[INACTIVE][MECH] Flow Control v0.0.4 - Control water and lava with redstone. [617]

Discussion in 'Inactive/Unsupported Plugins' started by RioS, Feb 16, 2011.

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    Not anymore xD incompatible with RB #600, please update :}
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    Has anyone heard if the plugin author is going to update ??
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    For info of the author - Please update if you have time, I know there is another plugin similar to this, but yours has an advantage in the fact that when you power the water / lava block, it stops the flow, but leaves a static block of water / lava in place - extremely useful idea, and well worth renewing your plugin for - this has several uses for me, so anyway, just asking if you update .......... many thanks .........
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    Agreed. I would prefer to use this over the other for the same reasons. The other one just seems to act wonkily and not logically.
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    Hi guys, sorry for being not so reactive, I'm really busy these times.
    I just updated Flow Control and tested it with CraftBukkit 617.
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    Thanks for the update, however, I'm using bukkit #621 - on that, using water, if you put a bukkit of water down on the ground, the water flows as normal, flick the redstone switch on, and it stops the flow (except downward for some reason - stops the flow on the sides of the waterblock, but not below, which it did on the previous version).
    Now, when you switch off again, the water block completly dissappears ? When you switch back on, the water block re-appears as a single block of water - not flowing on any sides (including below), which is actually what I need :), but I think other people will also want the water / lava to flow again when you switch the redstone off, rather than have the water completely dissappear.
    Not tried with lava yet ........

    Tried with lava - exactly same results as with water ...... Put lava down, it flows, flick redstone switch on, it stops flowing (except downward - still flows down), flick switch off again, lava block completely dissappears, switch redstone on again, static lava block appears.
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    They certainly change the way flowing event are send/handle in bukkit.
    I need to take look.
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    hello, my users asked me if i could post a problem on our server with the waterflow.


    As you see, with the Control on, the Water doesnt hold on. What could it be? We have tested it in every direction and on another server. but it wont stop as it is planned.
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    Hi there,

    i'm a player of the server from the post above.
    We tried a lot of things to get a point of the problem.

    It seems that it has something to do with places wich are changed with WorldEdit.
    In places that are not previously edited, your plugin works great.

    Maybe this will help you finding the problem.
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    Ive got one BIG bug. The water just stops. All random. At the middle of my river, the water just stops....
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    Does this work with 677?
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    I love this this plugin can't wait for the update
    Thanks for the hard work.
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    hmm wont work for 714?
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    I hope this works with cb 733
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    Is it working with CB733 ? :s
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    I have not had any problems with 734. On 704 it didn't seem to work though.
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    works fine on 733. but it sometimes bugs out...
    it tends to continue to flow in certain spots...


    Uploaded with ImageShack.us

    Uploaded with ImageShack.us
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    You know, after I posted, I noticed some random things similar to this in 734. It's not heavily used on my server, only on one block that I know of (I put some extra for testing, but removed them later), so it didn't really stick out.
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    ok since he hasnt updated it since 677, i went and updated it to 740. i got it to run on the server. but now...
    ill just upload it here as an attachment...
    --Todo --- *EDIT* works but needs some fixing...

    see if it still flows in spots ----- Still Flows In Areas. Need to look into it
    see if the console throws errors at me. ------ Works without errors on 740 Craft Bukkit/Bukkit 669


    If anyone does decide to use my updated version let me know. Cuase if you run into this issue of it still flowing on certain blocks post a picture. it seems it has a different flow pattern each time :/

    heres a simple fix if your using a 3 wide farm. this is for if the water continues to flow on the outside not the middle.



    Update Once Again. *last update till i fix this..*


    as you can tell no matter what happens. big/small it will glitch. ive tried placing the lever in different areas. it didnt help....

    i figured out the issue. Its not the plugin itself. but its Bukkit. it seems theres some type of Block lag. but i dont understand in 740 CB was updated to stop the block lag...

    im also working on some other features... :D

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    so.. is this author going to update this officially? or is it inactive? if your going to set it as inactive let me know. ill gladly keep it updated!
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    considered inactive
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    Are you currently updating this if yes could you give me a link?
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    Please update your plugin.
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