[INACTIVE] [MECH/FIX] Hedges v1.0 - Prevent placed leaves from decaying [1000]

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    Hedges - Prevent placed leaf blocks from decaying
    Current version: 1.0




    I had a look around and couldn't find a plugin that does this, so here it is. It's extremely simple. Any placed leaf block will no longer decay, even if there are no logs nearby. Leaves from trees will decay normally.

    As far as I can tell, it works great. Notch has said this feature will possibly be in 1.8, and it is likely he'll implement it exactly like this. This means that theoretically any leaves placed with this plugin will continue to stay put even when this plugin is no longer needed.

    There is no configuration. There are no permissions. It just works.

    Change Log

    Version 1.0 (July 25) [1000]
    • First release
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    I was gonna request this too. hehe
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    Just want to let you no everyone on my server finds this so helpful for trees. Thank you.
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    Dont know, what i have done wrong, but it doesnt work =*(
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    So, after installing the plugin, newly placed leaf blocks still decay? You're sure you've placed it in your plugins folder correctly? Does it show up when you use /plugins?
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    Yes, it shows up in list but leaves still decay. Minecraft Bukkit 1k.
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    I've re-uploaded it, so try downloading again.
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    Works now! Thanks a lot!)
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    Won't work for me, downloaded 10 mins ago, I've been looking for a mod to let me have leaves on my world tree, but they still like to dissapear as soon as something near them is destroyed, and it's installed correctly, shows up in the server window

    EDIT: Aha, you've made it on purpose so they still decay when something is hit, or else the trees wouldn't decay, but is there any chance you could add an option to turn of all decay?
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    Thanks for this, great plugin.
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    Leaves will not decay if they are placed. Of course, any leaves placed before the plugin was installed will still decay normally, which is what I assume your problem is. You'd have to go through your whole tree, remove the leaves, and place them again. Then they'd stay.

    There is a link in this thread with a plugin that is supposed to disable all leaf decay: http://forums.bukkit.org/threads/no-leaf-decay.28235/
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    no one of these 2 plug-ins are working for me, they're shown in the list when i do /plugins but leaves are still deacying ! help ?
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    No, I placed the leaves after i installed the plugin and none of the plugins work :S
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    I was wondering if it was possible to get this to work with Voxel Sniper? I want an anti leaf decay plugin that will still decay leaves from trees chopped down, but whenever I use Voxel Sniper to places leaves on a big tree I made I don't want them to decay.
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    Like @DivineKyuuji said, it dosn't work with VoxelSniper created leaves... :/ Thats the only reason I need this plugin... Would it be possible to make it work with VoxelSniper?
    Thanks anyways :)
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    Is there a way to make this work with VoxelSniper? I'm trying to make a large tree and I don't feel like placing all those leaves.
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    you could replace all the leafes with something else like bedrock or so, and then replace the bedrock back to leafes again, i think that could work
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    It's not working for me.the leaves still decay:(
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    This plugin is old and no longer needed. Placed leaves no longer decay by default, no plugin needed.

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