[INACTIVE][ECON] BetterShop 1.6.5- iConomy Global Command-based Shop [602 & 677]

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    BetterShop - The "better" global command-based shop that ties into iConomy:
    Version: v1.6.5 (
    Download: (static jar) BetterShop.jar
    (older, 602 compatible) BetterShop_1.6.2.8.jar
    (older, 556 compatible) BetterShop_1.6.2.5.jar
    (older versions are not supported, sorry)
    Authors: jascotty2, and jjfs85, with a little help from lologarithm.

    Webpage coming soon.

    Want the most up-to-date info on usage, features, the changelog, and more?
    Read the README!

    Plugin Information (as of v1.6.5.3 - 4/11/11)

    Commands (open)

    • /shop
      • for those used to a plugin having one command, this is another way to get to the following commands
    • /shophelp (shelp) [command]
      • shows you all the commands you can use
      • can show specific help for a command
    • /shoplist (sl,slist) [pagenum]
      • shows a listing of items for sale
      • (if -1, all, or full given, will show full list. (mainly for console use))
    • /shopitems (sitems)
      • show full listing of items in shop, without prices
    • /shopcheck (sc,scheck) <item>
      • lookup a specific item so you don't have to read through pages of prices
    • /shopbuy (buy,sbuy) <item> [amount]
      • buy an item for the price in the shopshop ("all" is accepted as an amount)
    • /shopbuyall (buyall,sbuyall) <item>
      • buy all of an item that you can hold
    • /shopsell (sell,ssell) <item> [amount]
      • sell an item for the price in the shop
    • /shopadd (sadd): <item> <buy> [sell]
      • add an item to or update an item in the price list
    • /shopremove (sremove): <item>
      • remove an item from the price list
    • /shopload (sload):
      • reload prices from pricelist database
    • /shopsellall (sellall): [inv] [item [...]]
      • Sell all of item from your inventory (alias to command /shop sell all)
      • (inv will not search lower 9 slots)
    • /shopbuystack (buystack): <item> [item | amount]
      • buy a stack of an item (usually 64)
    • /shopsellstack (sellstack) <item> [amount]
      • sell a stack of an item (usually 64)
    • /shopbuyagain (buyagain,sba):
      • repeat last buy action
    • /shopsellagain (sellagain,ssa):
      • repeat last sell action
    • /shopkits (skits):
      • show a listing of avalliable kits (will be elaborated later)

    Dependencies (open)

    BetterShop's dependencies:

    Economy plugins supported:

    - or

    Supported Plugins:

    • Permissions v2.5.0+ by people - permissions and groups plugin
    • GroupManager by not Zenexer after all- a replacement for Permissions that is fully compatible with plugins that require it (using FakePermissions)
    • Help 0.2+
    • MinecraftIM

    Features (open)

    • Fully configurable colors and message text in config.yml file
    • shoplist can have text alignment (read config for more info): <item> <l(eft-aligned)> <buy and sell info>
      • - uses minecraft font character spacing, so is very close to perfectly aligned in chat
    • shoplist can optionally not show listing tail (or head, but recommended to leave <page> of <pages>)
    • Items can be colored in the new itemsdb.yml file
    • also in itemsdb.yml: kits!
      • - define your own kits that the shop can sell
      • - three examples provided, edit and add to your liking
    • Configurable Options:
      • -max pagesize when printing shoplist
      • -whether to broadcast all transactions publicly
      • -name of the pricelist file/table
      • -customsort: a custom sorting order, so you can have items at the top of the shop list
      • -allowbuyillegal: if someone without BetterShop.admin.illegal can buy illegal items
      • -whether maxstack should be honored
      • -if used tools can be bought back
      • -default color for items
    shop flexibility
    • shopcheck will run a name comparison check, and return all matching items
    • Item sub-type support for dye colors, cloth colors, etc: magentacloth = 35:2 = cloth:magenta
    • "all" is a valid amount when buying or selling: "/sell cobblestone all" or "/sell all cobblestone"
    • damaged tools can be resold for an adjusted value of sellprice*(1-(damage/maxdamage))
    • buystack can be given multiple items, or number of stacks: "/buystack wool 5" or "/buystack wool blackdye reddye"
    • shopsellall can be given multiple items (/sell all cobble gravel flint dirt)
    • plural-insensitive items: if not found, will check if plural & remove "s"
    • not just items can be bought anymore: can now buy LivingEntities, like dogs (wolf)
    • signs can be used for buying & selling
      • Code:
         [*]buy [amt], buyall, buystack, sell [amt], sellall, sellstack
         [*]item name (recommended) or id:data, or for sellall: onhand, inv
         [*](unused line)
      • to activate, someone with BetterShop.admin.makesign must left-click the sign.. the first line will change color when active
      • left-click for price check (or activate), right-click to buy/sell
      • if a unauthorized player destroys a block a sign is on, is canceled
      • can scan for uxexpected sign destruction (tnt) & replace it
    • Every item and subtype can be priced differently
    • Disable buying or selling of an item by giving it a price of -1 (0 makes it free)
    • command aliases to stop carpal tunnel
    • many commands have sub-aliases.. eg. shoplist kits will run shoplistkits
    • MySQL pricelist support
    • MySQL pricelist can be cached for a given timespan (decreases table selects)
      • (flatfile is cached until manually updated)
    • Transaction records (MySQL or flatfile as .csv)
    • Downloads mysql-bin.jar dependency automatically
    • buy/sell cap in program set to 999,999,999 (not that you'd be using that much, but the cap is to prevent other errors)
    • if encounters errors while editing a player's account, will attempt to reload iConomy (i've had issuses with it before)
    • can backup the current pricelist: /shop backup
    • on start, can check the download page to see if there is an update available
    • /shop ver[sion] shows version # and if is up-to-date
    • shop can be given a finite stock from which to buy & sell
    • /shop ver[sion] to check the current version & see if there's an update
    • MinecraftIM support: forward errors or all messages
    • checks for missing & unused configuration nodes
    • strings have default values if missing
    • auto error reporting added (can be disabled)
    • help main page integration can be disabled
    • global shop can be disabled & only allow signs to be used

