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    Connor Mahaffey

    Mean Admins: By Connor Mahaffey
    Version: 0.3.2

    Jar Standalone ("Mean Admins.jar")
    Zip folder with Jar and Mean Admins Folder ("Mean")

    Mean Admins gives admin players special administering abilities, as well as fun ways to kill some of those pesky users. Whether you use this plugin for good or evil is up to you, but it's the perfect way to help take control of your server.

    Permissions 3.x, PermissionsBukkit, and Multiverse supported!

    - Kill users in a variety of ways (lightning, fire, lava, dropping, tnt, etc.)​
    - Control the weather​
    - Quickly give/remove building rights​
    - Ride animals and other players​
    - Freeze players in place or surround them with blocks​
    - Spawn friendly mobs (Note: Friendly mobs become aggressive again after a server restart)
    - A variety of weapons (ex. point-and-click explosions!)​
    - And much more!​

    Note: This video is very outdated, a new one will be up soon

    More Videos (open)

    By @Magpie

    Command Format:
    All commands must start with /ma, /mean, or /meanadmins
    For the following examples, I'll be using /ma (but you can use /mean or /meanadmins)

    /ma <person> <command> <param1> <param2>
    if it is a non-personal command, like weather or weapon, skip <person>
    Ex. Make everyone on the server (accept admins of course) catch on fire:
    /ma all fire
    Ex. Make it rain
    /ma weather rain

    For all commands, type: "/ma help list <page>" or "/ma help <command>" for individual command help - Command list coming very soon!

    Note: You must have the permission meanadmins.admin to execute any command!

    All permissions use a format similar to the command. To be able to use /ma user fire you must have the permission "". To use lightning as a weapon, you must have the permission "meanadmins.weapon.lightning". Using a * to specify all commands in a node works with both Permissions and PermissionsBukkit.

    List of Permissions

    Mean Admins will use Permissions 3.x if you have it installed. Otherwise it will attempt to use PermissionsBukkit, and if that isn't configured, will default to ops. If you are using PermissionsBukkit and do not want ops to have access to all commands, you must specify which commands you don't want them to have in your config.yml - ex. meanadmins.god: false

    There is only one option in the config currently. You can specify what item you would like to be your weapon by entering an item id. By default it is a stick (280).

    Other Important Things:
    - "all" commands will not affect yourself or other admins
    - You cannot use a command against another admin, though you can use them against yourself

    Known Issues:
    - No limits on spawning or dropping, which could end very badly
    - No way to fill holes created
    - Teleport may do half-heart damage by spawning the player partially in a wall
    - If you try to make an animal ride a player they just kinda attack your face (try it and you'll see what I mean)
    - Admins can ride other admins

    Future Improvements:
    - Add persistence for friendly mobs

    Change Log:
    - 0.3.2
    - Added support for PermissionsBukkit​
    - 0.3.1
    - Fixed TNT so it spawns lit; punching no longer works in Minecraft 1.7​
    - Added some better error messages​
    - 0.3
    - Added Permissions support​
    - Added persistence for weapon, build, freeze, tnt, and godmode​
    - Added godmode, explosion weapon, and friendly mobs​
    - Fixed freeze and ride​
    - Other things I can't remember​
    - 0.2
    - Bug fixes and code improvements​
    - New Commands: Freeze/Unfreeze, Ride/Ridden, Dismount, TNT, Nobuild/Build, and Heal​
    - New Weapons: Teleport, Block, Blockadd​
    - 0.1.1
    - Internal block changing improvements​
    - Fixed conflicts with /ma in MobArena - @garbagemule - typing /ma when both are​
    installed, will check to see if it's a MobArena command or not - and execute accordingly​
    - added /mean to list of aliases​
    - /ma opens help​
    - 0.1
    - Initial Release​

    Author's Note:
    I am 17, and mostly taught myself Java. This is my first plugin, and the first time I've put source in front of people better at coding than me. If you have any suggestions/problems, let me know ASAP. I'm open to anything.

