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    Herobrine -- Bringing the legend back! [​IMG]
    Version: v1.0_5

    Herobrine is a plugin developed by MineDev, in collaboration with @tips48. It has been a long WIP, but is finally done. Its first and only purpose is to add Herobrine to the game. Herobrine is a "legend" who was either Notch created, or doesn't even exist. Google searches for "Herobrine" yield many a result, as this legend is deep and complex. Its my pleasure to present to you, Herobrine!

    • Brings the NPC Herobrine back into the game!
    • In-Game commands, listed below!
    • Bukkit-Permissions support!
    • Configurable!
    • Requires Spout!
    • Adds features using the Spout client mod(Not required)!
    • Features complete per-player time, weather, and chat when Herobrine is spawned to provide the complete experience to the player Herobrine is chasing without disrupting the rest of the server!
    • Feature rich API(Not yet working ;))!
    Source code
    Spout -- REQUIRED


    [​IMG] <- If Herobrine approves, so should you!

    1)Download Spout Dev build 27 at the link above.(NOT the crossed out link)
    2)Download Herobrine at the link above.
    3)Navigate to %serverdir%/plugins
    4)If spout.jar exists, delete it
    5)Copy the downloaded spout-dev-SNAPSHOT.jar to the plugins folder
    6)Rename spout-dev-SNAPSHOT.jar to spout.jar
    7)Copy the downloaded Herobrine.jar to the plugins folder
    8)Run server to generate configuration
    9)Edit configuration
    10)Your done!

    How to build an altar
    There are two ways to make Herobrine spawn:
    1)Let him spawn naturally every x minutes(Defined in the configuration)
    2)Build his altar!
    To build his altar, place 9 gold blocks.


    Then, place a nether stone in the middle.


    Now, place redstone torches around the nether stone


    Light the nether stone on fire and your done!

    Commands and Permissions
    /Herobrine spawn <player> and Herobrine.spawn
    /Herobrine despawn and Herobrine.despawn
    /Herobrine reload and Herobrine.reload
    /build altar and Herobrine.buildAltar
    Herobrine.* gives access to all permissions
    Herobrine.avoid prohibits Herobrine from spawning on your
    What happens when Herobrine spawns?
    When Herobrine spawns, alot of things happen! Here is what happens, in no particular order
    A)The players time is set to night(NOT the servers)
    B)The players weather is set to stormy(NOT the servers)
    C)The players fog is set to TINY(Requires Spout Client Mod)
    D)Herobrine spawns and starts chasing the player.
    E)When Herobrine is spawned, the player cannot send chat with the words:
    • "Help"
    • "Herobrine"
    • "Him"
    All of these things are reset when Herobrine despawns

    #Herobrine configuration file.
    #If alters disappear after one use
        oneUseAltars: true
    #Time between Herobrine spawning. in minutes
        timeBeforeSpawn: 10
    #If Herobrine blocks commands when chasing a player
        blocksCommands: true
    #How much damage Herobrine deals. Remember, the player has 20 health
        damage: 2
    #If Herobrine will catch the player on fire if the player runs away
        placesFire: true
    #Chat when Herobrine despawns
    #If Herobrine chats on despawn
                enabled: true
    #Things Herobrine might say on despawn
                - I will return
                - To be continued
                - I'll be back
    #Chat when Herobrine attacks a player
    #If Herobrine chats on attack
                enabled: true
    #Things Herobrine might say on chat
                - Gotcha!
                - Mwahaha
                - Face my wrath!
                - Boo!
    #Same template as above
                enabled: true
                - You may have won the battle, but not the war
                - I'll be watching
                - Next time will be different
                enabled: true
                - I am here
                - You called?
                - Be afraid
                enabled: true
                - Don't try those commands!
                - Commands? What commands!
                - Good try, but that won't fly
                enabled: true
                - Gotcha items!
                - There goes your stuff
                - Try getting your stuff back
                enabled: true
                - How dare you attack me
                - You are no match for me
                - I am invincible, why do you try?
                - I don't think so!
    #Worlds Herobrine can spawn in
        - myWorld
    #Herobrine's health. must be above 20
        health: 20
    #If Herobrine steals the players inventory
        takesItems: true
    #If Herobrine places torches
            enabled: true
    #The percentage that Herobrine will place a torch. Warning, this run every second or so!
            rate: 50
    #Time before Herobrine despawns. In minutes
        timeBeforeDespawn: 2
    #If Herobrine takes damage
        takesDamage: true
    #If Herobrine drops Item's on death
            enabled: true
    #Item's Herobrine drops on death. Format: id:amount
            - '259:2'
            - '278:2'
    How to post an error report
    There are three ways to report an error report. IN ORDER from best to least, here are the steps you can take:
    1) Go to #48 on irc.esper.net for almost immediate help if im there
    2) Start an issue on github
    3) Post here with the syntax
    Error title
    Error description
    CB Version
    Spout Version
    Stacktrace(That little error message in the console)
    Anything else will not be excepted

    If you have a feature request, PLEASE post it here!

