[INACTIVE][FUN] BlockHead v0.3.4 - a simple plugin for putting blocks on your head [677]

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    Newest Version can be found Here

    BlockHead - Reply to last sent/received /msg:
    Version: v0.3.4

    This is a rewrite of my ZandsHat plugin for hay0. It adds the commands "/hat" and "/blockhead" witch will put the currently held block on your head.


    Supported Plugins:
    The following plugins are supported but not needed.
    • Permissions - 'blockhead.hat' for "/hat", 'blockhead.hat.items' for "/hat [block id]", 'blockhead.hat.give.players.items' for "/hat [player] [block id]" and, 'blockhead.hat.give.groups.items'.

    • The use of "/hat" place the block in-hand on your head
    • The use of "/hat [block id]" to place that block id on your head
    • The use of "/hat [player] [block id]" to place a block on another players head
    • The use of "/hat group [group] [block id]" to places blocks on all the players in that group

    Source Code

    Version 0.3.4

    • Fixed Null pointer bug with items like torches.
    Version 0.3.2
    • Added support for console commands.
    • Added support for block names instead of IDs.
    Version 0.3.1
    • Updated fixed a bug where the item on the players head is of 0 quantity.
    Version 0.3.0

    • Updated for CraftBukkit 493.
    Version 0.2.3

    by verrier
    • Updated for latest bukkit (Bukkit 109 / CraftBukkit 232).
    Version 0.2.2

    • Added support for colored cloth.
    Version 0.2.1

    • Added "/hat group [group] [block id]".
    Version 0.2

    • Added support for the Permissions plugin.
    • Fixed a typo.
    • Shortened help text to fit 1 line.
    Version 0.1

    • Added /hat [player] [item id] and /hat [item id].
    • Added color to the messages.
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  2. nice silly plugin :p. hope you come up with more soon!!!!!
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    Sounds really funny :)
    Will test it soon...
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    Good to see you finally posted this here Zand. Can't wait for the other plugin to work. If you'd like to do more testing tomorrow I'm off work all-day.

    It works with newest build... #104. I've used this for months on our server and everyone has fun with this. My fave is wearing glass or TnT. I Can't wait to try with new blocks like Lapiz. If anyone wants to test this join my server-ip bohningcrue.com and type /hat with a block in your hand. Try not to use items.

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    Does this fix the 1) duping issues or 2) repair tool exploit?
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    I'm pretty sure there's no repair tool exploit anymore since you can't wear a tool on your head anyway. :p
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    seth this is old and has always worked... Just spawn items when your inventory is full wow nub don't talk shit if you don't know anything.
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    This is Awesome! Any chance you can give BlockHeads to other players as an admin? Or give "Mass" Blocks to certain groups, Admins / Mods... ect. With my server I'm running, the Admins have Fire and Mods have water. It looks like a cape! It's pretty good to distinguish between regular players and Admins / Mods.

    Could you also add the ability to add values instead of just from the hand?

    /blockhead [Player/Group] [ITEM ID]

    Just a few suggestions. Thanks!
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    I already knew a way to do this :)
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    Without filling up you inventory and using the Give command?
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    Pff. No *sarcasm* >w>

    It will be easier with a plugin tho ;)
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    would it be possible to make this work by placing any block in the helmet armor position?
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    Uhh... What? I'm not talking shit. I tried wearing a tool and it didn't work.

    EDIT: Now I know what you mean. I was replying to Kainzo's question where the repair tool exploit has been fixed. I know that it's possible to wear a tool on your head. When I said that it isn't possible to wear a tool on your head, I was referring to using THIS PLUGIN. I think spawning items while your inventory is full is out of the question since we're talking about the glitches of this plugin, not how to wear tools on your head.

    Amazing how a simple misunderstanding can cause people to cuss and flame. :p
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    uncalled for
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    U mad brah?
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    I'm confused as to what all the bitching is about.

    Anyway, is this an admin-only command or are other players able to use it? I don't see a problem with having this as a free-use command.
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    Everyone can use the command unless you restrict it to certain groups/users using a plugin like GroupUsers.
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    Mind if I ask for screenshots?
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    Took your advice and added 2 commands for server Ops.
    Currently I'm not shire on how to go about group support.
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    Make group support only for Permissions, this works best :)
    Plugin works fine with build #125 :)
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    Alistair Wright

    I may install this for teh lulz
    BTW have a Notch point
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    Upped to version 0.2
    Now supports the Permissions plugin!
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    Ok I added /hat group [group] [block id] for version 0.2.1
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    Great plugin. :3
    Surprised nobody has said "This gives the term 'blockhead" new meaning".
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    Haha, thanks! I started to miss this a bit before got this.
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    Updated to 0.2.2
    * Fixed cloth color turning white after being placed on the players head.
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    You should add a feature that allows players to breathe underwater if they're wearing glass on their head. If this is even possible of course. :p
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    I have thought about it.
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    You just put the .jar file in the plugins folder right? Because it's not working for me... I get an invalid plugin exception :/

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