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    An extension of bonemeal - supports growing pumpkins, grass, leaves, flowers and mossy cobblestone!

    Original Author: @UnixSystem
    Other Contributors: @cyklo, @maczydeco
    Current Project Maintainer: @Afforess

    • Bonemeal can spread pumpkins
    • Bonemeal can spread yellow flowers
    • Bonemeal can spread red roses
    • Bonemeal can spread grass on dirt
    • Bonemeal can spread mossy cobblestone on cobblestone
    • Bonemeal can spread leaves onto adjacent dirt/grass
    • Bonemeal can grow leaves from logs
    Change Log:
    • Version 2.0
      • Updated to latest Bukkit Standards
      • Added Leaf growth
      • Bonemeal is not subtracted from the inventory if no growth occurs
      • Licensed Growbie CC SA 3.0 (was public domain)
    • Version 2.1
      • Added Cyklo's Better Tree Growth algorithm
    • Version 2.2
      • Improved Code Structuring
      • Plant Spreading
    • Version 2.3
      • Updated for CB builds 561+
    • Version 2.4
      • Removed Better Trees (obsolete)
      • Added Success Chance for spreading plants & blocks.
  2. You mean brown mushrooms ? They grow in normal world too and they can be grown using this plugin, I just did that today using brown and red mushrooms :} Dunno about cacti tough.
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    Celtic Minstrel

    No, I mean mushrooms of either colour growing in the nether. Mushrooms work fine in the normal world, but not in the nether.
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    urgh :/ i used to use that plugin a while back, but seein this:

    "Bonemeal is not subtracted from the inventory if no growth occurs"
    makes it too OP.
    any chance you could add it back in Afforess? Add it in the configs on/off the success rate is really useless without you wasting bonemeal for stuff :p
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    I do agree that the Bonemeal should be subtracted as an option... I use McMMO on my server and bones are pretty common through the excavation skill and changing the 100% chance to grow to a 25% chance without the loss of bonemeal through the attempt makes me :(
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    Also agree on this, this has to be implemented.
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    Possibly bug report, depending on your definition of a bug =P.

    If I am in a snowy area (covered in snow), and plant flowers (probably other things, have not yet tested), then try to spread them it will not work. I have to clear the snow before the flowers can spread. Presumably it checks for available tiles and snow is not one of them?

    Also, love the mod. And I agree that failing to grow should subtract one use!
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    Pretty awesome.
    You should add mushrooms to the OP though.
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    The spreadable blocks feature still doesn't seem to work - cobblestone naturally spreading moss. :(

    Any idea when / if this will be fixed?
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    the information on minecraftwiki.net was incorrect!

    But now can bonemeal spread flowers and tall grass on grass blocks!
    (But you can't use it direct on a flower)

    So everything of your plugin is still needed :)
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    818 support? :D
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    @Afforess I just did some base testing of the growable plants and blocks portion of the plugin and it worked great on RB #860.
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    Working fine for me in RB860 too.
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    Figured it did - there have not been any API breaks since like 760.
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    Could you possibly change (turn off) the flower spreading routine implemented by Notch in 1.6. I would like to grow only tall grass on grass blocks without the chance of getting some flowers each time.
    If I want flowers, I'm using your pugin anyway. :)
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    You can just remove them from the config.
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    Celtic Minstrel

    No, he wants to disable the default behaviour, not the Growbie behaviour.
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    Absolutely right, thank you for clarifying.
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    Im wondering / asking if this mod can help spread vegitation or start it without input from user. like cobblestone under water has X chance of spawning mossy cobblestone after X days and can spread after X days ect.

    Other than that i love this plugin... i have so many pumpkins.....
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    Celtic Minstrel

    The answer to that is "no".
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    Take a look at iGrow if you're interested in things like mossy cobble appearing and spreading naturally. It's inactive at the moment (I'm not the original developer but plan on updating it sometime soon) but still works with 860 (just set the timer in the iGrow config to 3600, not 33) and I run it side by side with Growbie (great plugin).
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    i will do that then thank you =]
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    Do we have support for 953? :D
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    I just had a great idea: Cobwebs growing in corners of badly lit areas!
  26. @Afforess
    Can you update plugin to handle DEAD_BUSH properly? Ie, if used on sand it spawns a shrub, best it can do now is replace the sand it it seems to despawn when altering nearby blocks.
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    Update for build 1k?
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    If i change something in the config the plugin breaks.
    # Growbie configuration file
    # growable plants, and max number of them to grow on adjacent tiles
      RED_ROSE: 3
      PUMPKIN: 1
    #chance of success, out of 100. 0 is always failure, 100 is always success.
    growable_plants_success_chance: 50
    # growable blocks
    # block type, and what it should convert into when fed bone meal
    #  DIRT: GRASS
    #  LOG: LEAVES
    #chance of success, out of 100. 0 is always failure, 100 is always success.
    #growable_blocks_success_chance: 100
    # spreadable blocks
    # seed block, followed by what it can propagate to and clone itself
    #  GRASS: DIRT
    #chance of success, out of 100. 0 is always failure, 100 is always success.
    ##spreadable_blocks_success_chance: 100
    I want that bone meal only can grow plants.
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    Anyone have this working with 1060?



    Nevermind -- re-downloaded and it's working again....
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    I was hoping to use this to grow additional lilypads, but I guess that's not happening. Tried 111: 1 and LILYPAD: 1 in the config file, no dice.
  31. Any chance of this getting a 1.2.3 update? I miss the ability to grow normal grass via bonemeal :p

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