    Installing (open)

    Installation instructions:

    New Installation?

    • lots more added to config.yml all the time..
    • to 1.6.3+ ? Itemsdb.yml has been expanded to include entities
    • from before v1.6.1.3 ? Itemsdb.yml has been expanded:
      • not required to update, but recommended
      • if you've already edited yours, you can look here and see what i've added
        • mainly: leaves, charcoal, tools & armor damage, some more aliases
    • from version 1.5.9b - and use MySQL transaction logging?
      • ALTER TABLE BetterShopMarketActivity ADD COLUMN PRICE DECIMAL(11,2);
        • optional, but useful for php
    • from version between 1.5.5 - 1.5.9 and use MySQL pricelist?
      • ALTER TABLE minecraft.BetterShop CHANGE COLUMN BUY BUY DECIMAL(11,2);
      • ALTER TABLE minecraft.BetterShop CHANGE COLUMN SELL SELL DECIMAL(11,2);
    • from an earlier version?
      • Will import your old pricelist.yml into the db you have setup in the config :)
      • Items.db is no longer used - delete it :)

    Just add the following nodes to Permissions' world.yml file (or data.yml file for GroupManager):

    - 'BetterShop.user.*'
    ^ Allows the user to use the list, sell, buy, and help commands
    - 'BetterShop.admin.*'
    ^ Allows the user to use the add, remove, and load commands

    Alright, so you have the plugins in place and set up, and permissions nodes added to the Permissions' config.yml. Now just place the BetterShop.jar file in the server's plugins directory. Then just start the server and add things to the shop. That's all!

    Adding Items:
    There are two ways to add things to the shop:
    1. Recommended, but slow: use /shopadd [item] [buy-price] [sell-price]
    2. Faster: use a text editor or spreadsheet program to edit the pricelist.csv

    TODO (open)

    features listed here may already be in the works, or may be on the back burner
    if you want a new feature, or want something sooner, ask :)

    • calculated/derived item prices
    • /shopvalue item[@amount] item to show the current trade value for two items
    • discount system: users or groups can be charged less/more for an item or all items (sell prices also affected)
    • dynamic market pricing, based off of logged market activity
    • region shops (items added while in a region defined as a shop are only added to that shop)
    • add option for amount in stock for surplus decreases how much item is worth to the shop
    • /shop alias <item> - show the itemname, with a list of aliases
    • add pages for /shopitems
    • more descriptive kit listing, similar to shoplist:
      • - pages
      • - show what makes up a kit
      • - enable admin.add to see avaliable kits
    • SQLite support?
    • tie item prices to stock quotes?
    • craftables' stock is tied to source material stock (if using sell craftables)
    • make LivingEntities follow the owner around?
    • change buystock if itemStock is enabled so that if trying to buy multiple stacks (buystack item 20) and stock runs out to stop buying (stop showing "out of stock")
    • individually-customizable restock stock values per-item
    • chest shop interface ?
    • automatically add missing config nodes (preserving comments)
    • add a simple builtin economy system, if none found?
    • add categories to items
      • - can search, buy, & sell with category
    • user-owned shops (signs, linked to chests)
    • 4th line for configurable prices or shop profit owner

    Changelog (open)

    (the (?) means plugin didn't report that as the version.. sorry :))

