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    DeathSpawn - A spawn location for death
    Version: 1.2 CraftBukkit 953

    /setdeathspawn - Change the death spawn position
    /deathspawn - Teleports you to death spawn

    deathspawn.setspawn - Access to /setdeathspawn
    deathspawn.spawn - Access to /deathspawn

    Click here

    Source Code:
    Click here

    v1.0 - First release
    v1.1 - Added multiworld support
    Added /deathspawn
    v1.2 - Better file formatting
    - Now setting the DeathSpawn to the world's spawn location after the first use (Not working with EssentialsSpawn)

    Drag the .jar file into your plugins folder. Don't do anything else!
    Do only edit the config file if you want to manually edit the position!

    Updating to 1.2:
    Copy your location.dat file from the DeathSpawn folder. Now delete all of DeathSpawn's files and drag the new .jar in. Start the server and login. After that go to plugins/DeathSpawn/data and replace the location.dat file with the one in your clipboard (Paste the file you copied).
    That's it. Have fun!
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    Then ask on the plugin's post.
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    Amazing :D, But do you think you can make it so that the player goes into the deathspawn for like 15 minutes, then once that amount of time passes, they get tped back to the real spawn? Thanks, would mean a lot if you could
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    Could you make it possible for admins (OPs) to set the deathspawn for everyone (i liked the hospital idea)?
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    Yes, thanks Baummann for mentioning the hospital idea. I already implemented it in my server. Thanks for a great plugin!
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    Please help!
    I get an international server error!
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    it doesnt support latest bukkit. Wait for graveyard, way better plugin!
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    Just an idea, could you add an after deathw warp and a timer with a warp once it is done so you can send Players to a specific zone once they die then after the timer is done they go back to spawn. Like a type of punishment :)
    Player dies they spend 2 minutes in "Death isolation" then they are sent back to spawn. :)
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    honestly, i think this is just a fun plugin that lets you set a death spawn so when someone dies, they go to "hell" decorate it and its something that gets your server more likes. and in a way it can also be used for a second spawn so maybe, your closer to your "big city" that's far away from spawn and you don't have a warp to get there. idk just some thought from me :p
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    Thanks, this is just what I needed! But just wondering, will this overwrite the respawn points of players if they slept in a bed?
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    wow I wnat
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    Thank you, this plugin is just what I needed. I had a problem where people kept spawning in a random place when they died and this fixed it right up.

    Like the post on the other page, I also think it would be great if you could make this multiworld compatiable so we can choose deathspawns for each world.

    Keep up the good work :)
  13. I've updated it.

    I'll add you as the Author of the plugin, I hope it is ok for you, if I keep your plugin up2date.
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    It's not a problem. Thanks for updating.
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