[INACTIVE][FUN] GainSomeSKill v1.1 - Get Your tools to 50 ! [530-540]

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    GainSomeSkill - A RPG / Levelsystem which includes rights for weapons & tools.
    ( Redefined )

    Version: 1.1

    This plugin should provide a levelsystem. These levels are separated in a main-, woodcutting-, mining- and fighting-level. The main level gets calculated from the other levels. So you have to skill all three of them to gain a higher main level. To gain a fighting level you have to kill other players, animals or monsters. The max level for all of them is 50. So if your mining level is 2 you are not allowed to use a stone pickaxe because you have to be level 5. The same goes for weapons. These rights can be specified in the file “lvlpermission.properties”.

    • level system
    • nonpvp-area
    • rights for weapons and tools
    • display levels and EXP
    None for build 733 as yet :) "School is getting in way of updating"
    Unless you are on build [530-540] Then here:

    The main command is: /hm
    If you use it incorrectly a usage will be displayed, however here are the commands:
    • /hm -nopvp | Sets no-pvp-zone, max 10x10 blocks.
    • /hm -lvl | Shows your current levels.
    • /hm -lvl [playername] | Shows current level of player.
    • /hm -exp | Shows your current EXP and what's left for next level.
    Files you need
    There are two files you need in your folder. The first time you launch the server with this plugin, the needed files will show up in /plugins/HackNMine. There you have to define the “lvlpermission.properties”. I will give you an example:

    • leather=0
    • wood=0
    • stone=5
    • iron=15
    • gold=20
    • diamond=25
    The values after “=” can be changed. But the different materials are needed.


    • 04.27
      • release of GetSomeSkill version 1.1
    • 04.26
      • plugin Been shown

    @RightLegRed is it possible to test it out on an early build [533] ?
    This is my first and id like to see.

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    Uhh not that it's forbidden for anything, but why support such old builds, bukkit is a running build system anyway.

    And as for the post itself, you have there that you do not support 733, but the title says otherwise.
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    This is what ive been looking for. For a long time but where is the download link for the 740? on your title it says 533-740??
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    Edited the title to make sense

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