[INACTIVE][FUN]Pathogen Cactus Club v1.0 - Free your cactus [740]

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    Pathogen David

    cactusClub - Pathogen Cactus Club [Download] [Source on BitBucket]
    Version: v1.0.0
    Like this plugin? [Donate]

    This plugin overrides the normal restrictions Minecraft places on cactus. Cactus can be placed on any block as well as next to any block.

    • Cactus can go anywhere
    [Download Pathogen Cactus Club]
    [Source Code on BitBucket]

    • This plugin has no commands, config, or permissions. It's just the mechanic!
    • Allow placing cactus with only one cactus left (right now it is to get around a bug in Bukkit.)
    Other notes:
    This plugin was developed for me and my friends for our private server. It is part of an inside joke, and I did it just for fun. The plugin is very simple. Forces a cactus when you right-click (and takes one away of course) and prevents all physics events on cactus. (Note that this also means cactus will not collapse, and automatic cactus farms will fail!)

    Version 1.0.0
    • Initial Release

    Any comments or questions are highly appreciated!

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    @Pathogen David
    1. Remove Command Usage because it serves no purpose.
    2. Remove Configuration because it has no purpose.
    3. It's plugin, not plug-in, take a look at your plugin developer badge.
    4. Other than that, nice plugin!
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    Pathogen David

    1 & 2: Fine, I'll consolidate them. I'd rather clear the ambiguity of if there are any commands or config before hand.
    3. It is actually technically plug-in if we're gonna get picky. Although plugin is more graceful to read and I probably wasn't consistent on it.
    4. Thanks! Have an internets!
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    @Pathogen David
    How is it technically plug-in? Even though it means the same thing as plug-in, plugin still means an accessory software or hardware package that is used in conjunction with an existing application or device to extend its capabilities or provide additional functions. So, if plugin doesn't have a red line under it like it would if it wasn't a word, how can you say that the Bukkit team is wrong when deciding what to call it? Also, when you make a plugin it extends Java Plugin, so it is DEFINITELY PLUGIN. :)
    To be clear, plug-in is an accessory software or hardware package that is used in conjunction with an existing application or device to extend its capabilities or provide additional functions. And plugin means An accessory software package that is used in conjunction with BUKKIT/CRAFTBUKKIT to extend its capabilities or provide additional functions.
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    Pathogen David

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    Pathogen David

    Moved todo lower and added download link after features.

    I also updated my Pathogen Player Lives topic since its topic is what I based this one off of.
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    Indeed. A plug-in plugs in to the server- as opposed to "plugins to the server." However, it's not an important issue and, since there is no explicitly correct spelling, it is pointless to mention. I can't find "plugin" on the Oxford Dictionary website, Merriam-Webster website or the more lenient dictionary.com. All list "plug-in" as a word, though.
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    Yes! Thank you for this plug-in! I have been looking for something that does this for about a month now. I will add this to my server once my hosting service gets my request to put it up. Thank you!
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    Pathogen David

    No problem, glad you like it!
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    Pink Floyd

    Cool plug-in!
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    My hosting service still hasn't put it up yet, but I am checking about every 5 minutes to see if they did. No luck yet sadly.

    Can you do the same but with sugar canes and leaves?
    It would be very useful.
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    Pathogen David

    @Pink Floyd
    Thanks :)

    Yeah, that is one of the reason I host myself ;)

    I imagine the sugar cane would be basically duplicated the code but with the ID for sugar cane blocks instead of cactus, so sure! Leaves, I am not sure if they get passed the same way, but I can see...
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    My hosting service FINALLY added it yesterday.

    Check out what i made with it:


    Amazing plug-in
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    Pathogen David

    Noice! Glad to hear it!
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    Considered inactive.

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