[INACTIVE][MECH] Minecart Mania Spawner 0.8 - Infinite Minecart Spawner and Destroyer [420+]

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    Minecart Mania Spawner - Infinite Minecart Spawner and Destroyer
    Version: 0.8
    Requirements: Minecart Mania Core 0.96+ and Bukkit 420+

    This plugin allows you spawn and destroy minecarts.

    You can spawn minecarts by placing a diamond block with tracks running on top of it. When you apply a redstone charge to the diamond block one minecart will get spawn and launched. It is possible to change the direction in which the minecart launches by placing a sign next to it, containing one of the four directions (west, east, north, south). You can also spawn storage and powered minecart by placing a sign adjacent to the spawn block containing the text 'powered' or 'storage'. By default normal passenger minecarts are spawned.

    When minecarts passes a diamond ore block they will get destroyed. You can disable this functionality by applying redstone power to the block.

    It is possible to change the block types which spawn and destroy minecarts. The configuration will be created after you start the server once with the plugin running. Inside the plugins folder you will find the MinecartMania folder which will contain the MinecartManiaSpawnerSettings.txt. The configuration uses the same layout as other Minecart Mania plugins and speaks for itself.

    • Spawn minecarts using redstone
    • Destroy minecarts
    Download Minecart Mania Spawner 0.8
    Source Code

    Version 0.8
    • Updated for Minecraft 1.3, Bukkit 420+ and Minecart Mania Core 0.96+.
    • Should work with buttons now, because of Bukkit bug fix.
    Version 0.7
    • Added a spawn timeout.
    Version 0.6
    • Support for Minecart Mania Core 0.90, older versions not supported.
    • Support for spawning powered and storage minecarts.
    Version 0.5

    • Support for Minecart Mania Core 0.80 and Bukkit 288+
    Version 0.4

    • Support for Minecart Mania Core 0.79 and Bukkit 274+
    Version 0.3

    • Support for Minecart Mania Core 0.78 and Bukkit 256+
    Version 0.2

    • Added configuration options.
    Version 0.1

    • First release.
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    It updated right under your nose.
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    QQCucumber beat me to it, but indeed 0.6 is released. Big thanks to Afforess for his work on bypassing Bukkit to create powered and storage minecarts (and for the all work on Minecart Mania Core and other plugins).
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    Anyone test on .91? I will soon just checking
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    Seems to work fine.
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    Thanks :)
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    Not fore me, I get a null java error with .91
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    Please add Permission support :)
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    I don't get a null but I can't seam to get the spawner working period.
    --- merged: Feb 17, 2011 11:55 PM ---
    Sorry I correct my self it works wonders now. I was also wondering about adding a max use per second feature. Prevent spamming.
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    I will check it out this evening when I get home from work. Any specific situation where the error occurs?

    The spawner has no commands whatsoever, so what would you have in mind for Permissions?

    I've already done some work on creating a spawn timeout, which allows you set the number of seconds a spawner block should wait before spawning another minecart. The code is already on Github, but I will release it in binary form this evening together with .91 support.
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    Thanks :)
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    Just nothing spawns, the wire lights up but nothing anymore.
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    Always when the spawner is used one time i cant use it anymore.
    then just nothing spawns!
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    I can't reproduce the error. Which Bukkit version are you using?
    --- merged: Feb 18, 2011 4:24 PM ---
    Could you post more details? Which Minecart Mania Core version are you using? Which Bukkit version? How are you hooking things up?
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    I use both the newest version of bukkit and the newest version of minecart mania core.
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    the latest update silently overwrote my settings. This caused a huge lag on my server. Please kindly do not overwrite settings when upgrading a version automatically.
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    Version 0.7 is released. I don't know if it fixes the problem LarryDickman seems to be having, but if it doesn't please let me know. It also adds a spawn timeout (by default 1 second), which is configurable in the config file.
    --- merged: Feb 20, 2011 8:34 AM ---
    A new release should never overwrite the settings. From which version did you upgrade? There was a change in Minecart Mania Core (on which the config system of the Spawner relies) which changed the storage directory.
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    Oh then maybe only the config file was recreated. I dont remember which version I had before. Anyhow I fixed it. Thanks for the answer.
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    Ekcaktly the same..

