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    Thomas Bucher

    Trampolin - Jump higher with a Trampolin:

    Version: v0.6

    You can Jump High or even Higher with this Plugin and a Stoneplate and a Block under it.

    • Use Ironblock to Jump "High"
    • Use Goldblock to Jump "even Higher"
    • Use ... Block to Whatever
    • Keep bouncing if you stay on
    • Now Configurable which Block which Height
    • No Falldamage for a amount of time (configurable)
    • Command to Adjust Block boost (temporary for testing)
    • Boosts Minecarts
    Download The Plugin

    Source Code is n the Jar

    Video of Usage..

    Vertical and Horizontal Boosts Video

    Sponsored by iffa ;-)

    • Place a Gold or a Ironblock or any Block configured..
    • Place a Stoneplate on the Block
    • Walk over the Block and get a Heightboost
    • You can use /trampolin if enabled in config to test block adjustment
    useredtorch: false
    nodamagetimeout: 3000
    nodamage: true
    - 41,75,0
    - 42,50,0
    - 49,120,60
    playeronly: false
    usecmd: false
    boostminecarts: true
    useredtorch is not yet implemented.. ignore.

    Each line contains: Block,Boost,Verticalboost
    See the Example, which is the Default.
    If boosts is not in the Configfile, it uses internal Defaults.
    nodamagetimeout: time where player receive no fall damage after usage of the Trampolin (in Miliseconds)
    playeronly: if set to true, only player gets boosted, if false all Entites will jump and bump

    For Vertical boosts try something like:
    - 48,0,2000
    With a Mossystone under the Pressureplate.. ;-)

    usecmd: This enables ingame command /trampolin
    /trampolin blockid boost verticalboost

    This is temporary, you can test values.. if you find the values needed, enter them in the config.

    • Add Permissionsupport (use / build)
    • Alternate way to Trigger Jump..
    • speedboost linked to the redstone
    • Minecart Jumps?
    Version 0.6
    • Boosts Minecarts now..

    Version 0.5c
    • Added Command /trampolin and usecmd ind config File
    Version 0.5b

    • Optimized, who is lifted / jumps by the triggers.. (small fix)
    Version 0.5a

    • Add other entities than players to get speed as well..
    Version 0.5

    • No Falldamage from Trampolin (Falldamage Timeout after usage..)
    Version 0.4

    • Fully Configurable Blocks!!
    Version 0.3

    • Keep Bouncing if you stay on it
    • Added Vertical Booster
    • Fixed a small bug
    Version 0.1

    • Releasing of the Plugin
    Special Thanks to Thomas Müller for this Idea

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    Haha Like It :D
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    You should make a command which turns it on and then everyblock you place will be the trampoline, Because some of my buildings are made of Gold and Iron and thats just decorative :/
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    Thomas Bucher

    Its just the block under stonepressureplate.
    You can use Wooden for normal doors or place other stones under the plates..
    I dont intend to store some informations about trampolins.
    I will think about another solution.. maybe i can come up with an alternate pattern..
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    Maybe turn the trampolines on with a redstone current?
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    Thomas Bucher

    Not possible.. the Pressurplate produces redstone current..
    .. i will sleep over it ;-) ...
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    love this, any chance you can keep bouncing once on, instead of landing then having to step of then get back on.??
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    Thomas Bucher

    I will check, if there is a "better" way to keep jumping..
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    Thank You

    also, sorry to keep bothering you :p, could you customize so that you get propelled forward more instead of up??
    My gold is set at 200 but pressing forward only gets me 7 blocks forward :S. Thanxs

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    works like a charm

    so much stuff to test now ^^ ever tryed to driver over a trampolin with an minecart
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    Thomas Bucher

    Update the Plugin to match your needs.
    - Now optional with vertical speed
    - Keep on bouncing if you stay on it...

    Have Fun
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    i'd support this suggestion :)

    you could check if any of the blocks to the N/E/S/W is a powered redstone of it the one below it is an energized redstone torch
    (configurable, even)
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    Thomas Bucher

    I will try that, and i try a add the vertical speedboost linked to the redstone..
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    No but im going to try right now :)
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    haha gseh scho die lugid au dass es dir ned zlangwilig wird
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    another thing to add: allow any entity to be given the vertical boost if they step on one
    (would allow making an open door that can't be entered until the circuit is turned off)
    also: add diamond block as another trampoline base :)
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    Thomas Bucher

    Added to Ideas List.
    Thnx Dude
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    More and more ideas to come, add it where mobs other than players can be affected by the boost, so my chickens can fly when they touch the trampoline :)
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    Thomas Bucher

    Thats allready on the todo list as add other entitties ;-)
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    Why is it that I always seem to click on your plugins, Tom? xD

    Btw, it's spelt TRAMPOLINE.
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    Thomas Bucher

    Well it depends on the Language.. in my nativ language its spelled Trampolin :)
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    Great Plugin, having lots of fun hahah!

    You should totally add configuration for which blocks it works with :)
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    Sometimes the stoeplate is stuck somehow and you can't keep jumping, you need to wait until the plate it "out" again.

    Also it lifts players, which are next to the trampolin.
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    Is it possible to remove the fall damage while using the trampoline?
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    I'd love to have this.
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    Thomas Bucher

    I will give it a try..
    Greetz Thomas

    Now with no Fall damage.. Fully Configurable in the Config.

    Have Fun

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    Thanks for the update! Is it possible to have sideway pushes? I'd love to have a "launch pad" lol
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    Thomas Bucher

    There is.. the last of the 3 numbers in the config is the vertical boost..
    - blockid,boostheight,verticalboost

    Greetz Thomas

    New Version 0.5a
    All Entites can now be "Boosted" by
    playeronly: false

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    Thanks for another update... this will be very great one day! But I'm not quite getting the vertical boost setting,..

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