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    MinecartMania Mining plugin

    Tired of mining 1000sends and millions of blocks to find ore or build a huge monster spawner?
    This is right plugin for you. "Mine" fast and precise with your minecarts.


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    * Download the version you want / need.
    * Download MinecartManiaCore (
    * Put the MinecartManiaSignCommands.jar and MincartManiaMining.jar from the in the plugin folder.
    * Put the MinecartManiaCore.jar in the plugin folder.
    * Start Bukkit.


    Use a minecart to mine blocks. Bring your Mine to the next level of automation.

    Use a minecart to build kilometers of tracks and subways without using a picke once (combine "AutoPlace" and "AutoMine" does the trick!) ;)

    Versions not listed below did not have public releases.

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    * Version 0.01

    - * <Edit by Moderator: Redacted mediafire url>
    * Working with MinecartMania 1.2.8 and Bukkit Build 860
    * proof-of-concept Mining plugin.
    - Version 0.05
    * <Edit by Moderator: Redacted mediafire url>
    * Added auto-rail placing capability
    * Added different Material support (see here for informations)
    - Version 0.07
    * <Edit by Moderator: Redacted mediafire url>
    * Added autobridging
    * Puts the right items in cart (Coal, not Coal-Ore and so on)
    * forbid bedrock mining
    * performance improvement
    * removed log-spamming debug lines
    - Version 0.09
    * <Edit by Moderator: Redacted mediafire url>
    * tested against CB 953 / Minecraft 1.7.2
    * Improved performance (I hope so...)
    * Improved bridging and placing. (now ignores flowers etc.)
    * fixed "null pointer exception" while mining leaves.
    - Version 0.10
    * <Edit by Moderator: Redacted mediafire url>
    * Now with configfile. (Thanks to Afforess, who made a great config API!)
    * removed leaver from the list of "transparent blocks" (Blocks which can be replaced by rails
    * added water / lava to transparent list(bridge over water works again.)
    * Minecart will no longer 1-block dead ends on curves or destroy slopes.
    * Made 3 videos how to use.
    - Version 0.11
    * <Edit by Moderator: Redacted mediafire url>
    * Added tool support. (There is a config key "MiningUseTools", set to "true" you have to put the right tool inside the cart to make it mine.)
    * added some small bugfixes.
    * added a list of globally forbidden Blocks in the config. (Use material IDs separated by ":")
    * added configkey to set the Material used for bridges. Default is cobblestone.
    - Version 0.12
    * <Edit by Moderator: Redacted mediafire url>
    * Tested with CB1000 / 1.7_3 and MM 1.2.9Alpha (dev-snapshot)
    * Added new signs: "switchiton", "minealloff", "DumpMaterial", "DumpOff"
    * added Material Selection for dumping.
    * fixed smooth stone mining bug
    * fixed "method not found" error
    - Version 0.13
    * <Edit by Moderator: Redacted mediafire url>
    * OP only configkey now working. "<MiningOpOnly>"
    * Auto Return now working. "<AutoReturn>false</AutoReturn>"

    - * <font color="rgb(255, 0, 0)">You have to add this configkey! otherwise you get nullpointer exeptions</font>
    - <font color="rgb(0, 0, 0)">some performance improvements?!?</font>

    Version 1.14a
    * <Edit by Moderator: Redacted mediafire url>

    * Tested with CB1000 / CB1060 / 1.7_3 and MM 1.2.9Alpha (dev-snapshot)
    * Added new signs: "reverseoff" to reset the reversed status of cart.

    - * If the autoreturn option is set, the cart gets the "reversed" status if full and makes a U-Turn
    * This Sign can be used to autoclear this status.
    * Increased performance, because the cart no longer tries to mine, even if it full.
    - removed "MineStone" and "MineSandstone", because they are obsolete.
    - fixed some bugs with leaves (Now you get sapling and leaves)
    - fixed a bug placing Ink_sack instead off lapis_lazuli in the cart
    - added Permisions support!
    * node: minecartmania.mining.automine for mining
    * node: minecartmania.mining.autoplace for placing and bridging
    - added config option "MiningBelowRails"
    * set true to allow a cart to mine below tracks
    * protects slopes, curves and all other kinds of rails.
    - added config option "MiningWithoutOwner"
    * set to true to allow carts without (spawned from chest etc.) a owner to mine.
    - added config autoupdate
    - version numbers changed from 0.x to 1.x
    - <font color="rgb(255, 0, 0)">1.14a:</font>
    * fixed nullpointer exeption if the "permission" Plugin is not found
    * fixed nullpointer if the cart does not have a owner
    * fixed another null pointer related to the "reverse" state
    * added more permission nodes:

    - * minecartmania.mining.automine.huge (unlimeted blocks range)
    * minecartmania.mining.automine.big (20 blocks range)
    * minecartmania.mining.automine.normal (10 blocks range)
    * minecartmania.mining.automine.small (5 blocks range)
    * without specified size, but .automine allowed: (2 blocks range)
    * minecartmania.mining.autobridge

    * fix all bugs...

