[INACTIVE][MECH/MISC] CreeperRods v1.2 - Lightning Rods Not Bombs [860]

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    CreeperRods - Lightning Rods Not Bombs! v1.2

    This plugin changes Creepers so that, rather than exploding when their fusSsSSssSSsssssSSSSe goes off, they emanate (through their heads) a positively-charged stepped leader, which consequently attracts a negative charge from the atmosphere (or surrounding rock if you are inside a cavern) and the resulting high-voltage arcs which propagate (five of them, to be precise) cause damage -- without block destruction -- and may start a fire in the area immediately surrounding the Creeper. And, of course, the Creeper is no more.​

    If you have any other plugins active which affect lightning, then this one will also be affected by it. Please keep that in mind when using this. :)

    • No more destructive explosions, however..
    • Lightning can cause fires! Beware.
    Version 1.2 14-Jun-2011
    • Updated to latest recommended Craftbukkit build #860
    Version 1.1 11-Jun-2011
    • Fixed some minor bugs
    Version 1.0 07-Jun-2011
    • Created plugin
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    I don't think I will use this plugin but I like the idea,
    nice job.
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    Weltall 7

    you should add the version of the plugin to the thread title to comply with the submission guidelines.
    it should look like this:
    [MECH/MISC] CreeperRods v1.0 - Lightning Rods Not Bombs! [818]
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    Thanks, I totally forgot.. Fixed now :)
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    I like this idea too, but my creepers do nothing instead mod has suited better for my world :\ maybe ill test later if multi-world support gets added
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    please update do latest recommended CB
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  8. Sounds interesting, I hate creepers for blowing up but an electrified creeper that does that would be awesome...
    Still, can you add a config with:
    - Only electrified creepers spawn lightning instead of blowing up
    - % of spawned mobs are creepers (electrified or not)
    - % of creepers are electrified creepers
    - toggle electrified crepers spawn only in weather conditions

    I'd use this just to make a verry small chance that only a electrified creeper will spawn, and that's it xD

    Also, can you add a screenshoot please ? I can't test it atm but I'm curious how it looks when it attacks.
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    changelog has to show to latest versions outside a spoiler
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    Spoiler removed :)
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    please, add setting that only electrified creepers can create lightning and function that _% of creepers will spawn as electrified without need to be charged with lightning.
    (like Digi suggested)
    and please, make a demostration video.
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    All my users love this. Thanks a lot!
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    Update Please :)
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    Please make electrified creepers only!
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    If this worked like tossers, where there was a chance for it to occur, then I would be using three types of creepers, tossers, creepers and now shockers. This could definitely be a great addition since my creepers tend to be pretty interesting already. I will wait until that percentage is added in though, I don't want to override my tossers.
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    link is down?
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    update pleasee
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    not working :(
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    Shall I update this?

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