    Version - 4/11/11 - jascotty2
    • added option to disable sign protection
    • added sign action wait, to prevent sign click spamming
    • fixed a nullpointer error when selling
    Version - 4/11/11 - jascotty2
    • removed spawnwolf debugging line
    • wolves bought have correct health
    Version - 4/10/11 - jascotty2
    • removed a debugging line
    • wolfs bought have their owner already set (need to increase health)
    Version - 4/10/11 - jascotty2
    • corrected new settings (missed some previously)
    • fixed default sign pricecheck showing wrong one
    • fixed messenger formatting error
    • misc. null fixes
    • BOSEconomy support added
    • changed block protection from scan to save (should improve performance)
    • added tnt protection, in the form of a scanner that routinely checks that all shop signs & their anchors still exist
    • added syntax check for /buy & /sell # [item] (like the sign syntax)
    • allowbuyillegal now defaults to true
    • fixed color set (hidden logic error)
    • signs can have the item name colored according to the defined item color
    Version - 4/9/11 - jascotty2
    • fixed sign destroy permission check to only check bettershop signs
    Version - 4/8/11 - jascotty2
    • "inhand" and "inv" added as valid sellall/buyall items (signs only)
      • - "in hand" buys/sells all of the type of item in the player's hand
    • sign destroy protection algorithm improved (still can't check for explosions :( )
    Version (?) - 4/8/11 - jascotty2
    • stock message error fixed when selling too much
    • fixed <curr> causing a server freeze
    • added amount to pricecheck, so can check the result buy/sell price
    • fixed a buying error when already has some of the item
    • added a sign interface
      • - first line: [BetterShop] (not case-sensitive)
      • - second line: action: buy [amt], buyall, buystack, sell [amt], sellall, sellstack
      • - third line: item (name, id, etc)
      • - fourth line: unused (was going to make price, but decided on pricecheck instead)
      • - to activate, someone with BetterShop.admin.makesign must left-click the sign.. the first line will change color when active
      • - left-click to pricecheck
      • - right-click to run action
    • if a unauthorized player destroys a block a sign is on, is canceled
    • fixed column check for table updating
    • updated for 670
    • configuration nodes are moved to more organised parent nodes (easier to edit if using an intelligent text editor)
      • - older nodes are still supported (for now)
    Version - 4/6/11 - jascotty2
    • again, previously forgot to update the date in last version
    • - added additional checks to prevent future false-positives
    • -- (also checks if comment on download matches plugin, not if plugin >= comment version)
    • figured out the integrity check errors :)
    • now runs checks on changed tables to check if needs updating (and adds columns as necessary)
    • - just transaction log table for now (only table with added columns)
    • another option added: AutoUpdate
      • - if a new update is found, will download & install
      • - can also run manually with /shop updade (OP-only, since forces update & restarts server plugins)
    Version - 4/4/11 - jascotty2
    • fixed a rare null exception in integretycheck?
    • fixed saving errors when transaction logging disabled
    • implemented infinite stock (setting stock to -1 makes infinite)
    • # 1,000+ downloads in one day!
    Version - 4/3/11 - jascotty2
    • fixed a rare invalid function signature error
    • fixed if a player tries to buy/sell air
    • OPs now completely bypass security checks
    • more changes to error reporting format: added a custom message
    • # 10,000+ lines of code :)
    Version - 4/2/11 - jascotty2
    • renamed monstertamer package, to avoid conflicts if you're using the monstertamer plugin
    • should have a reported bug in integrety check taken care of.. not sure of the cause, though
    Version - 4/2/11 - jascotty2
    • fixed more error reporting bugs (still can't find one stupid stock flatfile bug)
    • added stock messages to config
    Version - 4/1/11 - jascotty2
    • fixed chickens & buying more than one animal
    • updated error reporting(again)
    • rand libary update for my (jascotty2's) version of CookieMonster
    Version 1.6.3 - 4/1/11 - jascotty2
    • fixed buy/sell == 0 ? no (in shoplist, 0 incorrectly showed as no)
    • updated for 612 (and 600+ .. had accidently been using the wrong libary)
    • LivingEntities can now be purchased! :D
      • special thanks to fullwall for the MonsterTamer plugin, from which this ability comes from (1.3)
      • if capable, will attack the anything attacking the purchaser (if nearby)
    Version - 3/31/11 - jascotty2

    • nullpointer fixed if running 602 with old groupmanager
    • other misc. null fixes
    • removed redundant reload points for iConomy
    • repaired a mysql totalTransactionLog format error
    • error reporting now begins with a portion of the date, so i can see them listed in order
    • more info added to error reports.. still can't figure out the stock flatfile save bug
    Version - 3/30/11 - jascotty2

