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    TorchMissile - Turn on the lights...
    Version: 0.3

    You place torch by torch to light up a big or long cave only to realize that it is still somehow dark? You wish you could see what is at the bottom of a big hole or at the end of a long cave without having to walk the long way and placing thousands of torches? You wish you could maybe "shoot torches" to get dark unreachable places lightend up?
    Then TorchMissile is the right plugin for you!
    With TorchMissile a player can shoot missiles, which spawn torches on impact and illuminate everything.

    I have stopped with plugin development.
    Feel free to use any of my code ;)

    • Simple and Bright !
    • Shoot missiles that spawn torches on impact
    • Configurable number of spawned torches (you can even only shoot 1 torch!

    Download Version 0.3


    How to use:
    If you want to shoot a torchmissile, then get out your torches, hold shift and click the left and the right mouse button at the same time!! It will shoot a torchmissile which will spawn torches on impact.
    This plugin will NOT effect the normal use of torches. A player can still place single torches or mine blocks while holding torches ;)

    Number of torches:
    The number of torches which spawn on impact is configurable:
    • You can have as many as you want to (light up a whole island) or you can change it to very few (set to 1, it will spawn 2-4 torches) by editing the "Torch_Spawn_Radius" in the TorchMissile.txt
    • If you want only 1 torch to spawn per missile, then you can add a permission node to get this feature (see below) or if you don't use Permissions, set the OnlyOneTorch_Mode to true (also make sure to be an op)
    TorchMissile supports the Permissions plugin (tested with v2.7) and has the following nodes:
    torchmissile.SingleMode - players with this permission will shoot ONE (1) torch per missile
    torchmissile.Normal - normal permission (torches proportional to Torch_Spawn_Radius)

    In the TorchMissile.txt there are currently 5 options:
    • Torch_Spawn_Radius -- set to any number -> defines in what radius around the impact block torches will spawn
    • Walls_Only -- set to true or false -> defines if torches are also spawn on the ground or only on the walls
    • Missile_Glow -- set to true or false -> defines it the missile-block glows or not
    • OnlyOneTorch_Mode -- set to true or false -> 1 torch mode, to be used if no Permissions
    • Missile_Range -- set to any number -> sets the range of the missile

    Version 0.3
    • Data of blocks (tree color, wool color, ...) will now also be reseted to its original
    • Added properties: Missile_Range and OnlyOneTorch_Mode
    • Fixed permanent-glowstone bug
    • Fixed the bug that made missiles shoot sometimes when damaging blocks
    • Changed the way of firing a missile (added the pressed shift key)
    • Works on Minecraft 1.5
    Version 0.2
    • Added Permissions support
    • Added missile glow configuration
    • Players can now shoot only 1 torch with Permissions
    Version 0.1
    • Initial Release
    Show ToDo List (open)

    • Add configurable missile speed
    • Add option that a torchmissile costs several torches if used
    • Make video
    • More important stuff? You tell me.
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    Cool Testing Now Sounds good :D
    Haha Cool ! Really Usefull.
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  3. Sounds like a fun idea! I'll test it right now!


    Works just fine ! Thanks :D
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    Awesome idea :D Please add permissions so I can add to my server. Thx.
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    Kevin Forte

    That's sweet, but is it possible to have another option to use the missile? On a Macbook, it's not easy to hit the left click and right click simultaneously ):
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    I like the idea, tested it on my server right away, works fine :) But could you do a limit on how many torches are placed at a time? It would be cool if you actually toss ONE torch against the wall and only one torch will appear there.
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    should call it a flare missile and also any pic or videos?
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    I agree with TheOneHamster - you should make it so you can spawn only one torch. Besides that, great plugin :)
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    There's a bug when I try destroying torches with a torch in my hand. Somehow a missile is fired sometimes when I break a torch. This will happen regardless of the last time I actually right clicked. With anything else in hand, nothing happens.

    Also, I agree with being able to set how many torches you can spawn.

