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    Live player updates for tectonicus

    Version: v1.22

    What does it do? teclp updates the positions of your players on your tectonicus map dynamically.


    • Setup tectonicus:
    • Setup teclp:
      • Download teclp.zip (link further below).
      • Unzip teclp.zip.
      • Copy the content to yout plugins folder.
      • Switch into the plugins/teclp directory and edit the config.yml (More infos under options).
      • Have fun.
    • Options:
      • distance-for-update: Values between 1 to 100, should be good.
        Low values: teclp updates often.
        High values: teclp updates seldom.
        Explanation: If a player moves more then the given distance. All players locations will be updated.
      • worlds:
        Each world for which teclp should create a tectonicus players.js must be specified.
        In the following form.
                 world: #First world
                      - '/Path/to/output/'
                     - '/Path/to/second/output/'
                 nether: #Second world
                      - 'C:\Windows\path\to\output\' 
        You can add as many worlds and as many output paths for them as you wish.
      • debug: Default value false.
        If true gives you additional informations about whats happening.


    • Live update for players positions (only tectonicus supported).
    • Variable update frequency (distance-for-update).
    • Multiple outputs for one world.
    • Multiple worlds supported.
    Download teclp: Here jar only
    Source Code: github

    • Version 1.0
      • First public release.
    • Version 1.01
      • Fixed warp/teleport bug.
    • Version 1.10
      • Added cavemap support.
    • Version 1.11
      • Fixed multiple outputs
      • Added multiple worlds (Not yet fully functional)
    • Version 1.2
      • Fixed multiple worlds
      • Added proper error messages.
    • Version 1.21
      • Fixed TSLC
    • Version 1.22
      • some small fixes and refactoring
    Planned/Feature Requests:

    • Hide/display player command. LOW
    • Fixed/Low update frequency for large servers. LOW
    Know Bugs:

    • Depending on the plugin you use, you might need to do a manual reload before teclp sees multiple worlds.
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    It's somthing in the .js and .html files. I don't use this plugin since i use another server software but the plugin i use also update the player.js

    I've been messing with it the last 2 days and i've found out that there isn't a way to read the player.js file every so often and update the locations without refreshing the page. I'll be wating for your new update so i can get a look at the webpage source so i can then go from there.
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    to update the webpage without refreshing you will need to use an ajax based system, wich other plugin are you using ?
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    Ahhh, see i dunno how to code ajax otherwise i would prolly of figured it out by now. It's a plugin called Tectonicusplayers
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    I've seen 3 pages ago that you helped with setting up tectonicus..

    After 5 days of fighting with centos, tectonicus, xvfb and google I've funally got how to patch the vfb, got every command working:

    Okay, everything is okay, but I still get the same error:

    Help would be really appreciated :)

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