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    BlocksOnGlass - Place everything you want on glass .. and fences .. and ice :>
    Version: v0.44
    CraftBukkit: 1185

    Thanks for the video, @Gabriel Moon

    This plugin allows the players of your server to place anything on glass, ice and fences. Redstone also works.

    • Place every item or block on glass, ice, fences and leaves
    • Support for Permissions
    Download BlocksOnGlass v0.44
    Source Code

    If you want to support me, please [​IMG].

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    Players can only place an item on glass if they have the permission to for it.
    There are the following permission nodes:

    If you want to allow them to place a torch on glass, you would use for example
    for wooden doors on fences
    and so on.

    The itemname hast to be uncapitalized or it won't work!
    Possible itemnames are:
    TORCH (not for fences)
    REDSTONE_TORCH_ON (not for fences)
    You can use bog.*, bof.*, boi.* and bol.* as well!

    fenceFixIf this is set to 'true', you can place fences next to another one even if there's no fence below the new one.

    Version 0.44
    • Update for CB 1185 (Minecraft 1.8.1)
    Version 0.43
    • Update for CB 1060 and 1118
    Version 0.42
    • Fixed ice (was not melting correctly)
    Version 0.41
    • Added support for leaves
    • Noteblocks placed on glass will now play the correct sound
    Version 0.40
    • Added support for ice
    • Updated for CB build 1000
    • Added "fenceFix" to the config (see above)
    • Monsters can no longer climb over fences
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    Version 0.35
    • Snow shouldn't be forming on glass and fences now
    • Torches can now be placed on fences without having to explicitly have the permission to
    Version 0.34
    • Added support for fences
    Version 0.33
    • Fixed lighting bug
    Version 0.32
    • Updated for Minecraft 1.6.6 (CraftBukkit b818)
    Version 0.31
    • Changed the way you can allow or disallow items to be placed on glass
      • See Permissions
    Version 0.30
    • Fixed redstone
    • The plugin has been completely rewritten to make it
      • faster
      • more reliable
      • more flexible
      • more compatible
    Version 0.22
    • Updated for CB 733
    • Added support for powered rails and detector rails
      • You can place them, but they do net work correctly yet, sorry.
    Version 0.21
    • You can now place beds on glass
    Version 0.20
    • Doors can now be placed on glass
    • You can now set which items can be placed on glass (see Configuration)
    • Fixed some bugs
    • Cleaned up the code a bit
    Version 0.11
    • Rails, Ladders, Redstone Wire and Redstone Torches can now be placed on glass (however redstone doesn't work until I know how to fix that)
    • Fixed Ladders
    Version 0.1
    • First public release

    Incompatible plugins: None
    Todo: Fix the sound note blocks make if there's glass below it (may be impossible)

    Have fun :)
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    Sorry, I am using GhostKiller's latest version. I just updated to the one that he posted today in fact. As for ops and permissions, I just recently setup permissions and switched from ops.

    I did some testing and found that bog.* and bof.* permissions are being completely ignored on my server. I removed all of the plugin's nodes, restarted the server, and nothing changed. Objects can still be placed on glass even though no one has permission to but fences can't have anything placed on them.

    I ended up just disabling permissions in the config since I was giving the default group .* anyway so all is good in the world.
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    I'll test it tomorrow on my server with PEX and bPermissions, ok? ;)


    Yeah, I could, but only if I have fixed all bugs etc.
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    i sign to mecury. you don't fix all bugs but you publish a version that works in most cases and i, and i think many others think, that you publish it. because i think. "blocks on glass" works without problems ;)
    problem with blocks leaves, ice, glowstone and what ever are features of blocks on glass and are no main feature of that. and thats is the reason which you publish this to a new thread.

    and i think many other peoples can follow you much better than this thread ^^
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    Thanks for that but don't rush on my account. I just wanted to let you know of the issue and the testing that I tried.

    On another note, thanks for keeping this plugin alive.
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    Small issue. Can you remove mobs spawning on glass? After installing the plugin, they suddenly swarmed my glass tunnel.
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    I tried it again and my permissions for bog.* and bof.* are working for me!


    Uhh, I know why it's causing to spawn mobs. Will try to fix it. Thx for the report
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    Possibly add it in a config option too. I'm sure some people would like to keep it as an option.
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    Thanks xGhOsTkiLLeRx for your efforts.

    Just one thing though, the latest builds of BlocksOnGlass are causing trees to grow incomplete.....well.....they're actually growing complete but it "looks" like they're not to the client. When you leave and rejoin the server they show up as perfect. Same with exploring new areas, trees "appear" to be incomplete even though they are. Once again if you leave and rejoin they're fine. I tried just using that plugin alone and it was causing this problem.
    We also use LivingForest plugin to make trees grow quicker, so if you want to test BlocksOnGlass a little easier, test it with LivingTrees.

    Thanks mate.
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    Torches are placable on glass in vanilla Minecraft. At least now, but probably not when this plugin was made.

    This is really outdated. This plugin does not work. Does anyone know of a similar plugin where you can place rails, fences, torches, etc. on glass and glowstone? I really need this!

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