Detector v1.2.6

    Source is inside the Jar-File

    Just copy the FLTDetector.jar File in your Plugin directory and restart you server. The Plugin will create a new file with a config file.

    The Plugin will create a config File. Change things you want :)
    Kick-Message-for-Lava: Lava is forbidden on this Server!
    EnableTNTignite: true
    Kick-Message-for-TNT: TNT is forbidden on this Server!
    EnableFire: true
    Enable-Kick: true
    EnableLAVA: true
    EnableTNT: true
    Kick-Message-for-Fire: Fire is forbidden on this Server!
    TNTigniteEnabled: true
    Kick-Message-for-TNT-ignite: Ignite TNT is forbidden on this Server!

    Permissions and Nodes - Done (Version 1.1)
    Chose witch material will be detected - Done (Version 1.2)
    Custom Kick Messages - Done (Version 1.2.1)
    Permissions for Lava or Fire or TNT - Donw (Version 1.2.4)

    Known Bugs:
    • None

    Version 1.2.6 (Download)
    • Kick-Messages: false or true
    Version 1.2.5 (Download)

    • Addet TNT ignite
    Version 1.2.4 (Download)

    • Addet nodes for lava fire and tnt
    Version 1.2.3 (Download)

    • Fixed Lava Bucket Remove
    Version 1.2.2 (Download)

    • Fixed Lava Bucket
    Version1.2.1 (Download)

    • Addet Custon Kick Messages
    Version 1.2 (Download)

    • Now you can chose which Block will be detected
    Version 1.1 (Download)

    • Addet nodes for Permissions
    Version 1.0 (Download)

    • First release
    I hope that little Plugin helps some people.

    Sorry for my english im german
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    Hey, Great plugins, please could you add the ability of being able to add items to ban, also i found that if a player places a redstone torch down, then places TNT next to it, it doesnt kick the player, and the TNT explodes anyway. thanks, GREAT PLUGIN
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    I recommend you all try my plugin uBlock, its up to date and at the latest build! uses OP permissions and im adding all other major permissions as we speak! uBlock thread link can be found in my SIG
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    sorry,I find the bug
    (I am hong kong player = =)
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    Can you update the plugin to the 1.2.4 version ?

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    I was inaktiv, but if you want i will update this plugin ;)

    I will make a complete redo with the more features.
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    Oh thanks you !
    YOU are the best if you do this !!
    You will help lots of Admins of server !!

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