    Special Thanks To:
    @Samkio for his tutorial on plugins and helping me in a PM
    @garbagemule for helping me with setting things on fire
    @Lukeroge for his awesome ideas and comments
    @captainawesome7 for helping me with block changing code
    @masteroftime for explaining why my old code was wrong
    @Tux2 for his awesome fixes, support, and just general awesomeness
    The bukkit community for being awesome in general!
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    how come when i use /ma help list nothing happens (i have mob arena pluggin) and when i delete mod arena then i can use /ma help list can you pls help :)
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    Connor Mahaffey

    MobArena and Mean Admins both use /ma so there is probably a conflict of some kind.

    You should be able to use /mean help list or /meanadmins help list
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    thanks for the quick reply but /mean help list or /meanadmins help list isnt working still nothing happens

    EDIT: could you add a notepad with the commands?
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    Creepers are friendly in my server and they have boomstick command :)
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    Connor Mahaffey

    Dang your right, I'm very sorry. This is a problem I've fixed in the next release, which should be up in the next 2 hours or so. And yes, I am going to include a text file with all the commands as one of the downloads.

    Thanks for being so patient with me as I iron out bugs. For some reason MobArena is taking the help command when it really doesn't need it. Can't fix that, but I can make it so /mean and /meanadmins always work. In this build I (stupidly) send it all aliases.

    Here's a quick list of commands, /ma help <command> does seem to be working:
    All these are in the format /ma cmahaff <command> etc.
    drop, fire, hole, kill, lava, lightning, spawn, surround
    Ex. /ma cmahaff fire
    All these are in the format /ma <command>
    weapon, weather
    Ex. /ma weather rain

    Version 0.2 is out!

    Theres a lot of new abilities, and some bug fixes which you can read about above!

    Do to a problem in MobArena, "/ma" will not open help (but /mean, etc. will), however "/ma help list" will. In my testing, all /ma commands worked, but if you want to play it safe, use /mean or /meanadmins.

    GitHub and list of commands will be posted later today. As always, let me know any problems you have.

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    @Connor Mahaffey Just let me know when it's posted on github and I'll fork it and start hacking away.
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    Thanks for all the help :)
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    Connor Mahaffey

    No problem, thanks for using my plugin!
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    Is there permission support?
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    Connor Mahaffey

    Not yet, but there will be sometime this week (sorry school is still in session and I can't devote as much time to it as I'd like). I'm gonna get the source up on GitHub, and if I can't figure it out, @Tux2 is offering to help :)
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    I have one request for this plugin, some thing that allows me to change the item that needs to be used to activate the command, rather than a stick. On my server, we are all admins, because we usually use the /give command for building, so they can use it too, and the stick is too common, so I'd like a way to change it to a more obscure item (i.e. golden hoe)
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    Connor Mahaffey

    Nice suggestion! I'll definitely add it in the next update (prob by friday at the latest, school lets out Wednesday so more free time then).

    Next update will probably have a config file with a few new settings in it. Thanks for your input.
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    You added my requests :D
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    Connor Mahaffey

    Of course, they were good ideas! The only two I didn't get were supercharged creepers (impossible unless you spawn them, then hit them with lightning, then put out the fire so they don't burn to death) and animals riding players. You can do it, but they just kindof attack your face XD

    You can ride any animal you want though, including aggressive mobs, but they'll attack you. It usually takes a creeper about 2 seconds to look up, see you, and explode.
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    Hmm... actually bukkit has a nice hook to supercharge them:
    Here's how it looks in code:
    LivingEntity creature = location.getWorld().spawnCreature(loc, ct);
            //chargedCreeper is a boolean value set above in the function.
            if(chargedCreeper) {
                Creeper creeper = (Creeper) creature;
    Unless you already tried that and found that it was broken.
    This can also be averted. All you need to do is store which entity ID the player is riding as the key in a HashMap, and the player name, in a variable that is available to the EntitiyListener class and then whenever a monster targets an entity you can capture it and cancel the event. Example below:
    public void onEntityTarget(EntityTargetEvent event) {
          Entity monster = event.getEntity();
          //We don't really want to do any more checks if it is just a block of sand or something.
          if(monster instanceof Creature) {
              if(hashmap.containsKey(monster.getEntityID()) {
                  Entity potentialplayer = event.getTarget();
                  if(potentialplayer instanceof Player) {
                      Player player = (Player)potentialplayer;
                      String rider = hashmap.get(monster.getEntityID());
                      if(player.getName.equals(rider)) {
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    Connor Mahaffey