    Permission nodes:

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    * minecartmania.mining.automine (allows mining)
    * minecartmania.mining.automine.huge (unlimeted blocks range)
    * minecartmania.mining.automine.big (20 blocks range)
    * minecartmania.mining.automine.normal (10 blocks range)
    * minecartmania.mining.automine.small (5 blocks range)
    * without specified size, but .automine allowed: (2 blocks range)
    * minecartmania.mining.autobridge (allow use of autobridge)
    * minecartmania.mining.autoplace (allow use of autoplace)


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    * AutoMine + second line material values (see here for informations) - mines the Materials listed on the sign. requires a material list.
    * MineStone - mines smooth stone (better hardware efficiency as AutoMine + 1)
    * MineSandtone - mines Sandstone (better hardware efficiency as AutoMine + 24)

    - * both removed in 0.14
    - AutoPlace - places rails (if there are some inside the cart) in front of it.
    - AutoBridge - creates a bridge in front of the cart. (put cobbelstone in it to use!)
    - MineOff - switch AutoMine off
    - MineSOff - switch MineStone off
    - MineSsOff - switch MineSandstone off
    - AutoPlaceOff - switch AutoPlace off
    - AutoBridgeOff - switch bridge mode off
    - switchiton - does the same as "automine", "autoplace" and "autobridge" on one sign. requires a material list.
    - minealloff - turns all mining features off.
    - DumpMaterial - dumps all items listed on the sign. (they get mined, but NOT placed in the cart.) requires a material list.
    - DumpOff - turn dumping off
    - reverseoff - clears the reverse status of a cart

    <font color="rgb(255, 0, 0)">WARNING!</font>

    <font color="rgb(255, 0, 0)">Use this plugin only on a secured server AND secure the plugin with proper permissions. This plugin is a tool of mass destruction if used by griefers!</font>


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    Using the sign to make full-automated tunnel or bridge.

    The result of 4 Stacks of rails in a auto-building cart

    Using manual placed curves to influence the movement of the cart

    Usage of DumpMaterial

    Sorry, my development machine only has 2GB RAM and dual XEON 3.2GHZ, so it laggs it bit while running server, client and video recorder. The "pooping tracks" or that minecart just stops while moving won't appear on a "real" server.

    * <font color="rgb(255, 0, 0)">Help!!! I used "all items" and the cart mines its own track!</font>
    * <font color="rgb(0, 128, 0)">Doesn't it say all items?!? Tracks are items, too... I suggest not to use that "all items" for now.</font>
    * <font color="rgb(255, 0, 0)">DumpMaterial / Automine does not work! / Everything is droped!</font>
    * <font color="rgb(0, 128, 0)">Do NOT use Automine and DumpMaterial on the same sign. Use two of Signs.</font>
    * <font color="rgb(255, 0, 0)">rangey: does not work.
    * <font color="rgb(0, 128, 0)">This is a bug in MM Core, don't use range and rangey on the same sign.</font>
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    now better?:eek:
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    no, title is still missing plugin version and the post is missing a header
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    this plugin seems in it's first stages, but it seems quite useful, and could be even morso.
    permissions support is important, being how powerful this plugin is.

    couple suggestions, start and stop signs, and enter block types to mine along it's path, stop sign to tell the minecart when to stop.
    ex. for sign -
    [minecart start]
    and for the blocktype lines, something such as "1, 4, 15, 35" nice and simple.
    or for lazy people who want it to mine everything, maybe something such as "[all]"

    note this is all speculative syntax, i've no clue what the plugin uses now.

    now the only thing i'm not exactly sure with this plugin is, because it uses minecarts, wouldn't you need to mine out the passage first, then lay tracks, then tell it to mine an empty area? or does this mine all blocks "touching" the minecart, such as the walls and ceiling?
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    sry for the late reply. It does Mine every block within the "range" and "rangeY" setting. If the celling is lower than your RangeY it will be mined. It won't mine the floor below itself...

