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    LocalShops has moved to a new thread. Please go here.

    Thank you for all of your support and feedback.

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    Not to be rude but no it doesn't. What he means is "/shop list sell" outputs "The shop <Shop name> is Buying..." and the opposite for "/shop list sell". Personally I agree with Tjezee and find this entirely confusing.

    I had to dig to find this information and figure it out, could you please add a text line after you type "/shop select" that says to do that specifically?
    EDIT: I just tested the above and it doesn't work, Tjezee is right. I typed "/shop select", selected my perimeters, then typed "/shop create <shopname>" and it still used the default area around it. I have tried all possible variations of this I could think of such as making the shop first then attempting to select perimeters and them moving it etc. etc. nothing works for me. I am using craftbukkit 617. If there is something I missed please let me know, otherwise please double-check your plugin and write a quick step by step tutorial on how to do this if you would be so kind.
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    Bekz, cheers for backing me up there.
    As for my other problem, I facepalmed there hard cos it did what it was intended to do however
    I used a wooden tool which gave a message for selecting from another mod once used so that was my bad for not reading properly and because I was working on LocalShops I just figured wrongly that it was from this mod.
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    Hmm it's not working for my Friends it always says that thay have not the permission to use this command...
    The strange thing is: It's working for me and we are in the same permissions gruop: Admins.
    Pleease help me !!!
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    You're the shop owner. You don't pay yourself for buying your own stock.

    Have a look at the documentation wiki at the top of the page. It should show you how to use this command properly. We're also working on a video at some point to demonstrate. But basically using /shop select you define the cuboid with 2 points then directly use /shop create or /shop move. If you use /shop select again it turns off selection and defaults back to using your current location for the center of the shop you create.

    That's an interesting thought. I'm not sure if it is possible to open an inventory screen by clicking on an NPC, but if you're clicking on a chest I think anything is possible depending on how I build the code. The plan at this point is moving towards using signs to toggle through purchase options. I find it very tedious to move a full inventory in and out of chests, so it would be nice to automate some of that.

    Eventually, we're tinkering with a web-portal that will be able to handle some of the shop administration and purchasing.

    The solution to this is the two download links at the top of the page. This is permanent.

    If you are the shop owner or a manager any stock you add or remove from the shop is not charged to you.

    EDIT: Saw your second post. I'm glad it's working for you.

    @Tjezee my apologies, I miss-read your post. I thought you were asking for the commands /shop list sell and buy to be implemented.

    That is an issue that I've been thinking about but haven't come to a solution on yet. All of the commands are from the perspective of the buyer walking into the shop. To buy some cobble he would use the command:

    /shop buy cobble 10

    so to look at a list of what he can buy he uses:

    /shop list buy

    And to set the price that he will buy it for, the shop owner uses the command:

    /shop set buy cobble

    I'll look into the info text and see if there is a way to make this clearer.

    Have a look at the documentation wiki that is linked at the very top of the page. Give it a try step by step like it is layed out in there and let me know what happens.

    There must be some difference in your permission settings for your users. If you posted the group and users settings in pastebin I'll have a look.

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    That is precisely what I have been doing. It doesn't work. I have read your wiki and followed it precisely.

    I type "/shop select".
    I left click a block.
    I right click a block.
    I type "/shop move <shopname>" (i've also tried "/shop create <shopname>", I've also tried all commands including "/shop select" with and without <shopname>, I've also tried combinations of these.).
    Nothing changes.

    I have used worldedit for some time now and the wand tool, I am by no means new to how cuboid systems work and fully understand the concept. Is there a step missing perhaps?
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    Psycho Robot

    Are you making the shop 3d? It has to be a cuboid not a rectangle
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    For some reason when some of the people on my server buy things, it doesnt take money away. The shop they are buying from is a "server shop" I set up, with unlimited stock and unlimited money. This happened once before in version 1.15b, and it is happening on the newer 2.2.1
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    I did the commands and everything properly, i'm sure of it. I think the selection is being moved -1 x axis and -1 z axis upon creation.

    my selection:

    top view-


    x= my selected blocks (yes 3x3x3)
    o= within my selection.
    k= outside of my selection.
    n= irrelevant blocks that are never within selected parameters or shop parameters.

    after selecting and creating shop this is what happens:

    top view-


    k= not included in 'entering shop'/area where you can buy things but was in my original selection.
    x= blocks i originally selected.
    o= is included in 'entering shop'/area where you can buy things, was not in my original selection.
    n= irrelevant blocks that are never within selected parameters or shop parameters.
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    Do you mind doing a test where you make the selection and then stand 10 blocks away? It may just be an off-by-one bug.

    Can you put your log file up on paste-bin for me please? And tell me who and which transactions weren't paid for so I can find them?

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    I just tried this and it does not work to stand 10+ blocks away after selection and before creation.

    Also it may be important to mention that my example in my previous post doesn't always look the same. It depends on your orientation. Regardless of orientation however the shop area is consistently created -1 x and -1 z away from where it should be upon using "/shop select". I have tested this and counted out using coordinates when hitting F3 in-game multiple times from multiple angles/block selections etc. -- it does not matter which block you select first or second, results are the same.
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    Sorry, what do you mean it doesn't work when you stand 10+ blocks away? What exactly happens?


