[INACTIVE][MECH] RainbowWool v1.0 - use redstone to bring rainbows to wool. [300+]

Discussion in 'Inactive/Unsupported Plugins' started by fullwall, Feb 17, 2011.

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    Can you rdownload and give me the console input please. I believe I have figured out the error.
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    I think redstone repeaters are causing this... the plugin may be too demanding on RAM.
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    Tried removing all repeaters from the server.. The problem persists..
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    -make a floor of wool (10x10 is big enough)
    -set a torch on one.
    -set redstone on other wool, connected to the torch

    then repeats for many times (possibly the number of wool to update)

    (error ends at the World.java:317)

    if you're still having issues, you could try releasing the code & letting others look through it..
    (edit: didn't notice you already had a link there)
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    please fix this plugin for 500+
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    i forked it, and think i have the stack overflow figured out.. however, colors are still glitchy & can be unreliable
    don't think that it should be used (at least, on any minor scale) in conjunction with a timer, unless you have a server that can keep up with all the updates
    otherwise, can be a neat way to color a floor, or get colored wool on a semi-creative server

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