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    [fire][fire][fire] Flaming Arrows - Light Your Arrows with Flint & Steel [fire][fire][fire]
    Version: v1.2.2
    Flaming Arrows! allows players to light their arrow flights. There are several plug-ins available that change the behavior of arrows or archery, but none of them seem to consider the effects of one-shot kills on game balance. [This is not necessarily a bad thing, it's just not what I was looking for for my own server.]
    Unlike these, Flaming Arrows! requires a player to use flint & steel to light their arrow flights, and allows the server operator to choose how many flint & steel "charges" are required per flaming arrow; the default is five.
    • Fire flaming arrows at opponents to immolate them!
    • Players must use flint & steel to light their arrows.
    • Left-click with your bow to toggle whether you're using flaming arrows.
    • Server operators may configure...
      • ...how much flint & steel durability is used to light each arrow.
      • ...how many fire ticks to afflict upon player and non-player targets.
      • ...which item is used to toggle flaming arrows on and off.
      • ...which players can use flaming arrows.
      • ...the flaming arrows enabled and disabled messages sent to players.
    • If a piggie is struck by a flaming arrow and dies, any porkchops it drops are automatically converted into grilled porkchops. Any damage that sets the piggie's fire ticks will also trigger this effect.
    Configuration (open)

    The following is the default config.yml file. This file resides in your plugins/FlamingArrows directory and will be automatically created the first time the plug-in is loaded by your server.
        flint-and-steel: 5
        non-player: 600
        player: 0
        disabled: '*Flaming Arrows* You are now firing normal arrows.'
        enabled: '*Flaming Arrows* You are now firing flaming arrows.'
      wand: bow
        - '*'
    Some things to remember:
    • The '*' entry in the whitelist matches all players.
    • Remove the '*' element from the whitelist if you want to control which players are allowed to using flaming arrows!
    • Player names must be played inside single quotes (e.g. 'mixcoatl77')

    Known Issues (open)

    Known Issues:
    • No permission support. I have no interest in adding permission support until Bukkit supports permissions natively. Please do not ask for this.

    In the Works (open)

    In the Works:
    • Allow the server operator to configure whether players must enable flaming arrows for each shot they fire (reduces the firing rate to simulate having to light each arrow.)
    • Flaming arrows as cave flares; ignite blocks struck by a flaming arrow.
    • Allow dispenser blocks to fire flaming arrows? [Bukkit doesn't seem to support the required events as of CB #740. Maybe later.]

    Changelog (open)

    Version 1.2.2
    • Updated for CB #935.
    Version 1.2.1
    • Fixed: Added quotes around the default * element of the whitelist.
    Version 1.2.0
    • Added player whitelist.
    • Added flaming arrows toggle by left-clicking the configured item.
    • Added configurable enable and disable messages.
    • Split fire ticks into player and non-player settings.
    Version 1.1.1
    • Fixed: touching a pressure plate was causing arrows to fire due to the way player interaction events were being handled.
    Version 1.1.0
    • Restructured the source files a little bit.
    • Added configuration setting to select whether players are affected by flaming arrows.
    • Added configuration setting to select the number of fire ticks afflicted upon a target struck by a flaming arrow.
    Version 1.0.1
    • Fixed: removed event cancellation checking. These checks were preventing certain player interaction events from being detected by the plug-in. It's very annoying when other plug-ins cancel events they don't actually handle.
    • Fixed: some targets were not catching on fire when struck with a flaming arrow.
    Version 1.0.0
    • Initial plug-in release.
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    depends what is "waving" is it just randomly swinging your character around or punching? i punching do the bow i swinging do the flint
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    G1R Productions

    I personally don't like the idea of this but if it were to be added I would like to have the option to disable the act of doing this. I would also like permissions, though i read that you will only add it when bukkit ads it natively. The purpose of permissions i would use this for is for the "Races" i will be adding to my RP server. (Only some races would have the ability to use flaming arrows, I see it as a "special" ability)
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    You right-click to fire. You left-click to swing your bow.

    Which part do you want disabled? My theory was that players might not always want to fire flaming arrows, especially when they're trying to preserve their valuable flint & steel. I'd be happy to listen if you can come up with a better way of enabling and disabling the functionality without requiring commands.
    I appreciate your consideration in having read that. And I understand. I want permissions, too. The problem is that there are several different permission implementations. At least six, last I checked. Unfortunately, there is no clear-cut winner in terms of permission implementations. You will, of course, want me to use your favorite, but the next fellow will want Group Manager, and the next will want the default implementation that comes with Essentials, and so on.
    That's a perfectly understandable usage. I was planning to do something similar once Bukkit gets its own permission implementation. I plan to use permission groups to assign races, classes, guilds, factions, and so on.

    If it helps, I could look into adding player white-listing to the configuration. [That is, unless you're flagged as an operator, your player name must occur in the whitelist in order to be able to use Flaming Arrows!] You could then choose which players should have the ability to using Flaming Arrows!