    I'm working on a sign like the "chest-collection" signs to select the materials.
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    pretty cool plugin , I only hate it that it is so fast .
    could u make it that it mines the block at same speed of a diamond pickaxe
    It needs to be less overpowered like now
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    Yea. I work on that.

    try the 0.07 Version. It does far more than you may expect. ;)

    it mines all blocks in range. (usualy 3 blocks) Stops if all rails are laid out or a stop sign get near it.
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    I started using this plugin this morning.
    I can get the automine and auto place to work fine. But the range does not appear to work. The minecart currently only tunnels a hole big enough for itself.

    I've tried the following signs.

    range: 2
    rangeY: 2

    But to no avail. Am I setting the signs up wrong?

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    Did you set a item range to mine on the sign?
    you have to put a line like "1-25" on the sign. (Which tell the cart to mine all items with id from 1 to 25)

    if you did:
    Do you get errors or a "server overloaded" Message at the server? I had this problem if the server is to slow to update the blocks fast enough.
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    can u make a sampel pls or tutorial? i tired to set Signt at rail and type [automine] and it doing nothing :( sry but i search at yutube and and fount NOTHING how to use that....

    im german so sry for my kidding english :)
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    ok A FUE questions
    i did
    Range: 3
    "worked kind of" it mined 1 high hit water and drowned lol i had to place trace in the storage cart ( GOOD THING!!)
    but when i did range: 3 i didnt do it :<
    mabe range: 3 should do a half circle cart level and up
    see what i meen?

    ADDING: the cart stops for no reason and the range dont seem to do anything
    there was about 30 tracks left in the cart

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    Please note that the "automine" option needs items or a item range to be set on the same sign.
    I use for Example:
    1st: "automine"
    2nd: "1-25"
    (What mines the most "usual" Blocks.)

    If there is no items line on the sign, the cart will mine nothing.

    The cart mines a rectangular tunnel. For range:3 rangeY:3 is mines a 7 width (3 right and 3 left + 1block for the track itself) 3 height tunnel.
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    my fail .. i use a normal minecart, not a chestminecart

    2nd: "1-25" is this block id? can i filter 4,5,20,23,25 to save my structure?

    mine it ore? destroy anything? collect it lava? ok that can i find out.... ingame :)

    idea :)
    furnace+chest and sign [Fuel] at the same rail way and it must use fuel suger to mining
    one tick of 3x3 use 1x suger or 338

    another idea:
    can we have a option that say minecart full---> change the course and come back :)
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    Try this link: (also in the 1st post)
    It tell you how to use the material selection.
    (1-3:6-19:21:22:24) should do your job. (haven't tested it yet ;) )
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    you can put them in more than one line. (But has to be the same sign as the "automine" line.)
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    thank :)

    i found out "AutoReplace" replace my lever, redstone and sign on curve

    before minecart drive

    Uploaded with

    and after

    Uploaded with
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    Thats is a cool bug. I should check the list of "replaceable" blocks. The leaver shouldn't be on it. ;)
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    I second the reverse on cart full.
    Also I wish it didn't add track at every curve.
    Is there a way to check for curves and go with them smoothly?
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    fixed this in the new release. Also added some videos...
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    Tried using this plugin and it crashed my server. RB 953 and newest MinecartMania.
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    got some kind of error message?

    tomorrow I will release a new version... Maybe it does the trick.
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    Found out and played with this fine plugin last night. Like others, I'd love for the cart to return when full. I have also come across an issue, for which there is an easy work around, but have a suggestion: If there is already a rail either one block above, or one block below, in the direction the cart is going, the block should be left alone rather than mined. What I had was a cart mining in the direction of where I already had a track, but at a higher level. The goal I was trying to achieve was to keep mining in a straight line until it reached the other track (which I had manually brought down to the same level as the mining track). When the minecart got close enough, it just took down the slope and kept on going forward instead of connecting with the existing track.

    I figured, maybe I needed to bring the level part of the track further ahead to connect to the existing part. That did not help. It did connect with the level part, but once it got to the slope, it took it down as well.

    Work around: I used blocks that were not within the mining range blocks listed on the sign to make my slope.

    I can post picture if needed.

    You could also just use a Max Speed sign with a powered track and redstone torch. I just tested that, and it works, my minecart is now going at 10% of the normal speed.

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    But i meant i hate it that he instanly mined the blocks
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    Yea. But there is no better way. (In the moment.)

    I suggest using the 10% Speed and "useTools" on. Most realistic what I can do in the moment.
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    useTools ? what it does ?
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    if you use the newest version, you can set UseTools to true and everybody has to put tools in the cart to mine. Without the right tool - no mining.

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