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    McProfessions - Lightweight Professions.

    <font color="rgb(255, 0, 255)">Now working with -JHB-</font>
    <font color="rgb(255, 0, 255)">Look for a snazzy update soon!</font>

    Version 0.1a.
    Screenshots soon!

    This plugin has been tested on jenkins craftbukkit build 617.
    This plugin is a very simple (at the moment), professions plugin!
    Players can select a profession..
    Woodcutting, Mining, Farming, Knight, Ranger.

    As of yet there are no main features, except that players cannot join another profession once they have joined their first profession.
    Unless an admin resets them.

    <Edit by Moderator: Redacted mediafire url>

    /prof - View the main help messages!
    /prof status - View your profession status!
    /prof list - View List of professions!
    /prof reset - Resets players profession! (permissions coming soon)

    This is not compatible with Permissions, as of yet. I don't really see any need right now.
    iConomy and Permissions support could come in the future, depends on how many people show interest in this.

    Big thanks to NoFear13 for the halpz!
    Version 0.2
    * Users can now reset their profession with /prof reset.

    Version 0.1a
    * released.

    Planned Features
    Different name tags, depending on profession.. [wc],[mn],[fm].. etc.
    Bonus' specific to that profession, eg Knight = little extra health!
    mcMMO support! (bonus exp for your selected profession)
    Different professions can set jobs for other people in their 'field'
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    Yes, and the other in-depth stuffs..., Sprint, and what not, etc.

    I know coding is hard, just good to day dream sometimes right?
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    It's dang hard, for me, i've only been learning java 2 weeks :eek:
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    Kudos to you.. Check every 10 mins for updates :p

    Haven't downloaded it yet though ^^
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    Don't yet, im currently testing the new build. Hopefully it wont betray me :D

    Edit: it betrayed me....
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    funky man

    Sounds interesting, good job :) waiting with anticipation.
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    im liking what im seeing. i really need a way for players to promote themselves. now, here are some thoughts based on the needs of my server. i use a class/subclass system and i want them to be able to pick the base subclass (subclass c) rank themselves, but the other ranks, i need to promote myself. and this would make it so much easier for me. again, ive bookedmarked this and ill be checking this every day!
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    so your using group manager?
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    no, permissions. i was looking at it though.
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    what is an job in here because you said jobs and professions but i only see professions and btw good work about the professions but can you make it usefull to choose an profession like extra stuff that you otherwise couldnt get
    like only a miner with an high enough level could mine diamond and an lumberjack gets double loot of an tree
    and farmer triple loot of an crop or when a farmer hoes a piece of land it doesnt gets destroyed when someone walks over it

    and an ranger when he left clicks with an bow he makes an arrow rain fall out of the sky with something like 60 arrows but it has an cooldownand it falls in front of him like 5blocks away from him
    the knight addition is cool that he gets some more lifes
    but with the ranger you can aslo when pressed shift instead of not fallin he walks faster than normal for a certain time

    these are just some thinkings for your work

    thank you for your work
    (could you tell me how to edit an plugin and not how to edit an yml.file because i know that)
    i want to edit some other plugins

    and when is youre next update coming out,and what is in that update?
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    Lots is in the update, we are just finishing up and crunching some errors :)

