[INACTIVE][EDIT] BlockChange v0.21 - Easy block replacing and deleting [860]

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    BlockChange - Easy block replacing and deleting
    Version: v0.21


    With BlockChange you can replace and delete your blocks in a very easy way. To replace a block, just left click the block you want to copy with your stone sword and it'll be copied to your clipboard. Then you just have to right click the block you want to have replaced and you're done! Deleting is nearly the same, you just don't select a replacement. It would be awesome if you could give me some feedback because this is my first real plugin.

    • Simple block replacing and deleting
    • Easy command handling
    • Permissions & OP Support
    How to install & use it (Thanks to TheGamePlaza for the great video!)

    Commands (open)
    /blockchange - Shows the help
    /blockchange info - Shows the info
    /blockchange [replace|r] (ID) - Activates replacing-mode
    /blockchange [delete|d] - Activates deleting-mode
    Alias: /bc
    Permission nodes (open)
    BlockChange.* - Allows everything
    BlockChange.replace - Allows replacing
    BlockChange.replace.set - Allows setting the replacement with a command
    BlockChange.delete - Allows deleting
    BlockChange.info - Allows the user to open the info
    BlockChange.help - Allows the user to open the help
    Todo (open)

    • Placing blocks
    Version v0.21
    • Small bugfix to prevent client-crashes by typing in block IDs that don't exist
    Version v0.2
    • Added names for item IDs
    • Exchanged the stone hoe, now you have to use your stone sword!
    • Added permission nodes
    • Command for choosing the replacement block
    Version v0.1
    • Releasing the plugin
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    plugin works great. tnx
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    You need to have at least 2 versions outside the spoiler ;)
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    Updated to v0.21
    See startpost for changes!
    Great, glad you like it! Thanks for you feedback <3
    Roger that =)
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    Seems cool, but #1 i run a survival server and this seems a little to cheat like for my server. #2 Worldedit does the same thing with /rpl or /replace and you can put 0 for air to delete, but good job on the coding, i could never do sutin like this.
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    Good job. Very useful plugin. It allows me to easily repair damage that my friends have caused on my server :{
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    Thanks for your feedback =)
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    np man. Gonna go look at your other plugins. Keep it up :)
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    Are you planning to update this nice little tool to be compatible with versions 1xxx of CraftBukkit?
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    I'm no longer interested in this plugin. joshcvb asked me if he could take it over, so I think he'll continue it.
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    That sounds good. I miss using this plugin. Will the name stay the same?

    ** Just found it in Bukkit Dev: http://dev.bukkit.org/server-mods/block-change/ :)

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