[INACTIVE][FUN] LazyRoad v0.6.2 - Make roads - GUI EDITOR [860-1085]

Discussion in 'Inactive/Unsupported Plugins' started by adreide, Jun 9, 2011.

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    Epic, thank you. :)
  3. This is a fantastic mod, well done to you!
    Do you still take requests?
    How about LazyRoad - Stairs :D
    You walk forward and you automatically go up, creating stairs.
    Think of a stairway to heaven (Well kinda of, making a stairway using LazyRoad, Multiverse and Inception, being able to walk from the original World to the Skylands above... i already did this manually... took ages to do)
    Stairs would also be useful if you are underground, and you want to create a stairway that links to the overground to underground.
    Thanks for the plugin :D
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    @Woodpeckersam you can combine LazyRoad with MagicCarpet to get what you want.
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    Ok epic Idea here. While this is perfect I will be using it I need 1 feature to make amazing, Road block protection so that roads made can only be removed in sections by the owner and individual blocks can only be smashed by admins.
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    LazyRoad GUI Editor Tutorial will be posted within the next 2 hours for you guys.
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    Could you add bedrock to the LazyRoadDesigner?
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    @Ryan6900 I forgot that block. I'll add it in the next version. In the meantime, you can "hack" the designer with Winrar, 7zip or another tool. Go into /com/creadri/lazyroaddesigner/img/ edit the materialList.yml and add this:
      id: 7
      data: 0
      img: /com/creadri/lazyroaddesigner/img/7.0.png
    @JDD thanks again, nice video.
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    Is the bridge command working?
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    I guess it is ;)


    All right. Thx
  12. @cherryghost
    Yes the bridge command is working, you must make sure you also add pillar to the end of the command, then the bridge will work. Without a pillar it wont be a bridge :p for example
    /bridge Simple3 Classic5
    this will use the road Simple3 and pillar Classic5 as a bridge.
    Yes i have resorted to using that, but it still takes time though. It would be great to having native stairs support, not everyone would want to use MC on their servers. But i do use it though. =)
    Thanks for the response.
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    Oh... I saw that you forgot some other blocks... the wooden, sandstone and cobblestone half/doublesteps.
  14. @Ryan6900
    I have seen them in the latest version of the LazyRoad GUI, i have used the wooden half block already. =)
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    Omg. Version 0.2 is already out?
    *Update as fast as i can*
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    Awesome, just AWESOME!
    Thank you very much for one of the greatest plugins ever :D

    P.S.: The GUI Editor is great!

    I didn't find the file /com/creadri/lazyroaddesigner/img/materialList.yml inside the jar :(
  17. @ledhead900
    I am using WorldEdit alongside this mod + many other mods, and I have no conflict whatsoever. I even have the permissions plugin, and it works... Everyone on my local server can do everything. I didnt even change the permission much, just added their names and made them mods...
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    I removed my post
    My tired tester was doing /undo not /road undo .. zzzzzzz 6am here lol mistakes happen and well they did. Anyway thx for reply it works fine btw.
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    @RGadelha the materialList.yml is in the LazyRoadDesigner.jar, download all OS version to edit. But you shouldn't care unless you really want the bedrock and double-half steps that are missing.
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    IN next version Id love that added as standard actually coz I like my Subways bedrocked on the outeredge to stop accidental digging into it.
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    Hrm... what about a undo-function which allows the user to undo the road until a certain roadblock-number.
    For Example:

    I make a road for 200 blocks, however i made a fatal mistake at the last blocks .. or whatever. Then I stop making the road, and now I have to undo the whole road, only because I made that mistake at the last blocks.
    Now my suggestion. With this undo-function you are able to undo these mistakes.
    So that all changes from that blocknumber would be undone.

    Command could look like that /road [undo] <certain roadblock-number> (In this case 195)

    An the last part of that command would be optional.

    I hope you understand what I want to say :D (I'm austrian)
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    If support this, Id also support a lite version for player or VIP use that binds blocks to OPS so that they cannot dig up the road once placed but still be able to place it. actually in time an overhaul of the road system would be nice so that it saves a persistent form of data in sqlite of flatfile or what ever.

    So that all roads can be undone at anytime esp if you need to undo them bid after server restarts and so forth. This would allow admins great flexibility in giving out this plugin commands to VIP or other ranks for general use knowing that anything they do can be undone anytime to fix a mistake they make.

    I really hope these ideas get considered.
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    how do you install it? :O
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    OK, thank you for the info, BTW I love your plugin so much I didn't care ;)
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    Just put the files from the .zip into your plugins folder. That's it.
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    @Ryan6900 Undoing just a certain amount of blocks is easy to make BUT making so that X portions of roads undo, it's a different story. To only delete X portions of roads, I have to re-loop into the entire coordinates to check, etc. Quite painful to do.

    @ledhead900 You are the second person asking me to protect the roads. I'll say that it's possible BUT it will be quite heavy to handle and to make it efficient. I mean, from the plugins point of view, I can catch the block break event. That mean I catch every block that is broken by all the users in a server. In all those events it catches, I have to differenciate all the "common" blocks from road blocks. And that is really hard on the cpu unless you only have a few short roads. Even If I create regions guarded by WorldGuard, consider that a diagonal road will have as many regions as the road have blocks. In the other hand, a tunnel road straight ahead will only have one region.

    Protecting the roads from grief is hard to do as It can really be performance consuming in some cases. Some programming structures might be able to make that possible but I will have to do some heavy code rewriting and buy a brand new brain ;)

    What I really can do is storing the undo of all users and permiting ops or admins to undo whatever road they want. (This features can bring serious issues in the economy since users can have unlimited ressources from the road structures).

    Again sorry if the explanation is blury and for the spelling mistakes.

    And thanks for all your warm comments, I really appreciate it ! [diamond]
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    Np I love this plugin, Ok so the ideas would be a pain to code and make work and agreed the user use would be a pain but I thought it could have been done if users could not dig up a road.

    I had another idea tho you ever seen a plugin like OwnBlockX that binds blocks placed to users so no one but them can dig it up again you could apply something like this for roads storing in Sqlite data of blocks and coords a USER owns aka a road a user owns and then deny them the right to dig the block up. That could be much faster I think.

    Oh and I was thinking then instead of a Sqlite for everyone how about s SQlite just for people with the permissions to build the roads currently is staff and OP but my server restarts every 5 hours to keep things smooth. But this is a major issue if you're building a road and u mess up right when server restarts U can no longer Undo your mistake. But if you where to set a time that a user could remain in build mode before canceling build mode then saving to SQLITE the current progress on the road then during a restart it would stay persistent and could be undone using data stored on what the road was replacing as they went along.

    Like I said the new revised ideas is based around fact that restarts or a disconnect or shutdown would not allow you to undo the bad road.


    I still feel strongly about adding the missing blocks in the next build to the road designer as some people like me like use bedrock surrounding subways a outer layer to prevent accidental dig thru when mining near a subway.
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    Count Buggula

    I spent last night making an epic road through the woods between our town and a distant castle, complete with bridge and tunnel. Thank you for making such a fun plugin - it worked great!
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    All you have to do is add yourself to the admin group. By default it has a wildcard set for permissions, aka you have access to everything anyway.
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    you dont have the permissions.
    being op.
    using permissions 3.
    in administrator group.
    you dont have the permissions.
    4 hours. I gave up.
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    I just want to say that I see that many people download the templates from my FTP,
    but you can also create folders and upload your own templates.
    And i disabled the user Anonymous.

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