    Oh wow, well I didn't know there was a Creeper type, I had only ever worked with CreatureType.WhatEver. I'll try that code! I'll also didn't realize there was an event for entity looking, I'll try that as well! There is so much in bukkit I'm unaware of.

    Definitely put these into the next update, thank you so much!
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    @Connor Mahaffey No problem, happy to help. :) If you ever don't know how to do something and you can't figure it out, just drop me a message with what you are trying to accomplish. Chances are there might just be a solution. Also, still waiting on permissions support so I can put this on my server. ;)
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    Connor Mahaffey

    I have an obligation to finish another plugin first (sortof). And since this is stable, I'm working on that. With school out I can devote a lot more time to this though. I'm going to try putting permissions support on the other, simpler plugin first, than this one.

    Thanks for all the support.
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    I love this Plugin, however theres a glitch.

    I had the lightning stick and then when I deop'ed the stick still shot lightning. I crafted a new stick as a non op and it was able to still shoot lightning. Could you make it so that only people on the ops list can use the stick and other people just see it as a regular stick?

    Thanks :D
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    Connor Mahaffey

    Anytime you change OPs, you have to do /ma reload to put the new settings into memory. If I made it read the settings off the file every time could get really slow :) - If you restart the server as a non-op (not in ops.txt), you shouldn't be able to do anything, and even once you change it, you shouldn't have any powers until you do a /ma reload

    Thanks for downloading the plugin!
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    @Connor Mahaffey instead of reading the file why not use this:
    That always returns the most current status as a boolean.
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    Connor Mahaffey

    Really? Hmm, may have to switch that. Do permissions operate similarly, or do they need to be reloaded for changes to take effect?
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    Can the stick be toggled off completely, I have other plugins that interacts with the left click of the stick and I dont want to be shooting lightnings everywhere every time i left click. Like defaults to /ma weapon none and if I want a weapon, i can toggle it use it then when done i do /ma weapon none is this possible?
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    Connor Mahaffey

    When the permissions update comes out, you could remove that permission so it wouldn't run. I'm also going to add an option for what item is the weapon, so you could change it to something else.
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    nice it works well can you get more commands tho like hurt commands like no kil but you hurt them
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    I mean can you make it so it dont auto assign the /ma weapon lightning on login, I want the stick to not do anything at all when I login unless I assign it a weapon then later when I am done with the weapon, I can do /ma weapon none to make it a stick that does nothing.
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    Connor Mahaffey

    Sure that's do-able

    Well, in the future, the plugin will remember what you've assigned it even after a server restart, so if you would assign it to nothing (/ma weapon none or something) it would remember it until you changed it.
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    Hey Connor Mahaffey, epic plugin :D Now I even have a plugin to be mean for me :O Thats so epic lol. I noticed though, that some of these commands are great for not just being mean, but administrating too. Like using freeze :D But I noticed, that while someone is frozen, they can still use /spawn which causes an error of going back and forth so fast it could make a few people dizzy. I was wondering, could you make it so that being tp'd away while frozen is disabled?
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    Connor Mahaffey

    I'll look into it. I know there are a couple issues. For example, a user can simply disconnect, and when they reconnect they will be unfrozen. I don't think I can disable it, but I can make it so they teleport back to their frozen location. I'll be adding a lot in version 0.3 - permissions, some files to remember user settings, and some fixes like the one you mentioned. Also hopefully a new command or two.

    But thanks, I'm glad you're enjoying it :) I think I'll have a "feature list" at the top, showing a few things the plugin can do. That and permissions will make this appeal to a lot more people.

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