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    allsay- Make all the online players say something or do a command
    Version: v0.2
    Uses Permissions (Tested with v2.7 Phoenix).​

    A plugin to make all users say something. Original request found here. Thanks @Waffletastic
    Customizable in game colored messages as well as the ability to load saved messages from config file, includes permissions support.

    In game messages remove leading / to avoid sending commands.
    Saved messages have the ability to have players do commands (if they have the permissions to do so).

    The colors available in messages.config
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    # The color numbers for easy reference:
    # ~0 BLACK
    # ~1 DARK_BLUE
    # ~2 DARK_GREEN
    # ~3 DARK_AQUA
    # ~4 DARK_RED
    # ~5 DARK_PURPLE
    # ~6 GOLD
    # ~7 GRAY
    # ~8 DARK_GRAY
    # ~9 BLUE
    # ~a GREEN
    # ~b AQUA
    # ~c RED
    # ~e YELLOW
    # ~f WHITE

    Download jar here (or from the attached file below):

    Copy the allsay.jar file to your plugins directory. The plugin will create the plugins/allsayfolder and messages.config with default settings.

    Customizable messages with color.​
    Config file to save pre-made messages in.​
    Source included in the jar.​

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    /allsay - Displays help.​
    /allsay <::savedmessage> - Loads and says the saved message in the messages.config​
    /allsay <message> - Says the <message>, can use color codes.​

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    code clean up​

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    Version 0.2
    Sending player no longer says the message​
    Removed / from allsay messages in game to avoid sending commands​
    Version 0.1

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    CommandHelper already does this. :)
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    Ah good to know thanks @Juze . I poked around real quick through the releases and didn't see anything off hand that caught my eye, so I thought it would be fun to put out for @Waffletastic
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    well what would be nice is either
    a) fix the commandhelper user command or
    b) make your own! :p
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    Thanks for making this plugin JoeJoe!

    I love how you thought to include iChat support, but could you make it so everyone but you says something? Or make another command for that?

    Haha and I love the secret all hail the mighty waffletastic message saved in the message.config! :D

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    Sure thing. I kinda had that floating around in the back of my head but forgot to actually do something about it (everyone but you allsays). And I had left some test code in there. Maybe you were seeing a double message when you did /allsay?

    I just realized today that this does more than just a chat message. You can make others do (say) commands. Like /kill....

    Changed it so in game message doesn't send commands (still can from saved messages if you want though)

    v0.2 is out.
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    wait, so you can make users use commands? :D
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    Heh yeah,
    In the config you could do something like

    You get the idea, but at this point I think that was really a lot of the purpose behind that other mod commandhelper.
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    I have to say this plugin has given me hours of fun.

    Great little plugin to make all your server players go: "WTF??!?!?"

    Thank you.
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    @Kccool2 ,
    Thanks I appreciate the support!

    @all , Please feel free to comment with any feature requests!

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    I haven't looked into this plugin - but I think it'd be fun to make it possible for only one person to do a command... If everyone dies all at once... pretty obvious, but if I could make one person /kill or something... then we can all sit there and laugh at him ;P

    Sorta misdefines "AllSay" but I can't find a plugin to make one person do (or say) something.

    Sounds like a great plugin...

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    How to make other do commands ???
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    You would need to setup a saved message in the config.
    For example in the config-
    If in game you did /allsay :RoundEmUP
    everyone would do a /spawn command (except you)
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    Considered inactive.
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    i argue the inactive thingy, this still works on current servers
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    Can someone give me a v0.1 file? I want to make my players do a specific command.

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