[INACTIVE][MECH] CodeLock v0.1 - Lock your buttons with a keycode [670]

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    CodeLock - lock your buttons with a keycode
    Version: v0.1

    Lock your buttons with a code so only players who know this code can activate this button.

    • Buttons can be locked with a code
    • Buttons are indestructable if you didn't place it
    • Blocks with a button on it are indestructable
    • Iron doors are indestructable if you didnt place it
    • Blocks around an iron door are indestructable
    Latest Version
    Source Code

    • /setcode <code> - After you placed a button you can set a code with this command
    • /code <code> - After you pressed a button that needs a code you can enter it with this command
    • Prevent buttons to get destroyed from lava or water (if I figure out how to do that)
    • Maybe the ability to lock levers and pressureplates
    Version v0.1
    • Initial release
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    How do i re-lock a door? It seems once it's been opened once its open forever unless i place another button. is that the case?
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    Feature I think would be amazing:
    • Re-lock after x amount of time
      • Helps make it so you don't have to reset the code each time.
    • Permission based entry
      • Allows you to make a button that ONLY works for those with permissions on that button
    • Owner based entry
      • Allows code entry requirements to be skipped for the creator of the button.
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    Nice ideas. I hope i can find the time to do something on it this week. Also will add permissions then.
    Sry for long time off, but sun, garden and beer were more interesting these days xD
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    This plugin has really helped me out making secret rooms and such it is really great.

    Would it be possible to make it so that you can store more than one code? like a keyring of sorts

    It would be really awesome to be able to have my users gain access to places with CommandSigns, this way the ynever know the code so they cant tell anybody. Plus you dont have to remember them
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    hope you can do a lot of things:

    Permission for admins -> they should destroy any door, even if the haven't placed them
    Permissions for all -> to give the permission to set a code and use /code
    Config -> maybe turn iron door's with indestructible blocks on/off
    -> only those are indestructible, who are with a button...

    Hope to see an update very quick.

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    If you update this I'll be your slave :D
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    Request @Shanduro : To be able to reset the door code rather than destroying the button block. E.g /resetcode

    For anti-grief or stopping randoms changing the code, it could be something like "/resetcode 'oldcode' 'newcode'" or require that they have previously entered the correct code (unlocked the door) in that session.

    That would be very helpful, thanks. Version v0.1 works on build #766 so far :)
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    i dono if this is possible but could there be an option for a sign interface when they push the button instead of using a /code command?
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    See I like the concept of this plugin but I am also a big fan of zero command plugins.

    Ideally it would be nice to add a sign under a button with the password on it and have it so that when the button is pressed the sign disappears. Then anyone wanting to use that button would need to add a sign with the correct password in order to use it.

    To avoid people accidentally setting passwords to their buttons you could require the first line to be [/setcode] when establishing the password. Afterward they would just need the code itself to keep things tidy.
    Just my two cents.
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    670 - inactive
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    Anyone here to develop this again?

    Hope so!

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    please update it your plugin is so useful ! :(
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    I started to make a Plugin like this, because this is very usefull and it is inactive :)
    It is not finished yet ...
    Here it is: ButtonLock
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    no updates D:
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    I think this plugin will never be updated again ... :/
    but you can use my plugin (ButtonLock) which is a remake of this (CodeLock)
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    i say this
    ones better :p

    this ones better

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    which one ?
    CodeLock ? - why ?

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