    If you want to make Flaming Arrows! feel more like an innate racial power, I could could also change the bounds checking to allow a flint & steel durability cost of zero. Not sure if this is what you're shooting for (haha) or not.

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    G1R Productions

    What i meant by this is if you add the way of enabling and disabling I would have to have a option in the config to be able to disable this function so there would be no disabling and always have it enabled. But I see your point of how players may want to save their flint & steel and would have to agree that it would be added. (What would be the way to enable and disable?)

    This would be very nice to have until permissions came out. I would be very happy if you were able to add this. Could also be used to only allow trusted server players to be able to use this.

    Hah that would be a bit over powered, not exactly what I'm looking for.
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    I can do that if you really want it that way. It would be a "preserve-legacy-behavior" type option.
    Hey! That was my question to you! ;) I was thinking you would swing your bow to enable it and swing your bow again to disable it. That was the original question I was asking: does this make sense or is there a way that makes more sense to players? I thought perhaps swinging the flint & steel makes more sense, semantically, but it could result in random arson if you're too close to a buddy or pointed at a nearby wall when you try to light your arrows.
    I've already added this feature in my working copy for you. Once we've worked out how the enable-disable feature will operate, I'll do some testing, check in my code, and make another release.
    I wasn't sure if you meant you wanted it to be an innate racial ability or just something only certain races were allowed to do. So, based upon your response, the latter is clearly how you'll be using it. I agree that it would be quite overpowered. In any case, I reduced the flint & steel minimum durability cost to zero just in case anyone out there wants it this way. [The default cost is still five and your existing configuration will be preserved.]
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    G1R Productions

    If it was a right click with the flint & steel that wouldn't be to good because it would cause people to randomly light stuff on fire but if it was a left click that could work. Though with a bow left click you could switch from normal to fire faster but it does seem a bit less realistic. I would have to go with the left click of the flint & steel.
    Awesome sounds great! Thanks!

    Looking forward to the update. Also what other plugins have you made?
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    Right. I was just worried that people might accidentally right-click and set things on fire when they meant to left-click. But, hey -- maybe that's one of the dangers of using flaming arrows!
    Alright. One more question: should a player have to light each arrow individually? This would be more realistic and it would reduce the overall throughput of arrows. But it would be very much an inconvenience.
    It's 1am here, so you probably won't see the update before I crash out for the evening. I would expect to be finished with it Saturday afternoon sometime.
    The only other official plug-in release I've done is Socials!, the link for which is in my signature. It adds MMORPG-style socials to Minecraft. I've done a couple other plug-ins for my own personal interest that I haven't released. I also have a few on the drawing board or in the works that I will release if I ever get around to finishing them up. :eek:
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    G1R Productions

    Would this mean for each arrow you have to fire you have to left click your flint? Or could you constantly hit the flint and build up flame arrows?

    Looks interesting I will have to add it to my server and check it out. Though does it require SQL?

    Interested now! Any of those secret plugins for RPG style gameplay?
    Haha I like how you ask me 1 question, I answer it but then I ask like 15 more questions
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    The former. I was imagining that when lighting arrows "in real life" you generally knock your arrow, then light it using some open flame -- a torch for example. So I was thinking to try to emulate that behavior with the flint & steel by requiring each arrow to be separately lit. It's rather inconvenient, though.
    It uses Bukkit's built-in persistence, so it will work with SQLite or MySQL. I chose this approach so that the socials would be defined in meta-information, rather than code, so you can create your own socials without needing an update from me.
    The only "issue" really is that changes to the layout of the database will require a migration process. One such change will be coming in the next few weeks as I fix a problem with how Bukkit's built-in SQLite persistence handles Java dates (i.e. entirely wrong.)
    Yessir. I've been an RPG fanatic since I began programming. One plug-in that I've begun working on is a spellcasting engine that allows you, the system operator, to define your own spells and powers by assembling spell details and effects.
    The effects would describe what the spell does (deal damage, set someone on fire, ignite blocks, heal, etc.) but the spell definition would determine the reagents, cost, range, targets, modifiers, etc.
    The command interface would be common for all spells, since the spells are defined by you, the system operator, not by me, the plug-in developer. It would include a small handful of built-in effect types, but other people, with some Java knowledge, could create their own libraries of spell effects for their own spells.
    You're single-handedly keeping this thread alive! ;) [I'm not complaining, by the way -- I'm glad you're are enjoying this plug-in.]
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    G1R Productions

    Ahh i see you would light each arrow. Yeah it rather inconvenient, I think its to realistic for minecraft maybe?

    Yeah I like this plugin and the fact that you are able to discuss individual questions and ideas others and I have.

