[INACTIVE][MECH]CommandSigns v0.4 - Issue commands using signs [672]

Discussion in 'Inactive/Unsupported Plugins' started by Edward Hand, Feb 22, 2011.

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    ok nvm then, it doesn't.
    it adds a space to the end of the commands and the console says

    does command exist?
    the functions that worked in 556 do not work in 617.
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    Did you add the redstone activation?
    i asked you a month or so ago?
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    oh it would!!! tytytyty :D
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    The / commands seem to work fine but the \ commands for saying stuff in chat brings up nothing.

    617 and 0.4
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    It would be nice if the use of the command sign had a cool down period timer.

    Thanks for your hard work and support.
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    charlie k-j

    Can we have redstone support? Pleaseeeee? It's such a good mod with this little potential missing in my opinion :p
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    Second this.
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    hmm im having the issue that players cant use commands they dont have permissions for via these signs. if im not mistaken you said this ignores permissions, im running essentials and the built in group manager for it
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    I sure hope it doesn't ignore permissions.
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    Edward Hand

    Unless you set it up very badly, its very secure.
    In order to override permissions, you need to use the /* notation, giving the player '/CommandSigns' permissions to do whatever you need and only giving commandSigns.super permission to players you want to be able to create such signs.

    Its all explained in the first post if you read it.
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    well i made /CommandSigns op and it dindt work but im guessing im missing something important. im trying to have players without /home be able to use it from town so they dont have to walk back every time. sorry if im being stupid ._.

    when i put in /*home it says that they dont have a home set when they do so im guessing its trying to get the player commandsigns home and regular old /home says they dont have access
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    Edward Hand

    That's 100% correct. The permissions plugin was not designed to allow other plugins to mess about with permissions. It took a lot of fiddling to make it work as much as it does, but as you have noticed there are a number of things not currently possible.
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    Any news about the \ chat messages not coming up ? Thanks again Edward, great plugin!
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    I'm trying to set this up with the buy abilities plugin. So far so good. Kind of eliminates the permissions issues since it passes the command to another plugin. It also adds iconomy support to buy or rent the command you configure. The commandSign just uses the command from the buy abilities plugin.
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    @Edward Hand Can you make the signs usable via redstone power?
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    Liam Gore

    im sorry. even though you have had a ton of messages for it, redstone support plz. :D. i wanna build a temple of time (pull levers causes the time to change)
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    So, i wanted to try this out, but after a short test i get this

    2011-04-09 23:52:33 [SEVERE] Could not pass event SIGN_CHANGE to SignColours

    Thing is, i had SignColours installed before, then i took it out to test and the same thing happened. Any idea as to whats causing it?
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    The only thing I need this for other than giving items on my test server is for worldedit commands. Every time I try, it cuts off one of the /'s. I have "//shift 1 south" on a sign, and when I right click it, I get "/CommandSigns could not execute command "/shift 1 south ". Does command exist?" Using CB 670 with CommandSigns 0.4. Is my syntax correct for double slashes, or am I missing something?
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    Edward Hand

    The next few lines of the error message as well as your bukkit version would be very helpful.

    The problem is that it interprets every / as the start as a new command, so //shift looks like one blank command (which it should discard) and the command /shift.
    I'm not altogether sure what to do about this.

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    Could you have it look to see if the next character is a /? If it is, count it as part of the command.
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    Awesome! I was hoping there was a plugin for this! anyways, it would be VERY interesting to have command-activated signs. may be redundant, but still... have a sign activate a sign activate a sign...
    Also, what is to stop non-op players making a sign using /* commands if they can make other signs?
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    Edward Hand

    I took every foreseable precaution when setting up permissions.
    To use /* in a sign requires a separate permission (commandSigns.super). If you do not have this permission, it will filter out all *'s from signs you create
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    Thats all it gave me, I'm running CB617 and 0.4 of the plugin. Sorry bout the lack of version, i always forget >.<

    EDIT: Weird, it double-posted.

    Perhaps you could look at Turnstile and build a room with the command sign in it? Short of adding iConomy support, you could do it that way.

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    Thts works, kinda anyway. Person once inside the room could click the sign as much times he wants. Also, he could set his home there, and return every time he wants with no costs.
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    hmm, yes, but if its like my server, sethome is for mods + so it doesnt matter really. I dunno it was just a suggestion
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    i have test it i can use it but not normal player if they rightckick this nothing happens but i have give the premission
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    can we get some redstone support with this?
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    any chance you could make a alternate to this plugin where you could:
    make a file defining commands with sort names/aliases then use a sign to cycle though the commands and right click to run?
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    i cant seem to get the "make a player say something with the backslash" thing working, it always spits out unknown command when i try like this \Testing 123

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