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    SpoutBackpack - Give your players a Backpack w/ Spout:
    Version: v1.2 - JarDownload


    I ported captainawesome7s cool BCBackpack plugin to Spout.
    The plugin provides an inventory for your players, that are using Spout!

    I just added some functions to save the inventory at different points, so that some bug with duping and loosing items should be fixed!

    • Pressing "B" opens and closes your backpack
    • Size and name can be customized
    • Saved on server
    • Works even on reload
    • Drop on death (configurable)

    This plugin requires Spout which you can find HERE.
    If your players don't have installed the client mod, they just have no access to the backpack.

    DropItemsOnDeath: false
    InventoryName: Backpack
    BackPackSize: 36
    SaveInterval: 5
    LogSaving: false
    • The InventoryName is the name of your Backpack that appears when opened - just change it to your needs (I call it Rucksack).
    • Your BackPackSize is the size of the inventory. It's like a chest so try using a multiple of nine and a maximum of 54 or the game will crash!!
    • With DropItemsOnDeath you can configure if the player looses the items in the Backpack when he dies.
    • SaveInterval is the delay between inventory saves of all players in minutes (default: 5 minutes)
    • LogSaving enables or disables "Saving" messages in server log.
    • SpoutBackpack v1.2 - JAR (Source included)
    • All credits go to captainawesome7 for his awesome BCBackpack plugin!! If you want to donate, send all of your money to him!
    • Permissions!
    • multiple chest sizes
    • Multiworld
    • iConomy
    • close on "B"
    • Fixing game crash when inventory is too big
    • If you put something in your Backpack and close Minecraft by clicking the "X" without closing your backpack, all items you put in since opening your Backpack are lost. That's not a bug - It's a feature to prevent duping.
    Version 1.2
    • Now the Backpack closes(!!) on "B".
    • Fixed Drop on Death bug
    • Inventory size is automatically adjusted on wrong values
    Version 1.1
    • Many dupe bugs fixed (hopefully all)
    • Save timer
    • Player inventories get stored in memory until next save
    Version 1.0
    • Initial release!
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    So - as it is right now - players can still dupe items. But some of the duping issues have been fixed? I look forward to seeing this operational - but right now, I can't put it on my server until thar be no moar dupes! :)

    Thanks for porting this to Spout. Looking forward to future updates.
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    Do you know how they dupe the items? When i know how they done, i can try fixing this.
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    Thanks for porting this! I think what people are looking for permissions wise is to have multiple chest sizes defined in the configuration ie:
    InventoryName: SmallBackpack
    BackPackSize: 9
    DropItemsOnDeath: true
    Default: true
    Rank: 1

    InventoryName: MediumBackpack
    BackPackSize: 18
    DropItemsOnDeath: true
    Default: false
    Rank: 2

    InventoryName: MediumBackpackItemSave
    BackPackSize: 18
    DropItemsOnDeath: false
    Default: false
    Rank: 3

    and permissions nodes like:

    The backpack size/item drop on death would then be either defined by the highest ranked backpack the player has access to, or pressing the backpack key again could cycle through the backpacks the player has. iconomy/essentials eco/whatever support wouldn't really be needed because you can just use an ability purchase plugin to give the required permission for the cost.

    Just my 2 cents anyway. Thanks again!
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    First off @Phant0mX has read my mind.
    Second! Thank you @kazimir, I'll be doing some test with it in the morning. This is prime gaming time for our server so I'd hate to disrupt them too much. Or let the greedy little jerks get a chance to dupe items ;)

    Ok I logged on and tried to dupe an item.

    What I did was as follows.

    Logged on.
    Opened inventory
    Put 7 Iron Ore in inventory
    Logged off
    Logged back on.
    Removed Iron from inventory.
    Quit again.
    Logged back on. Had 7 more Iron Ore in inventory.

    I also tried waiting for about 5 minutes. And it still duped.

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    Getting the same here.
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    The author of this plugin told me he ported BCBackpack to Spout and fixed some of the duping glitches (that I should've fixed). I said he can release the plugin, and that it can supersede BCBackpack.
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    Does the new client for spout allow HD textures without using mod loader?
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    Yep...found that logout duping bug. Now there is still another bug... I'm currently working on it.
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    Awesome. I'm going to keep it installed for now, and pray my players aren't that big of dirty filthy cheaters :3
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    I'll defiantly have it installed once its stable. It's a great incentive to install the SpoutClient.
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    Updated the Backpack to version 1.1 . Eliminated all duping procedures you mentioned and i could think of.
    Please try it and think of other methods that allow duping, so i can fix them and make it more stable.
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    Hey! First off, great work porting this. It was just what I needed!

    Just got one thing to ask, though. Would it be possible to cause the backpack to close again upon pressing B a second time? I know it's a small thing, but it sure would be helpful ^.=.^;
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    That's not a small thing :D
    I already tried that... Till now i didn't find a solution.
    I'll add it to TO-DO list!
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    I tried doing that but afaik I think that when a player is in their inventory and they press B it might not get passed to bukkitcontrib/spout. I don't really know though.
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    I can't find a function to close the new opened inventory.
    It catches the pressed button, but how to close it?
    I don't know...
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    Was wondering how I could get this working? When I press B it does not open the backpack
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    Hey I like this plugin, but like it is in your ToDo List i need Permissions, so i want the Backpack as SpecialFeature for my Users. In example Normal Users only have a Backpack size of 9 .... Donators 18 and so on.
    If you can add this it would be nice.

    Greets from Germany
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    You need to install Spout on you server and login with the Spout client.

    Ja, kommt die Tage dann. Hab jetzt grad etwas wenig Zeit, da ich parallel meine Bachelor These schreibe....
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    Needs permissions otherwise my users can open the bag while at the Login Screen with AuthMe
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    First of all: AMAZING(!) plugin. Great work!
    Secondly I have a feature request: It would be great to craft backpacks and wear them in an extra armor slot, although I don't know if this is yet possible in Spout. I know you got multiple chest sizes in your to-do list and I think it would be nice to be able to craft or purchase (via iConomy) bigger backpacks.
    And again, wonderful plugin. Keep up the amazing work!
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    A command to open the backpack from another player would be good.
    Cause some griefers could store it in the backpack and i cant proove anything now with /openinv.
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    I think I may have discovered a pretty significant bug that occurs when you have the option to drop the contents upon death on.

    It seems like anytime a player that is not currently using the Spout client (and therefore has no access to the backpack) dies, they and everybody else in the area are disconnected. On the client side (Both in vanilla and Spout) users are presented with a bluish gray version of the tiled dirt background before the entire screen turns black and crashes. In the server console, it shows the disconnection as endofstream. Any users who were disconnected in this area will continue to crash if they try to log back in for a duration of about 5 minutes.

    My hypothesis is that the empty backpacks of non-Spout users is still dropping some unidentified object that is causing the client to crash. The time it takes before people can log back into that area seems to be about as long as it takes for dropped items to despawn.

    I don't have any other details to share aside from that. Unfortunately, no other errors appear in the log. This problem stopped occurring as soon as I turned the option to drop items on death off, and then resumed when turning it back on, so I'm very certain that this is the cause. Hopefully the information provided is enough to find out what the cause is.
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    this would be even better if there was a way to add back pack graphics as well.
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    I will take a look on that.

    Ok...fixed the drop on death bug. Things like this shouldn't ever happen!!!
    Besides i added close on "B" and watching for negative and too big values of the inventory size.

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    Thanks for fixing this so quickly! We're using your plugin on our server as an incentive for people to migrate over to Spout, which is working quite well. Appreciate the quick and serious response to bugs.
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