    Also maybe I could check out ur server sometime? And you can check out mine? We could share ideas on what makes a good rp server?
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    Certainly possible. I haven't decided to add that feature. But, if I added it, it would default to disabled, methinks.
    It makes for a lot of fun and builds a strong community. What good would it do for me to make and release something nobody liked or cared to use? :D
    Sure. I run a server from my workstation at home, but only when I'm testing a plug-in or working on something that interests me at the moment (city-building is really interesting to me.) I had a server hosted for a while, but the colleague I was working with and I parted ways over created differences and we took the server down.
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    G1R Productions

    If you do add it i agree with setting default to disable.

    Maybe you can help me with some ideas about a city/fort i have.

    same thing happened with me and my friend. He wasn't interested in RPG type server and I was so he created his own and i maintained mine.

    We can check out each others servers tomorrow or when ever you have time. I'm free most of the time.
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    very nice plugin, only thing i would want added is the option to have flaming arrows set a block they hit on fire.
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    Hi! Thanks for the feedback! I did actually think about this, and I may still do it. My primary concern is that there was no simple way, last time I checked, to tell when a projectile strikes a block. Essentially, I have to keep track of the arrow and detect when it's not moving anymore.
    Would you prefer to see this over using flaming arrows as cave flares?
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    G1R Productions

    Hmm both are great ideas id prefer cave flares because i see more use to them and they would be less dangerous to the server. but if possible both would be nice (with option to disable and enable fire on ground)
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    'k. The code that needs to be written to support cave flares will work for placing fire on target blocks, too. This will not be in today's release, but perhaps sometime this coming week.
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    G1R Productions

    Sounds good looking forward to when it gets released.

    I found a bug with the plugin. I get message saying **IGNITION** while firing regular arrows and sometimes animals catch on fire for a split second.

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    The *IGNITION* message isn't coming from the plug-in. I've also not found anything in WorldGuard to suggest it's coming from that plug-in. Animals catching on fire is consistent with what Flaming Arrows! does, but the fire shouldn't go out unless you've set the fire ticks fairly low.
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    G1R Productions

    Hmm interesting, wonder what plugin is doing this. The fire on the animals is happening for a split second even when there is no flint & steel.
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    Fire ticks are only applied to a target if it's struck by an arrow that has fire ticks currently applied to it. I'm not certain how it would be possible for the target to catch fire, even for a moment, if the arrow is not on fire.
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    G1R Productions

    Do you want to get on the server and test it out?
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    This sounds awesome. I'll add this plugin to my server whenever you add this option. I like to add fun plugins like this, but in its current state it sounds a bit too powerful. If you had to light each individual arrow, the time taken to do so would counter the usefulness. That would be awesome, in my opinion. I could then use your damage options to change it to the right amount for time spent. Can't wait for you to add this.
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    It won't be in tonight's update, but perhaps I can squeeze it in this week sometime.

    Updated to 1.2.0! Remember to update your config.yml files to take advantage of the new features!

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    I just tried out the plugin anyway, and its very neat. I don't think the striking the flint each time is really necessary because the flint+steel cost is a high enough cost. Thanks a bunch for this.
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    The cost is also configurable to your liking. ;)
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    Just so you know, when I installed your plugin's latest update, it wouldn't load because you put a space before the * in the whitelist, giving me a "SEVERE" error. When I removed the space, it worked fine.

    I'm having lots of fun with this plugin.
    Just wondering, are any other sorts of simple weapon mods like this possible? For example, adding another selection on the bow for exploding arrows, which cause a SMALL explosion on impact, and cost 1 gunpowder per shot? (I know that "sploderrows" already does this, but I personally am more interested in your plugin, choosing the arrows by waving the bow)

    I also love your "cave flares" idea. I might just have to leave it disabled so we don't wind up with forest fires all over the place though, hahah.
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    G1R Productions

    Hmm I was wondering if it would be possible for you to add a ability type thing where you can left click the Flint & Steel and it turns off the flame arrows and then it lets you shoot a specified amount of fire arrows then turning off for a set amount of time? This could be an alternative instead of using Flint & Steel. Just an Idea i thought of because of the mcMMO right click abilities for tools.
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    I am not a man above making mistakes. Thanks for finding this one. I'll update the config file.
    Awesome! :)
    I was just thinking about this the other night. Also thinking of trying to do a zip-line. But I think I will need to change the plug-in name to reflect it's multiple purposes. I was thinking Sagittarum, the genitive case of Sagitta, "arrow," in Latin.
    Cave flares were actually the idea of @Mycah. They just adjust the lighting of the nearby blocks. There is also a plan to allow arrows, if so configured, to ignite blocks they strike. You could turn that feature off while leaving the cave flares on.
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    Very cool! I'll be checking this page daily for any updates!
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    VERY good work I like it alot and dont give in to every suggestion ;) but making more types of arrows can be cool, like web arrows ice arrows(freezes player/monster in place for 2 or 3 seconds)(consumes ice block or craft-able ice arrow/fire/web ect.) and considered a archery class for RPG's and if it all works correctly everyone will love you haha

    oh and maybe a cooldown ability for ones that can be abused like shooting ice arrows over and over

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