[INACTIVE][FUN/RPG] BurnableTorches v1.3.3 - Torches now burn out [1060]

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    BurnableTorches - Torches now burn out (somewhat)
    Version: 1.3.3
    Plugin Author: @steaks4uce

    About: This plugin allows torches to burn out or "dim" to redstone torches (76), once they "burn out" however, you can use flint and steel to relight them. The burn out time is also configurable.
    Configuration and Commands: You can edit the burn out time in its configuration file which is generated on first use. There are no commands you need or can use. To relight the torch just right-click it with flint and steel.

    Download: http://dl.dropbox.com/u/20607155/BurnableTorches.jar
    Source: I will not be making this open-source as it stands, possibly in the future.
    Note: The reason is changes to a redstone torch ("on", not "off") is because Minecraft will see the off torch and automatically make it "on". If you have a fix for this, please let me know.

    Known Issues: Removed torches coming back as redstone torches.

    • Torches now burn out via configurable time.
    • Configuration for spread time.
    • Relight torches with flint and steel.
    Changelog: Version 1.0: Some beta testing and early development.
    Version 1.1.2: Fixed torches not dimming.
    Version 1.2.4: Several bug fixes with timer also added the relight option.
    Version 1.3.2: First release to public at version 1.3.2.
    Version 1.3.3: Fixed loading issues and config generation.
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    Mehh, I like the idea, but more for an RPG survival kinda server, I can't see this being used in a build server, where people would use torches on a large project and have to relight them all -.- I guess it gives a reason to use glowstone :p

    Edit: Forgot to say I'll try it out, had a brainfart moment -.- xD
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    He is bringing back the realistic's :D good job really!
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    MISC is a fallback category, not a regular one
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    Okay, sorry.
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    I would *love* if this worked on a per-region basis.

    I'd like to create a region with WorldGuard where torches burn out quickly, and I'd like them to despawn completely.
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    Please update, It now works with Bukkit 1060.
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    torches will be usefull to some kind of timed redstone mechanism(enter in a room and find a way to get out before the torch light out or....XD).... seems interesting
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    Could we possibly have them completely burn out rather than turn to redstone torches?
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    Define burn out? Drop to the ground? Because item 75 (redstonetorch "off)" will auto convert to a normal redstone torch.

    I have no clue on how to make it work with MultiWorld, but I will see what I can do.
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    Just disappear. Or even just drop out. Preferably the former. Heck, a config file with;

    drop: true/false
    redstone: true/false
    disappear: true/false

    Would be ideal.
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    Is it possible to make it so once you relight them, you still have to relight them once in a while? As it stands once you relight them once they're lit forever
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    I guess I'll be the first to say: Great Work! ;)
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    Nice Plugin ! I love It! :3 Its all what i need to my survival server ^^... I'l wait for the updates and bug fixes :)
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    Any chance to making it for 1.0.1-r1 ?? I would love this on my server but I would make it so torches disappear for ever
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