    • Version 1.0
      • Official release
    • Version 1.0_1
      • Adds a new configuration option, Herobrine.talks
    • Version 1.0_2
      • New permissions node, Herobrine.avoid which makes Herobrine not spawn on you
      • /build altar command which automatically builds Herobrine's altar (Thanks @Adamki11s)
      • Configurable health and damage
      • Herobrine now steals your items when you get to close(configurable)
    • Version 1.0_3
      • Remove Herobrine.avoid from Herobrine.*, you now must Explicitly define Herobrine.avoid
      • Revert the plugin.yml changes to fix configuration issues
      • Grammer fixes
    • Version 1.0_4
      • Add /Herobrine reload to reload configuration
    • Version 1.0_5
      • Completely refactor configuration to allow more control
      • When Herobrine steals an inventory, he will now drop it if he dies
      • Various code cleanup
    Credits (open)

    Main dev - @tips48
    Asst. dev - @alta189
    Beta testers - @MikeyWheeler and @illusion9
    NPC Lib - @Top_Cat and @Kekec852
    NPC functions - @desmin88
    Checking if a players inventory is empty- @garbagemule
    Spout - @Afforess and the rest of the Spout gang. It's an amazing plugin
    Bukkit - All the amazing Bukkit developers :D
    Making me finish this plugin - any of the great people on the request thread or #bukkitdev
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  3. Thanks for putting up with all my ramblings of "Its going to be this week, its going well, yada yada yada" :D Make sure if you asking for support, DONT tag MineDev, tag me or alta.

    Silent update, please redownload

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    It's awesome, herobrine scares me.
  5. Thanks!
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    Awesome! In the future maybe there could be an option to make it so he says different things or nothing at all? I think Herobrine is scariest when he doesn't talk at all. Also maybe an option to make him hide and not always be running after you?

    Anyway cool plugin.
  7. okay, i'll add that. As for the hiding thing, maybe that could be something random?
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    Cool plugin, I like it.
    Does the herobrine eyes looks white or just the same as default?
  9. white :D and thanks!
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    This is pretty funny (and awesome), I hope to see it develop even more!
  11. did i put altar or alter? :D
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    Alter- quite a few times in OP, haha
  13. oh shit, i thought it was a alter. whoops :D
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    @tips48 Sounding it out doesn't always work. :'(
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    Thanks, and sure.
  16. okay. That will take a while to reprogram the whole ai though :O
    @cholo71796 stfu :D

    Another silent update, changes the config from oneUseAlters to oneUseAltars. Its for that grammer troll @cholo71796

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    If it's too much work you don't have to :p
  18. Naa, it needs to be there anyway :D I'll just write a AIHelper2.class :D
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    alright, awesome! Thanks!
  20. The question remains: How to implement! :D
    Give me a list of what you think he should do when he runs away, and i'll add the ones i like. the longer the better :p

    Updated to 1.0_1, adds a new configuration option for @Muyloco1

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    ok hehe... (probably best to make alot of these optional, just in case some people like the destructive Herobrine more)
    - when you look at him he stares briefly before finding cover tall enough to cover him (so yea, 2 blocks)
    - when he's far away make his name disappear completely (not sure if that's possible without making all of him invisible)
    - if there's no cover, maybe have him dig fast into the ground (and then disappear)
    - when he finds cover have him disappear (already said above)
    - if there's absolutely no cover (maybe the ground is too hard to dig into?) he turns around one last time and disappears


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  22. yep

    - ooh :D
    - its possible
    - hmmm, interesting
    - he just leaves?
    - ooooooh xD
    Hard, but fun and exciting :D

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    Then people desperately search for him and feel bad for not finding him (just an idea, hehe)

    Anyway awesome that you find some of these interesting :D
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  24. hehe, can't wait to do this. the only thing is i will need a helper making it to figure out how far away is good for each render.
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    Is that developer stuff...sorry I'm a noob at that...

    Take your time, it'll be worth the wait.
  26. Naa, do you have a minecraft account and do you host a server?
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    Yes and I used to, but brohoster shut down so I don't have a public one right now. I can host my own, but would need hamachi for anyone else to join. If you just need me to test it out, I can do that.
  28. okay, its fine. I just need to check how far away herobrine should stand from the player
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    So we both need to be on? Unless you have hamachi, maybe someone else could help test it out on their server?
  30. Its fine, i'll just put it offline and join as a fake account

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