    Craftbukkit 405
    MCMania 93
    MCMania spawner 0.7

    And i place a diamondore with tracks on, redstone and preasureplate = nothing spawns
    Also tryed placing diamondore above ground to see if it spawned out of the sides.. Nope. :/

    I was using the wrong diamond. i was using ore..
    its supposed to be the block id 57 ;)

    works fine!
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    Thank you so much for the new version of Spawner, by adding that delay to keep minecarts from spawning when another has already been spawned. This is exactly what I need for my system.

    It seemed like the only way to keep the current from calling another minecart was to do a complicated, huge clock device, which would require me to redesign all of my stations. You made this difficult decision obsolete and saved me from having to redo my stations.
    Thanks again. :cool:
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    Are you using a regular button (as oppossed to a pressure plate or switch) to trigger the diamond block?

    I just saw a bit of a code inside the Github repository of Minecart Mania Core which worked around a bug concerning buttons and redstone. Apparently a button doesn't create a redstone change event when it automatically releases, so in that case the spawn block would never get reset and would never spawn a new minecart.

    I don't have Minecraft available right now, but I will check this when I get home and steal Afforesses code to solve it.
    --- merged: Feb 22, 2011 6:11 PM ---
    I thought I would do some development this evening, but unfortunately my minecraft client got updated to the 1.3 BETA and Craftbukkit still seems to report a 1.2 version, so I can't connect to my test server.

    I did have a chance to investigate the redstone button problem further, and looking at the latest changes in Minecart Mania Core it seems like the problem has been solved in a later Bukkit build.

    I also streamlined my development process by kicking NetBeans to the curb and replacing it with the sweet TextMate and a self-written Ant build file. Because I'm particularly lazy I even added a 'run' build option which creates a jar and boots up the test server. It is available at Github for those interested.

    My current TODO list is:

    * Support Recommended Builds of Bukkit
    * Support the Minecart Mania Core 0.95 build
    * Cleanup and reorganization of the source code.
    * Implement new redstone behavior (with a configuration option to restore the old behavior).
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    Bloodinside, redstone buttons got fixed around build 340. Right before the chaos. Core .95 removed that workaround.
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    Will this work with Minecart Mania Core 0.95? You said you would add support to it, so I want to make sure before I update everything.
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    I don't know. I still have to test it, but last nights Minecraft update got in the way.
    --- merged: Feb 23, 2011 6:13 PM ---
    Version 0.8 is released. Updated work with Minecraft 1.3, Bukkit 420+ and MMC 0.96+. Due to a Craftbukkit bug fix it should also work correctly with normal buttons now (thanks for the confirmation Afforess!).
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    Minecraft 1.3, Bukkit 431 and MMC 0.96
    Minecart Destroy Block don't work anymore.

    --- merged: Feb 23, 2011 6:24 PM ---
    OOPS, sry, I didn't seen that you updated it minutes ago. I tried lastest file and it works fine!
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    Anyone care to share some Station designs incorporating MM and MMS? - I suspect i'm doing things the long way round. :)
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    [go west] [wait 5sec] [empty south, player west]


    S - Station
    L - Launcher
    D - Spawner
    T - Terminator
    B - Button to call cart

    So empty carts destroyed in T, player carts can pass station with delay 5 sec. and if you call cart, you have 5 sec to jump in (more than enough). To get out on that station you just exit cart, and it will be deleted automaticaly.
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    Looks somewhat similar to my design, except I give carts 15 seconds to launch. This is just incase the user decides s/he wants to go back into the same cart s/he came from without having to call for another one.

    Would be cool if there was a way to wire a pressure plate just before the Launcher that would deactivate the Hold For sign until the user gets out of the cart, then launch it once the sign reaches zero. But I think that's what I need to ask Afforess. Trouble is I don't know how to.

    Maybe place another catcher block with a stone pressure plate over it. Then when the user gets out, the cart is immediately launched to the next catcher block.
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    Ups, wrong button..


    Minecarts spawned is unabled to be destroyed now..
    cant destroy them with a weapon, and using diamond ore as before wont destroy them either.
    Using latest build and MCmania and ofcourse spawner.

    Added server log, only contains Boot then isntantly login by me, then Errors from minecart spawner

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    i need some assistance? i have a simple minecart track and whenever i push the button for it to spawn a minecart it always zooms off before i can hop in.. how can i fix this?

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