    Open the plugin.jar in WinRAR and you can edit the .yml in there
  12. Link it with Permissions and iConomy pleaaasseee =D
    Good work. This plugin is awesome.
    Can you add the possibility for admins to add/modify/remove jobs (with MySQL or other)?
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    theres an yml file to create your own professions.
    Professions is supportet more nods and commands are planned.
    Iconomy isn't used yet but this could/will change in future versions.
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    My opinion may not be of any value to you whatsoever, JHB, but I would like to make a suggestion.
    Being that there are a copious amount of plugins similar to this, including either economy support, permissions, or both, would not a little diversity and simplicity be called for? I like where you're going with this, and the fact that you're not completely sold on the idea of permissions and economy support, pleases myself, and many others who don't find other plugins to be user-friendly. What with all several plugin dependency. Personally, I rely on OPs, as it is. If you can't trust them, why give them access to vital features on your server? Allow me to also make another suggestion based off of your opening post. You mentioned giving certain classes stat boosts, depending on what they may be, or at-least implied it. This is fantastic, and I applaud you, but as a formerly avid RPGamer, perhaps stat deduction is in order as well, as it is, a profession. I will not go into detail, but I would work on adding a class that is medium in all fields as-well, so as not to force things on people who just want to have an all-around good time. This will promote your plugin greatly, I believe, and will surely boost your reputation as a novice developer.

    Thank you for listening to what I had to say.
    Many props, kudos, cheers. For doing what many are not brave enough to, and with such brilliance.

    Edit: Haters gonna hate.

    EDIT EDIT: iPhysX, sorry. You both have eye pictures.
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    Give me a plugin that effectively reproduces the next build of our plugin.
    When it is released. and i will drink toilet duck.
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    I'm not trying to knock anyone or anything, as i WAS looking for a plugin to do something similar to what this plugin aims to achieve, but low and behold, its been here for a while -.-
    Anjocaidos groupmanager couple with his Roles plugin can effectively achieve this concept,
    It gives users the ability to join and leave, depending on how the admins sets it up, specified roles (defined by permission nodes)
    And I also see a lot of people stating that its no longer being worked on... but i have been using it for a few weeks now, and despite the fact that we have had ZERO updates from the plugin author, it actually still works as intended.
    Again, im not try to steal your thunder or knock ya brother, ALL BUKKIT PLUGIN AUTHORS are heroes in my book!
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    Interesting, I'm trying it now, but /pr for more info.

    Could you change that to /prof please.

    /pr is used by permissions.

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    We havent released the update :D

    i think it is chaged in the latest version, try re-downloading, if not ill get this released with the update.

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    D: i need some sleep.
    This will be changed in the next update!
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    is there a user guide or something? what about the ability to change professions? and permissions would really help this plugin alot with boseconomy and iconomy. im gonna try it, but i personally feel that this is looking good and it would be great when thoes 3 things are added. keep up the great work!

    edit: im a little confused on how to use this... any help?
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    Right now, the build available for download is basically a preview build with not many features. The update will really bring a lot to this plugin and I will personally write a guide to use it and administrate with it :D
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    ok i hope i can clear this out.
    We'll try to implement all features of AnjoCandos Roles plugin.
    Additionally we give you extra things for restricting the block breas and place per group and the crafting of things.
    (Note: The blockbreak and place is ready the crafting will follow in another update).
    We try to make it configurable like the Roles plugin
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    As long as I can set jobs with custom names, I'm all for this.
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    you can and it goes with the normal color config of group manager
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    Any ETA? Also recommend is cb 674 :p
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    We will be using the recommended build that is there when we release, even if its 743 :D
    It wont be..
    ETA - sometime in the next week-ish
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    yeah, roles would be great. im really excited to see the finished product.

    hey, i have a quick question. are you making this permissions, groupmanager or ess groupmanager dependent? also, is there a way you could allow it so players can do it themselves? that would make life so much easier. right now, permissions plus is screwing me over and we all know the story behind roles and groupmanager.

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    group manager is dependent...
    permission dosn't support any changes of groups ingame...
    they be allowed to change their subgroups. You still set the main group like Player. Then if Player got the permission (whatever it will eb called) he's allowed to set his subgroup and get additional permissions from it.
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    ah, got you. well, i look foward to the update. kinda routing for this one too, some of my other ideas didnt come though...
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    Steve Member

    Hey dude your plugin has been broken by the changes in RB 670 which renames configs based on the "plugin name" contained in the plugin.yml this means it cant find the config :(

    Simple fix is to change the name in plugin.yml from Jobs to Professions.

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