[INACTIVE][MECH] KeepGrowing v0.1 - Wheat fields keep growing when you're away from them [766]

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    KeepGrowing - Wheat fields keep growing when you're away from them
    Current Version: v0.1

    When you plant crops this plugin saves time when you left them alone (chunk with them was unloaded). And after your return it tries to interpolate wheat fields state taking into account time which passed, watered and light level. It also stores all that data when server is turned off so you can for example shut it down for night and in the morning all crops will be fully grown. It also doesn't use a lot of memory as contrasted with trying to keep all those chunks loaded.

    Important: Plugin won't work on fields created before it was installed. So only new crop blocks will grow when you're away!

    • You don't have to be near wheat fields for them to grow
    • Crops will grow when server is turned off
    • Not heavy on memory usage
    • Easy for use - no configuration needed

    • Just put jar file into your plugin folder and you're done :)


    • Release source code
    • Add support for trees, cacti and sugarcane
    • Add configuration options
    • Maybe something more...


    Version 0.1
    • Initial release
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    Tomab has my blessing for keeping plugin up-to-date. Good luck with that ;)
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    Thx, good plugin
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    Update for build 1k?
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    Would it be possible to do mushrooms as well, along with trees and cacti and sugarcane?

    I know mushrooms spread instead of grow perhaps it would only spread from mushrooms the player plants
    not all of them...
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    you have to have a google account thing (a youtube or gmail account)
  7. this plugin is awesome, something like this should be put in vanilla minecraft.

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