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    SaveStopper - Stops saving if no one is online:
    Version: v0.10 build 1337

    This plugin will stop the server from saving the world (via save-off/save-on) if no user is online.

    At the moment this only listens for the quit and login events of players. It will perform a simple check if the user was the last and, if yes, will issue a save-all and disable saving. On the next login of a user, it will re-enable it.

    Since my private server is without any casing (and will most likely stay that way) I could hear that my harddisks were in constant motion. After further investigation I found out that the minecraft server seems to write data to the disk every second even if no one is connected (most likely day/night cycle related, since everything else is pretty much dependent if a player is around or not). This is not a big issue, but I'm resting more peacefully knowing that my harddisks can rest also.

    From the technical side this has most likely no implication on the lifetime or performance of the harddisk. I wrote it purely to stop my harddisks from making noise if they don't have to. I hope somebody else will find it useful, too.

    Please be aware that I'm not actively maintaining this plugin. I might do some coding from time to time, but do not expect that I keep up with every Bukkit-Release. Also if you want to report errors or suggest new features, please do that on GitHub and do not expect this thread to be updated.


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    Thanks for the suggestion, I did implement such commands.

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