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    SimpleBarter - trade in inventory dialog
    Version: v1.2

    Want to be able to trade items other players with other players without dropping them on the ground (where accidents can and do happen...)? Don't want to use the nasty, easy to forget, easy to mess up command system that other plugins use? Barter on your own terms.


    SimpleBarter allows players to trade items in their inventory with other players easily. Simple tap another player while your hand is empty. They will be notified that you want to trade, and will tap back if they want to trade. A dialog with both of your inventories in it will appear, allowing both players to drag and drop items seamlessly into each others inventories. Once either of the players closes the inventory dialog, both inventory dialogs will close (that way, a sneaky player who leaves it up while you walk away, can not steal stuff. It will close once you leave).

    Other Notes:
    Tapping multiple times rapidly on one player will only give them 1 notification (won't spam chat log). It will tell the tapper to quite pestering other players as well. Additionally, this plugin blocks damage from tapping with nothing in your hand, to other players. Using any item will damage players normally.

    No Commands.
    No messy Configuration.
    No Dependancies.
    No Hassle.


    Download Here
    Source Code

    • version 1.0
      • initial release
    • version 1.1
      • added configuration
      • added right click to trade
      • added item configuration
    • version 1.2
      • Optional backpack support
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    cool, but... cant we choose a specific iten for this to happen? cause hand to hand fights are pretty common, and the most desperate way to try to protect yourself from a pvp agressor. Would be cool if this worked with something, like a paper, a chest... i dunno, anything useless.
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    Maybe holding a chest, an easy item to acquire for any player so they can trade and sort of fits the theme.
  4. Interesting ! But is it possible to hook right click on players with empty hands ?

    The only hassle is that most people wouldn't use build #600 because most plugins aren't updated for that :/
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    That's not my problem, 600 is the latest RB.

    That actually is a better idea than using a specific item. I'll see what I can do.
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    but i do like to configure it :O

    e.g. message to change language.
    need to try this when i come home :D
  7. Do you have to accept the trade?
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    Id love to use this ;D But People hit each other with bare fists all the time ^^
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    lol nice plugin, should add protection maybe so trader cant take anything from another
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    If you agree to barter, it's mutual. Don't do it with someone you don't trust. However, once you close the dialog, it will close the other players dialog too.

    I think I'm going to switch it to right clicking on players.

    Nope. Just ignore them.

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    that would be awesome :D
  13. Ignore them? Lol, I wanted to know if it actually worked like that, cuz I could use something like that :D
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    NICE so easy! NO COMMANDS! I <3 NO COMMANDS plugins!

    thanks! gonna use this when I update to CB600+ ! =)

    and please dont just switch to rightclick, make it so that you can use left, right or both :D would be awesome
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    I've updated SimpleBarter to 1.1

    You can know enable right clicking AND left clicking, or just one of them. I still recommend using left clicking (tapping), as right clicking is not very accurate. This is not my fault, but the fault of notch. The servers do not get told all of client side left clicks.

    Also, you can configure an item that must be held to barter. By default it is item 0 (air).

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    I fully support this plugin - what a wonderful idea - thank you for sharing!
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    Simple Barter updated to 1.2
    -Correct handles players using the Backpack mod - but does not require it.
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    Tfs Halo

    but i have one question how would you ''accept'' the trade? because what if u want want to give something and they already placed something from your inventory i don't understand the full concept but i have done some tests
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    Here's how it works, in depth:

    • Someone taps you - you get alerted that they want to trade with you.
    • You tap them back to accept
    • A trade dialog with BOTH inventories appears
    • You move items around, and the changes appear to BOTH players in REAL time. Yes, this means that other people can steal from your inventory. Bartering should only be for people you trust.
    • Once either one of the players close the trade dialog, it snaps shut for the other person too, to prevent theft.
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    Tfs Halo

    that is a better description but i still don't get it if you move something they can steal from you? like if it snaps shut wouldn't that make it even worse? I don't know i think i may be confused somehow
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    If possible, just make it so that it has the first 9 slots of each person's inventory, and a chest image in the middle, so people can just choose an item and place it into the chest image, and they can take it from there, instead of them taking directly from the person's inventory.
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    Could you make it so that the opposing player cannot grab objects from yourside of the inventory, ive had alot of Stealing Trades happen already. Figure out some kind of Anti-Steal for this plugin.
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    Once you accept the trade, both players have access to both inventories. Players can grab and move items at will. The snap shut at the end is to prevent a sneaky player from staying put, while the other player wander off, and stealing items while the other player is away.

    I'm EXTREMELY limited in what I can do with GUI's here, because the gui already has to exist client side. This mod works because I basically copied the current inventory GUI.

    Once the GUI pops up for both players, everything happens client side. The server only get's told what happened afterwards. As I said, bartering is only for people you trust. Stealing really isn't the fault of the mod - but of your users. I suggest you take action against them. Decide on what you are going to trade for beforehand.

    So no, there's nothing I can do. This plugin really isn't meant to be used with total strangers - I suggest Iconomy.

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    I haven't tried it yet but I plan to use it when other plugins I'm waiting for are updated.

    If it doesn't do this already could you make it display a warning to the person waiting to accept that accepting will allow the other player access to your inventory.

    My concern is more to do with people requesting a trade with someone not familiar with how it works and accepting only to have their items stolen.
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    I can certainly add a warning.
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    Tfs Halo

    okay thanks i understand now :D
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    Possible to make it so when you trade you only see what they have in their hand and are trading not the whole inventory?
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    Nope - as I said, I'm limited to the GUI's already in MC at the moment, and am just recycling them.
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    Sorry dont understand all that language :p
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    Grats on yet another fantastic plugin!

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