    EDIT: This bug appears to occur only while I'm holding down the left button to destroy torches. If I single click on each torch, nothing happens.
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    nice plugin. I´ve tested it. Very userfull
    but with the standart configuration it spawns a lot of torches.
    can i change that is only spawn 1 torch???
    (I configurated it and now it spawns only 2 but its still 1 that I want.)
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    Downloaded and tested on SMP and a few bugs I notice is that fired at close quarters sometimes destroy's a slab of wall and replaces with torches. Especially upset a few people when accidently fired on some of their creations. I'll try configuring to only place 1 torch at a time maybe this will fix things. Overall I give it 10/10 great tool! Dunno how hard it would be to create something like this for the Bow?
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    Mhh, I haven't thought of that ^^ ... I will try to make an other option to fire the missile. But it is going to take a while...
    But for now: sorry, no Macbook support :(

    With the Permissions plugin, it is now possible to shoot only 1 torch ;)

    Ok, thx for the bug report :) ... I will try to somehow fix that!

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    Kevin Forte

    That's fine, just thought I'd bring it to your attention :D
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    With "close quarters" do you mean, that this occurs if you shoot at blocks that are near the player or does this bug also occur when a player shoots from far away? Thx for letting me know ;)
    About the bow: I don't exactly know how good bukkit support for the bow is, but I think it would be more difficult at the moment.
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    If you shoot at blocks that are near the player yes. I believe it also occurs while looking inside a chest and firing as well as right up against the wall and firing. At least that's what some players tell me, haven't personally tested myself, but I have seen the damage it creates.
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    You should make it so you can craft an arrow + a torch to make a 'flare' or something, that way you can shoot the 'flare' missile out of the bow. Like a flaming arrow that spawns a torch on impact. This would be realistic (or at least MORE realistic) and it would be highly useful while staying true to vanilla.
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    You can't create new blocks unless you're going to add an oh-so-inconvenient client mod.

    Perhaps you could change the item and amount that it costs to use this? I currently have it so no torch spawns when the glowstone block lands, and I'd like to change the item that is consumed to redstone but still have it fired from the torch. Also, the both-click idea is pretty clever for this.

    Also, it appears that the block that the glowstone lands on resets damage values. (e.g., birch leaves turn into normal leaves, wood slabs turn into stone slabs, green wool becomes white wool, etc.)

    The glowstone continues to travel for a long time- perhaps there could be a distance limit?

    If I shoot multiple blocks some of them simply stop and do not despawn. This creates floating glowstone blocks which I definitely do not want on the server.
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    I found a bug : Firing these missles on wooden doors cause them to become Half doors, and on top of that, drop a door. Have not tested on stone doors. This bug causes ppl to be able to duplicate doors
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    Love the concept of this - any chance for a 'throw' option? A limited range, and the torches will only appear on floor tiles? Could be handy for dropping torches down shafts, for example.
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    Or perhaps make it so you can type /torch on, and then allow it so if you shoot the bow it will shoot an arrow + a torch. Or something?
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    THIS. The person who made the eggrenade plugin made it so that an egg's impact spawns an explosion, thus making it appear that eggs explode on contact. Take a look at that code, implement an enable command, then have arrow/snowball/egg impact create a torch. That would be the perfect plugin, if you ask me.
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    I agree!
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    Steve Cole

    +1 for this feature
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    I dont understand the Single permission. Im admin so in my permissions i have - '*' and i then added in a line under, just as you should do, but still i got multiple. Do i need to remove the normal permission first?

    Edit: Oh I just wrote something without beeing logged in.
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    I like your idea... I know microapples code and have already used it for my upcoming plugin "Weapons". I am currently thinking of making a new plugin which is going to be called "TorchThrow". I don't want to change this plugin in something different and new, I actually like how it turned out to be.

    The only Problem: TIME, I should actually be studying right now... So be patient.

    I am not going to answer to all the posts sorry. But thank you to everyone who has reported bugs, lauded me or made suggestions ;)
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    Not if you have a mouse :D (Which I don't :confused:)
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    Kevin Forte

    As much as I would love to be able to buy a mouse for this plugin... :p
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    Loved how you added the one torch only effect... but my server would benefit without permissions as it's a simple private one =<

    Any chance of just adding it in the config please? =<
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    Getting reports from my admins that it will sometimes explode multiple torches under normal placement. TorchMissile .2, CB 277
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    Having the ability to lob a torch that only attaches itself to the ground would be good... But mainly the lobbing system sounds like it would be a good feature... I don't know if it is possible but it sounds like something worth trying out!

    Great Plugin Btw Mate.

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