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    OMG! Reminds me of real life :p This is just amazing, One question HOW!
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    Plz add Milk or Water support :D
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    This looks funny i going to try it :p
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    Will you release the sourcecode ? it's quite interesting and I would like to look into it for other uses =)
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    would be EPIC if u added one of these few stuff:
    drunk triggered by drinking milk/water/lava/whatever
    randomly dropping the item ur holding
    random movement in all directions
    vomit (display the message *** have got wasted and threw up), and hurt you a bit like 2 hearts
    random falling into sleep on the ground
    that would be just an overkill but really, great plugin XD i <3 it and i would DIE to see it get improved
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    Haha, cool! :)
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    Excellent plugin. By the way, what's the song you used in the video?
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    You are just in a portal, with F1 on. Try it, it gives the same effect
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    That is different to the effect of this plugin. MCSpirit does not replicate the portal animation.
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    This plugin is so awesome! Definitely getting this.
    Can't wait to watch my players in lsd mode running around.
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    Omg, my eyes!
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    Hey !

    Great plugin, will be looking into adding it soon :D
    Do you reckon it would be possible to have a setting to get all players within a specified radius drunk ? And same with getting them sober again. :)
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    Hahaha this plugin is awesome.

    You should add other substances too!

    Wondering is it possible to create a bar where players can use the commands or something?
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    you could use a world guard region and allow the commands inside
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    Amazing. Love it.
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    Okay thats what I was thinking and hoping would work..
    My problem is people can use /drunk without any permissions... Is there a way to set disallowed commands for entire world?
    And does worldguard regions allowed cmds override permissions?
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    I can add permissions such as mcspirit.drunk for using it on yourself and mcspirit.drunk.other for using it on someone else.
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    you have to deny the command in the _global_ region and then allow them in your "bar" region.
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    lol this might be one of the neatest admin punishment plugins ever. It'll be hard to resist the temptation to just outright troll and torment my players with it for my own ammusement.

    rofl next time someone gets obnoxious, I'm gonna slap them with some /drunk
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    That is one of the intentions of this plugin ;D
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    Pink Floyd

    Awesome plugin.
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    Except for people can just log out and back in and it's gone... so it's kinda fail for punishment. Still, great for having fun and people love it on my server

    that would be absolutely awesome & is exactly what I need to make this plugin perfect for my server!
    Also have you considered adding other substances? Just curious because I have some good ideas that probably wouldn't be too hard to accomplish.

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    I will be adding something to combat that.
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    Well done man, your work & support is appreciated. Can't wait for update :D
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    Ive got the best idea set it to automatically happen when your hunger bar is low
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    Can you set an option to disable messages please
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    Can you add a configuration file, to set the items that make you drunk, or to set the messages?
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    LSD could randomly replace blocks client-sided to colored wool ! lol
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    add potions support
    ! plz:)
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    And where is the download link
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