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    Bukkit of Blocks

    Don't you just hate when you break a double step block and only get one back? Or when you break a glass block and don't get that back? Well this plugin fixes that problem. It forces those blocks to drop items. You can even use golden tools to harvest special blocks!

    This plugin is currently not being worked on due to the plugins like it. If you want to continue this plugin yourself, have at it. Here's the source: Clicky

    This plugin allows the user to harvest blocks that cannot normally be harvested. Some blocks require golden tools to be harvested with this plugin. Without golden tools, their drops will be as normal.

    These blocks do not require golden tools:

    - Glass
    - Double Steps
    - Wooden stairs
    - Stone stairs

    These blocks DO require golden tools:
    - Smooth stone
    - Grass
    - Lightstone
    - Clay blocks
    - Snow blocks
    - Leaves
    - Ice

    Known bugs:
    - None yet.



    - No more stupidly long constructor message.
    - Updated for beta 1.3

    Download: Click.

    Last compiled with:
    Bukkit build #412
    Craftbukkit #432
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  2. is it possible to turn the golden tool part off? even though its quite good idea i really just want the fix of double step and stairs :p
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    I need to add a config, I will soon. Though you could just not use golden tools, I doubt anyone does :p That's why I chose them.
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    Update your signature! xD
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    Oh crap! Thank you XD
  6. yeah true, i just dont like the idea gold items taking over furnaces job, making them useless instead. i would rather having gold sword setting mobs on fire+normal dmg when hit, and then maybe let the gold tool take down 2-3 blocks in the direction of the player. also gold armor should set the hitters on fire [​IMG]

    but thats just me. i still think this plugin is very usefull :)
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    It only takes over the furnaces job in the regard of smooth stone, otherwise they allow you to obtain blocks that you normally couldn't or would be a bit of a pain to. I may make a plugin later on for different tool/armour effects. I do have some ideas for that though, maybe in the next do or two. :p I will add a config then as well.
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    This is a great plugin. Gotta love the re usable glass. Cheers for the port from hMod!
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    The link stopped working D:
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    Dropbox seems to be having issues today, just keep trying it.
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    I'll look into getting a mirror download soon, sorry bout that >.<
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    Can you make config system?

    Like this:

    back-to-glass : false
    back-to-doublesteps : true
    back-to-woodenstair : true
    ..... and so on

    so above setting, I can get double stepsand woodenstair if I break double steps and woodenstair.
    but I can't get glass. It just broken and disappear.
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    I'm busy today, expect a config either tomorrow or Tuesday. To fixed problems I recompiled with CraftBukkit 132 and Bukkit 69. I haven't any time to test it so for now I hope it works, otherwise it'll be fixed in a day or two.
  15. maybe add so if you find a dungeon, you can mine the mobspawner and take it ?
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    As odd as it is, I never though of that. I'll do that today if I get enough time to work on this.
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    What about allowing the mining of diamond, redstone, coal, and lapis lazuli ores?
    Also snow tiles.
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    That's the reason I checked this thread, was hoping it'd give back redstone blocks with gold pickaxe. : o
    I'd use it for sure if it did. Well, if it had a config file and that.
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    I'll add those when I can, I'm really busy right now and I only have a few minutes. It'll probably be a few days for me to actually get around the the changes I need to make. Sorry for the delay guys! >.<
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    Love it :D

    Especially the golden Tools part. This'll make them actually useful.
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    So after a minute or two of using a golden pickaxe, I noticed some things.

    It's faster than the diamond pickaxe!
    It has the expected short life durability.
    If I right click with the golden pickaxe in hand it will regenerate life back to about 65%.
    If I mine enough, causing the tool to break, i can mine even faster with only my empty hand!?
    If I mine with my empty hand for a bit, the damaged golden pickaxe will spawn again in my hand!?

    There's some user results! :)
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    Ahah, no worries, take your time man. :p I realize it probably takes a lot of work.
    Thanks for making this plugin, it's just what I want. +_+
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    Any chance you could make the double step block drop 2x single when its mined?

    Also got a source link?
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    Source is in the .jar, and I cannot change the thread title. If you could, please either inform me how or add [mech] to the beginning.

    Edit: Nevermind, I got it :p
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    So it is. Thanks!
  27. Hey Taco been using this since release, and the players on the server are very amused with it. :D

    I got this bug:
    The golden tools (pickaxe at least) dosent break it keep bounce up and down in the HP bar and when it disapear, i right click it comes back with random HP. This wouldnt normaly be a problem, but i got tool repair plugin on my server and players have to pay to get their stuff repaired.

    How i know its your plugin:
    After i removed your plugin the bug stopped.

    Thank you.
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    I'll look into this when I have time. I'm busy right now.
  29. Hello again.

    i found another minor bug/conflict: i use WorldGuard & WorldEdit, when i Protect an area, players can still destroy the same Blocks that you have fixed in this plugin, so i figured.

    would be nice if you can take a look at that as well :)

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    I will look into this when I can.

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