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    Questioner is a plugin that gives as much flexibility as possibly to those extending this plugin. You have the ability to queue questions to a player online, or offline. The plugin does not remember questions when the server is offline (no persistence yet). You can attach Runnables onto the options of a question. You can ask several players the same question, and when one player answers, it is removed from the others (Linked Questions). Included is also a rough polling class. The options are answered though the command preprossor, allowing each option to mimic it's own command dynamically. Eg: /yes, /no, /accept, /deny, /blag, /maybeish . . . etc.​
    What uses this plugin?
    • Towny: link - Towny will use this plugin in a number of ways. First it will give confirmation to things like adding a player to a town, or asking the town's mayor/assistants to join a town. Towny will also use the polling feature to create elections, opt in wars, and other such things that require confirmation from both parties to not cause crazy imbalance.
    ~ Download
    ~ Commands
    question (Alias: q)
    • /question list
      /question list [page]
      List your current queue of questions, 5 at a time.
    • /[option]
      In order to answer a question, simply add a / at the beginning. So if the option was "yes", you type "/yes".
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    This looks pretty good. I love towny. Can you possibly list the questions that are currently implemented? Maybe keep that list updated in the OP as the plugin develops? Thanks.
    Actually, these will probably be on the individual plugins' pages, no? Hmm. My bad.
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    I will probably use this in my Citizens plugin for npc shops confirmation.
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    Just a side note anyone using the Quest plugin. The /q alias is used in both so there may be some conflicts.
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    Phantom Index

    be nice if it all worked on CB 550 wink wink.
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    Cool! If you need any assistance or have any questions, just ask.
    I'll change the alias to /que then.
    Update to v556.
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    CB #531
    Questioner 0.1
    and an assortment of plugins: AntiGrief, BigBrother, Essentials, GroupManager, iConomy, Jail, LocalShops, LWC, MyWarp, NoCheat, TimeShift, Towny, WorldEdit, WorldGuard and possibly a few others I can't think of atm

    Questioner is causing lots of commands to get printed to the console when they used to be hidden. Here's a tiny example of what it looks like in my server.log:
    2011-03-16 02:11:16 [INFO] cremove
    2011-03-16 02:11:31 [INFO] cpassword herewelive
    2011-03-16 02:11:37 [INFO] warp bigasstower
    2011-03-16 02:11:46 [INFO] cremove
    If they had a name attached and passwords were blanked out, I wouldn't mind, but in this form they are just causing excess text in the log and potentially a very trivial security risk. Is it possible to remove this behavior or is it necessary to the function of the plugin? Is it possible that Questioner is conflicting with another plugin (I want to ask before I go and check each plugin one by one)?
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    i had the same problem.
    you need to remove the line "System.out.println(command);" in QuestionerPlayerListener
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    Does it work with 617?
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    Im assuming this is no way compatible with 670 :(
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    It is.
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    :D Really?
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    @Shade please state the compatibility by adding 670 into the title or this will be considered unsupported anyway.
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    i know this is inactive, but could anyone fix the naq author error & apply the workaround from post #9 for me please.
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    if anyone could update it for me, i'll send you $3 bucks from paypal, just need the System.out.println(command); fix from post #9, and release it to public too as this is a essential part of towny for my server.
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    Removed the System.out.println(command);
    Don't know whether there are other problems, didn't test.

    EDIT: Fixed the nag author message.

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    WTF this is so outdated!!!
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    it is but it still works
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    work with newest build?
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    This plugin is inactive i see. But i need a plugin that is exactly doing this.
    is there any alternative or is there an documentation for this plugin here?

    What i need is an API for my development to send Questions to Player and recieve the answer.

    I've googeling for days without a acceptable result.

    #EDIT: Have found LogBlockQuestioner but this doesn't work in 953.

    Thanks a lot.
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    Hey! You can get Questioner 0.4 in the Towny Advanced thread! 0.2 doesn't have working nation-join support so updating is VERY important!
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    Hello. I'm having a strange problem using this with towny. When someone attempts to accept a town invite request with /accept, It says unknown command. It does send the question. Simply doesn't let them accept. Help? Thanks!
    - FSix4
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    Having same issue plz help!
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    fred64 Horrible, horrible necro post.
    BlackDeth55 I think you are better off visiting the Towny Advanced BukkitDev page.
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