[INACTIVE][FUN, MISC] GhostBuster v0.5, ban dead players for some time [527]

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    i disabled GhostBuster for a few minutes and i got kills/deaths to start counting. maybe you want to do the same to see if it is what is interfering with the kill count?

    i'm slightly more interested in S&A (unless MCStats evolves further - to be fair it is brand new!) because i think achievements will keep players invested. and i also plan on having a newb-dungeon-quest type thing (achievable with S&A) to promote users to a permissions group. been looking for something like that for ages.

    if you haven't totally given up on S&A, you might want to check out http://forums.bukkit.org/threads/in...ebstatistics-for-stats-and-achievements.8476/ MineStats, it's fairly attractive. (i plan on editing it to fit the theme of my site though)
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    Thanks, yeah I'll play around with it a little more. To be honest, I need deathban more than I need stats or achievements. The only stats I really care about is kill/death and those are the only two I have problems tracking. D:
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    I would be willing to paypal you $10 if you could implement different death times based on cause of death. i.e. creeper, skeleton, pvp, lava....i'll pay you $5 for different times for world/environment/mob death and pvp deaths...
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    @GhostToast, @treepunch: Thanks for the additional info, MCStats2 does also use the Monitor priority which pretty much closes the case. I've also checked if the event chain does get broken, it is only interrupted with the PlayerKick-Event, but continues after that normal...but this could still create odd side-effects (race conditions are like ghosts, you know they are there but you can't point your finger at them).

    After some thinking I've decided to extract the Priority into the configuration file to allow easy customization for compatibility with other plugins. By default the next release will use the Monitor priority...I'm not sure if this fixes anything, but it's worth a try. But I'll also investigate this further by setting up a test-environment with S&A and see if I can figure out what goes wrong (and while I'm at it, also with MCStats2)...after that I'll try to get in touch with the developers for possible solutions. Though, be warned, this could take some time.

    @wildshoetwt: I'd first need to figure out how to figure out what killed the player. It's a nice idea, though. While this raises a new idea, a real Nether/Limbo, banned players will only be able to spawn/play in a selected world until their ban is over.
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    Adam Shefki

    Can I use fractional values for the banTime command? Like .3? I only want to have it in place for, like, 20 seconds max, not a full minute.
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    Phenomenal news. If you could test it against S&A over MCStats2 that would ideal as I think we've all agreed that S&A is the more full-fledged stats package and the creator of MCStats2 even said that he was only releasing MCStats2 as an hmod port and would like to focus more of his time into helping out S&A as well. My server and I stand by with bated breath for the day we can have accurate kill counts AND deathbans living together in harmony.
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    It probably isn't too hard...
    has the source inside his .jar and that detects cause of death...
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    any progress on this? S&A now reports player deaths by player, but not player kills of player. kind of strange. so at least it's halfway there.

    From the S&A thread, quoting Nidefawl

    It tried to fix it by lowering the onDeathEvent-Priority in Stats, os the Stats-onDeath is called before the GhostBusters onDeath event.
    I did some testing with DeathBan back then, and it worked.
    The real fix: GhostBusters/DeathBan should not kick players in the onDeathEvent. It should schedeule the kick for the next server-tick
    What happens is: others Plugins onDeath gets called with and empty/offline Player.


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    v0.5 is out. Special thanks to deltahat and sorry for the big delay.

    The kick of the player is now scheduled and shouldn't interrupt the Event-Chain anymore...read: it should now work with every plugin.

    @Adam Shefki: No, but I'm planning such fine grained control for the next release.

    @GhostToast: Thanks for the link. Yes, nidefawl is right, this is the same as deltahat told me. Interrupting the events like this is not a very nice behavior and I'm the one to blame for the incompatibility...so sorry for that.
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    thanks for updating this. i just tested though and it still didnt update for the player kill. i think stats and achievements dont report instantly.... not sure if that matters. i waited a while and still no update. i know with all the player death-types they report for the appropriate stat and even achievement, but this one still did not. which is strange.

    i saw that the death message (player killed player with diamond sword) happened before they left the game at least.. so it seems to be closer. and like i said the death itself counts as a death-by-player, but no kill is counted. did i need to redo my config.yml? any chance of having the delay configurable?
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    None of the ghosts can come back on my server.
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    Hey dude, just wanted to pop by and say this plugin is still working on CB #733. Would you mind updating the title of the thread to reflect that? That way I'll feel like you're still keeping it updated even if you aren't. :D
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    When you update the title properly I'll move it back...
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    Haven't tested it yet, but if it doesn't work, do you mind if I update it?
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    I'm amazed this mod still works even with 1.8 0.o
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    Amazing plugin! :D

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