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Discussion in 'WIP and Development Status' started by Goblom, Nov 13, 2013.

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    Hey folks.

    I am in the process of creating a Arena/Game Manager/API/Etc thingy (Honestly i don't know what it will turn out to be) and i sort of hit the wall. I am unable to think of things to add (or expand upon) to this thing and i 100% know that it is nowhere near completed. That is where you guys come in, i want ideas and inspiration; cause i'm all out of ideas.

    Source is at https://github.com/Goblom/GameAPI (If you use this with your plugin you need to depend on "Game API" as this is a plugin ;) ) Anyone is welcome to submit pull requests and add more stuff to this, almost everything is welcome.

    Check posts below for how to use this in your plugin and what features this currently supports. (The "How To Use" section is currently outdated, please see this link for most updated Example Plugin)

    Custom Events
    • ArenaChangePhase
    • ArenaCreate
    • ArenaDelete
    • TeamAddedToArena
    • TeamRemovedFromArena
    • PlayerAddedToTeam
    • PlayerRemovedFromTeam
    • TeamCreated
    • TeamRemoved
    Unlimited amount of Teams/Arenas
    • Get players in team
    • Set spawn point(s) per arena
    • Can be attached to multiple arenas
    • Custom Armor
    • Enable/Disable Friendly Fire while in an arena
    • Get teams attached to this arena
    • Unlimited amount of teams can be added
    • TeleportTypes (Location Types)
      • End
      • Other
    • Multiple Phases per Arena
      • Create
      • Load
      • Game_Start
      • Game_End
    • Saving of player inventory before being teleport to arena to prevent item loss
    • Countdown timer
      • Start
      • Stop
      • Set
    • Min/Max Players in arena
    Abstract Classes used to control aspects of the Arena/Team
    • ArenaHandler
      • onArenaPhaseChangeEvent(ArenaChangePhase event);
      • onArenaDelete(ArenaDelete event);
      • onArenaCreate(ArenaCreate event);
      • onTeamAddedToArena(TeamAddedToArena event);
      • onTeamRemovedFromArena(TeamRemovedFromArena event);
      • onCreate();
      • onLoad();
      • start();
      • end();
    • TeamHandler
      • onPlayerAddedToTeam(PlayerAddedToTeam event);
      • onPlayerRemovedFromTeam(PlayerRemovedFromTeam event);
      • onTeamCreate(TeamCreate event);
      • onTeamRemove(TeamRemove event);
      • create();
      • delete();

    Reffer to the link for an Example "Plugin" on how to use this. This post will eventually have a fill fledged tutorial but there is too much stuff changing right now in order to keep this up2date on everything.


    • Started working on a Game Handler. This might replace Arena (and parts of Team) but will not know for sure until it is done.
      • GameHandler will have "Player Abilities" when completed

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    Looks great! :D
    I'll use it :3
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    Wow nice. I'll be interested to see what more comes from this. I wouldn't doubt it if i use this in the future.
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    maxben34 ArthurMaker Do you guys see anything that i am missing or could improve (Besides the outdated example on how to use this with ur plugin)
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    I don't think so, it is nice for me :D
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    ArthurMaker I do need help documenting the methods ;)
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    Been wanting to make some new mini-games lately, this should help :) Well done. Likes for all your posts here :D
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    I guess I can't help you with this :/
    I just started in Java and I don't know much about those thing e-e
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    You really should append "Event" onto the end of each of your event class names.
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    I was totally joking but im not stopping you

    :eek: Aaaannnnddd thats why they were not working as planned

    Edit: This is not actually needed because i call the events manually (they are not really events) and i push data to them. I might think about doing this in the future when more "events" are added

    Edit: An explanation of what would happen when i extend Event would be quite helpful

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    Garris0n Read through it... And i extended Event :) Thanks
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  13. Looks nice. I may try this over the weekend!
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    Nice looking API. Ill check it out!
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    The Fancy Whale

    I must have implemented this into eclipse wrong because it is throwing TONS of errors.
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    The Fancy Whale Its a Maven project so you should be using maven to add this dependency to your project (Less errors)

    Also, i no longer support this, Gamegine is much better and better built then this.
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