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    Party- The Party maker API/Tool

    Latest Version: v0.6 [674]
    Latest Stable Version: v0.6 [674]
    Party allows users to make party
    Party allows developers to make party-based plugins

    • Join party
    • Invite members
    • DeInvite members
    • Leave party
    • Kick member
    • Protects members from attacking themselves within a group
    • List members of your party
    • Can be integrated into another plugin (check PartyTP or MultiChannel sourcecode)
    Download Party 0.6
    Download PartyAPI 0.6 (for plugin developers)
    Source Code:
    On GitHub !

    Later Version
    • Configurable party sizes
    • TempLeader system (while the leader is offline)
    • Support with permissions
    • iConomy/iMonsters support ?
    • maybe XP Sharing system (someone got a good XP plugin ?)
    • Write Javadoc
    • Make interface GroupListener for onJoin onLeave onKick onInvite onDeinvite etc...
    • Make PartyPluginException to throw if onLoad() onEnable() or onDisable() fails
    • Externalize PvP protection system into another plugin
    Version 0.6
    • Simple API Release :) Making Javadoc right now to help developers using it
    • Fixed many bugs in the Party plugin Hook on the API
    • Tested with CraftBukkit 674
    Version 0.5
    • Tested under CraftBukkit 617
    • First API Release
    Version 0.4a
    • API Version (check PartyTP sourcecode or MultiChannel sourcecode to get an example - will soon write the Javadoc and share it)
    Version 0.4
    • Added "/party list" command, that enables players to show the current members of their group (and the leader also)
    Version 0.3
    • PvP restriction system
    Version 0.2c
    • Fixed a PLAYER_QUIT bug
    Version 0.2b
    • Fixed another deleteGroup bug
    Version 0.2a
    • Fixed deleteGroup bug
    Version 0.2
    • First stable release
    • Fixed (You have to be in the same server) bug
    • Let the engine display the "usage"
    • Make some console output on loading/enabling
    • Random fixes (stability check)
    • Tested successfully with bukkit#556
    Version 0.1
    • First Release
    Known bugs (please leave me some feedback !):
    • When a leader leaves from an existing group (maybe when being the last one leaving an existing group) throws an exception (to be fixed soon)
    • You can still burn your teammates, but I might leave it unsolvable (except with anti-fire plugins like WorldGuard)
    • /party <join|invite|deinvite|kick|leave|list> [player_name]
    Permissions nodes:
    • Not available yet
    Supported Party-plugins:
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    the real question: is pvp disabled between party members
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    I already thought about it, just forgot to add it to the TODO list.

    EDIT: Fixed in the v0.3 Release
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    Jm Erestain

    i`ll use this when u put the PVP disabled in party like what wildshoetwt said
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    PvP restriction system Released :)
    Party v0.3 Released!

    EDIT: Released v0.4 (added "/party list" command)
    EDIT: Released v0.4a (added API version, now developers can use Party to develop plugins: check PartyTP !)
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    I'll be reviewing the source and considering adding this into our RPG plugin (Heroes)-indev. If you're interested in assisting - please let me know.
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    I'd be really pleased to help anyone supporting my plugin.
    If you have any trouble or need to know how to implement it, here is the place ;)

    EDIT: Released v0.5 which is strictly for API resources update (and latest Party-plugins compatibility)

    EDIT(2): Released v0.1a of PartyTP and its sourcecode for API purposes !
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    Jm Erestain

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    Wonderful, I'm drafting the abilities document as we speak and seeing where we need help with the RPG classes.
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    If you need, I released another plugin using Party which is called MultiChannel.
    You'll find it on the first post in the Supported Party-plugins section.

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    well in terms of Multi-channel plugins - we produce our own (HeroChat) - but a party chat with pvp / etc is off limits to that design :)
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    Well you can take inspiration from what I've done in my Multichannel plugin for the party chat, I don't intend to develop MultiChannel much, especially because of HeroChat ;)

    EDIT: I am currently rebuilding the entire API, so take your time ;)
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    Yay, finally a party plugin with a possible configurable party size!
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    cb 674 - inactive
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    Perhaps have a party chat? like /party say (aasdfnaskjdfh) or /p (hi)
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    This is exactly what MultiChannel does with Party.

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