    That's interesting. Is it only Kyoji that is reporting that they're not being charged?

    Thanks to @MineralMC for putting together this great video giving a tutorial of creating and managing shops:

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    You asked me to test making the selection and standing 10 blocks away. My understanding was you wanted me to select the shop area i wanted then stand 10 blocks away and then attempt to create it. Did I misunderstand?

    Looking over what you said again did you mean stand 10 blocks away from a shop and tell you if it was within the zone as the default surrounding area is 5? If so I just did so and it creates a 5x5 shop stepping on an edge works correctly however it seems shops made by "/shop selection" remain bugged for me.
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    When you select an area and create a shop, the plugin should ignore where you're standing. I want you to test if that's working correctly, select an area and then walk away and create the shop.

    Does it create the shop where you selected, just maybe one block off, or does it create where you were standing?
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    It created the shop where i selected but downwards too far on -1 x and -1 z axis as specified in my original message. The selection was still 3x3x3 however moved entirely by -1 x and -1 z axis. My apologies if my wording was confusing in my earlier post.

    EDIT: I just downloaded and re-installed your plugin from scratch and the same issue is occurring, a fresh-install doesn't seem to work. Yes i deleted the folder and the .jar file beforehand, dragged over the freshly downloaded .jar file then reboot my server. I am using the top download for "/shop" not the one for "/lshop".

    If you require any more information or help/testers to fix this bug please ask, I am more than willing to help.
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    Kyoji is the one who has been mentioning it to me. I dont know if anyone else is specifically having that issue but I asked on my forums. Others could be having it but didnt want to speak up because they were getting free stuff and didnt want to ruin their good fortune.

    One thing that was reported to me was that the glass prices in that shop were taking different coin amounts for Kyoji and Delshin, even when they bought the same amount. And sometimes, it would take nothing from Kyoji. Other items were not taking money from Kyoji as well, such as when he bought Glowstone.
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    Ah now it works i forgot the four spaces before the names :) sorry

    How can I remove items from the shop?
    I can't find a command for this :(

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    /shop remove [itemName] (to remove it entirely)
    /shop buy [itemName] # (to remove stock)

    Thank you very much for all your testing, I really appreciate it.

    One thing I noticed on my own test server was that when I was in the +x and -z side of the map, the shops were in the correct x position but shifted -1 in the z. But checking the shop info it was getting created with the exact coordinates of the selection.

    I think this is an older bug that was never noticed before until shop selection was possible. It looks like it might be a rounding error with the way the player position is checked. I'll look into it, and hopefully be able to find something soon.

    Thanks again.

    Looking at the logs, it looks like it only happens when Kyoji has 0 money. But I have had no success repeating this at all on my test server. When I try everything I can think of it works exactly as it is supposed to.

    Can you look at the shops for me and check if Kyoji is an owner or a manager of these shops? (/shop list info)

    Owners and managers don't get charged for using their own shops.

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    have an issue where users are able to move their shops for free, using /lshop jar
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    Can you give more details? What permissions do they have? What messages are they getting? What is your move cost set to in your properties file?
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    @Jonbas are you still planning on adding chest support for drag and drop sales?
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    Can we please get bosecon support, so many people are asking me for it, and I can do nothing but sit here and beg lol
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    I have a question when someone buys an item from my shop am I getting the money?
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    Hah. Okay okay. I'll work on it this week.

    I'm planning on something. I don't know if it's going to be chests yet or signs with scrollable items and selectable quantities. Chests would be nice, but it would be tedious to buy or sell large quantities of things.

    I've also been chatting with the iConomy and ecoCreature developers and we're getting excited about the possibility of a web-portal. So that may be coming sometime in the future.

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    Ok it's like someone buy's a Raw Porkchop that i have put in my shop for 25 money and I am getting the money?
    Or is the shop getting the money because of this command: /shop set unlimited money... what's the sanse of this when I get the money?
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    You are a saint!!
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    Chests could be optional. You can browse the wares in the chests and drag over whatever you want, and if you want to buy several stacks of something you can still use commands.
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    sorry for that dumb question, but how or where can i see the logfiles?
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    #Minecraft Properties File
    #Mon Apr 04 18:34:15 EDT 2011

    - 'mcmmo.skills.*'
    - 'mcmmo.ability.*'
    - 'warpz0r.sethome'
    - 'warpz0r.home'
    - 'warpz0r.warp'
    - 'commandbook.who'
    - 'commandbook.spawn'
    - 'commandbook.whereami'
    - 'commandbook.msg'
    - 'worldguard.stack'
    - 'iConomy.list'
    - 'iConomy.rank'
    - 'iConomy.payment'
    - 'localshops.move'
    - 'localshops.buysell'
    - 'localshops.create'
    - 'localshops.manage'
    - 'mcmmo.commands.whois'
    - 'mcmmo.commands.ability'
    - 'monsterhunt.usercmd.*'
    - 'lockette.create.*'
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    It seems as though the shops are made to be one block larger than the area I select, in the northern direction.

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