[INACTIVE][MECH] MobRider v0.32 - Finally a proper use for saddles! [674]

Discussion in 'Inactive/Unsupported Plugins' started by Edward Hand, Feb 25, 2011.

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    Yes. Also, just saddled up a creeper and it crashed my server ._.
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    Well all the commands and everything works fine for me (outside of the request I had). However I did find an error with the mob mount command.

    I know this sounds ridiculous but it's rather hilarious at 2am. I had a chicken, mount another chicken, then a cow mount that 2nd chicken. Now this ran perfectly fine. They ran around town bumping each other and all over the place. Then I went to slay the cow, crashed. Now I'm sure this prolly is something to do with Minecraft itself and I dunno if it can be fixed (as I have no log of the error [yet!] sorry) but I just wanted to give ppl a heads up to try a despawn command or something, not to actually kill them. Despawning them seems to work just fine tho, and causes no issues.
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    Im having strange problem with permission.

    this is the group:
        default: false
        - essentials.kit.beastrider
        - mobRider.animals
        - mobRider.command.attack
        - mobRider.command.follow
        - mobRider.command.go
        - mobRider.command.goto
        - mobRider.command.mount
        - mobRider.command.stop
        - mobRider.monsters
        - mobRider.players
        - peasant
          prefix: '&9'
          build: true
          suffix: BeastRider
    Still, it cant issue /mob commands.
    Beastrider group can mount with saddle, but when they issue /mob commands, they get nothing, no mob talk, and no action from it.
    I as admin and op can use the commands thou. Anything wrong with my configs or with the plugin?
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    Psycho Robot

    Still pulling for a radius limit for commands like /mob follow. I don't think a pig should be able to locate a player over 2 kilometers away!
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    Hey, just thought I'd mention this.

    If a player saddles you, then you saddle him, while he's riding you. You both get shot up in the air and you never stop going up until one of you unsaddles, then you fall down.
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    Psycho Robot

    This should be a permanent feature!
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    I have the same problem, i have OP but when i am in admin permissions *.* i can give directions, but if i give my self the same permissions as my players would have i can not. my permissions is basically the same.
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    same here :(
    bukkit 1.4 677
  9. great plugin, any planned update for 7xx builds ?
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    Does this work with 733/734?
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    I would like to put in my request for this plugin to be updated for CB #733 as well.
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    wow this plugin looks pretty sweet! i havent tested it yet, but this would be a great addition to my server if it does
    does this work for mc 1.5? i ca nsee form the above posts its not updated to 733, but plugins desigend for older builds sometimes still work on later ones, even spaning over minecraft version updates. i still have some old plugins i got back in 1.3, and i havent updated them, and there still working just fine in 1.5

    ok im testing it and fyi the commands are registring with the console, but the mob does nothing. like i tell it to go to a point and it continues to wander around
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    when i open the zip file it dosent give me a jar file there just a heap of random files
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    dont save it as a zip file. save it as a .jar file
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    Psycho Robot

    Unzip the ZIP and you should have a JAR file. Put the JAR file in your plugins folder and run the server.
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    I can't use the commands too...
    I use b 740 and permissions 2.7.1
    Edit: Ok..i test it outh without plugins and the command still doesnt work..
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    So let me get this straight. I can ride on a user, and then command them to attack another user?
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    PLZ port Meh want to try :)
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    You only control NPC mobs. But you can still ride players.
  20. Is there any unofficial verition for CB740
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    i hope so.
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    still waiting for this to be updated or taken over.
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    Psycho Robot

    Adding my support for update/takeover
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    Just found this, had been talking about riding spiders just a few days ago, installed and only then realized it's for 674... damn what a let down.
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    I wish someone would take this and update it. It really is a fun mod. I used it with cb 714 and it works sort of. I can ride on mobs but none of my commands really work. It keeps giving me: null errors. Other than that this mod works great
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    Hm, last time the current plugin developer posted in this thread was April 14th. Almost 3 weeks ago. I really hope it hasn't been abandoned, as I would like to make this a big part of my server.
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    OMG lol time for someone else to be dev ? my premium users want their mounts back :)
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    my god - someone pick this up :(
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    considered inactive
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    Inactive, but working great with CB760.

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