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    I had a little chat with Random101 yesterday and he gave me the idea for this plugin. It simply allows you to choose what to spawn when throwing an egg. It can be all from 128 Ghasts to 1 chicken(standard). You can also spawn random amounts and random mobtype. All settings is player wise so everyone, with the permission to use the commands, have their own settings.

    Run once then modify the perms file inside the BukkitMon folder. Type in names separated with commas (no spaces) and put in * if you want everyone to be able to use it. Also check the properties file for properties
    Download here v0.3.0 (Venusaur) 2011-01-22 19:08
    /bm mobs [#]  - Define how many mobs to spawn
    /bm mobtype [type]  - Define the mobtype to spawn
    /bm maxamount  - Defines the max amount of mobs you can spawn
    /bm randomamount  - Toggle random amount on/off
    /bm randomtype  - Toggle random mob type on/off
    /bm activate  - Activates the BukkitMon eggs
    /bm list  - Shows a list of avaliable BukkitMon commands 
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    Thanks so much for posting your code! I've learned a lot digging through it and updating it to the latest bukkit API. It's now functional but I'll clean it up a bit more to fit the style the new API encourages, and maybe add some things. There's also still some warnings and stuff, but it works! :D
    The repo's at: https://github.com/DoubleFelix/BukkitMon

    EDIT: Jar's here: http://bit.ly/udIMrU

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