    • improved error reporting format & removed a few unnecessary send triggers
    Version - 3/30/11 - jascotty2

    • now checks for missing & unused configuration nodes
    • strings have default values if missing
    • auto error reporting added (can be disabled)
    • now compatible with bukkit 602
    • help main page integration can be disabled
    • hidden changes to get one step closer to dynamic pricing
    Version - 3/28/11 - jascotty2

    • forgot to update the date in the last release, so a false 'newer release' was showing up
    • fixed help support when help loaded before bettershop
    Version - 3/25/11 - jascotty2

    • Added support for my new plugin: MinecraftIM :)
    • removed a stock debugging line i forgot to remove
    • manually set locale for updating date format.. should fix non-us countries?
    Version - 3/23/11 - jascotty2

    • added stock db to reload
    • fixed a stock update on sell
    • updated plugin commands to include sellstack (oops :oops:)
    Version - 3/23/11 - jascotty2

    • more commands added to register with help
    • fixed a MySQL update syntax error for stock
    Version - 3/23/11 - jascotty2

    • fixed a plural search bug
    • added /sellstack (much like buystack)
    • fixed a buyagain logic error
    • /shop import <file> - insert values from file in plugin folder
    • /shop restore <file> - clear shop & load from saved backup file
    • flatfile itemstock repaired
    Version 1.6.2 - 3/23/11 - jascotty2

    • stock option - items can have a finite amount
      • selling to the shop increases the stock, buying decreases
      • can have a minimum update interval: time before will reset stock to initial amounts
      • maximum stock: most will hold
      • noOverStock: will not allow selling if item stock is full
    • note on stock: does not track each item's damage values (if tools)
      • (selling a damaged good allows 1 intact to be bought)
    • /shop restock (permission BetterShop.admin.restock) to update how much stock the shop has
    • permission node BetterShop.admin.backup added for backing up the pricelist
    • added Help plugin integration: will automatically register commands with help
    • added some more MySQL db connection reconnect points (autoReconnect=true not working is becomming irritating)
    • more checking for iConomy account editing failures (i've had more problems with it)
    • fixed a format error if using a replacement char in listing (like <l.>)
    • retructured sellall inventory editing
    • # passed 7500 lines of code! (430KB)
    Version - 3/21/11 - jascotty2

    • (hopefully) fixed MySQL region formatting errors (such as europe where the decimal is a comma)
    • addto/updated help menu
    • added [command] to help: lookup a specific command (also accepts aliases)
    • fixed flatfile total transactions log
    • shop ver[sion] also shows if the plugin is up-to-date
    Version - 3/20/11 - jascotty2

    • default color for items
    • plural-insensitive items: if not found, will check if plural & remove "s"
    • fixed transaction log insert missing the price
    • was having problems reading bit from php, so shanged SOLD column from bit to tinyint
      • alter table BetterShopMarketActivity change column SOLD SOLD TINYINT;
    • finished flatfile support for transaction logging
    Version - 3/20/11 - jascotty2

    • runs MySQL connection check before executing database queries, and manually attempts reload if not connected
      • (still trying to iron out MySQL connection bugs, but this should end those errors)
    • removed list debugging lines i forgot to remove earlier
    Version - 3/19/11 - jascotty2

    • removed double negative add check.. can add an item for -1, -1
    • fixed some Item errors: color and .equals(ItemStack).. fixes itemdb colors and sellall
    • fixed page numbering for when there are hidden items
    • fixed sell for 0: a <= instead of < .. thought i'd fixed that, but apparently not all of those.
    Version 1.6.1 - 3/19/11 - jascotty2

    • update check is optional (in config)
    • /shop backup to save pricelist to a backup csv file
    • updates itemsdb on shopload, in case the admin wanted to update colors/kits and such
    • added price column in marketHistory table
      • upgrading from older version?
      • ALTER TABLE BetterShopMarketActivity ADD COLUMN PRICE DECIMAL(11,2);
    • added flatfile support for transaction logging (uses csv)
    • removed pricelist save file on close (is already saved on edit)
    • if an item is marked as no buy, no sell, don't show on shoplist
    • itemsdb names can be saved (and outputted) with title formatting (eg RedstoneTorch)
    • - included itemsdb also expanded & names formatted
    • case-insensitive item matching
    Version 1.6.1 alpha - 3/18/11 - jascotty2

    • Checks git to see if there is a newer version avaliable
    • fixed price = 0 to be free
    • fixed null in sellall if selling all sellable
    Version 1.6.0f - 3/18/11 - jascotty2

    • better error check for config & importing old yml pricelist
    • MySQL pricelist can be cached for a given timespan (decreases table selects)
    • fixed sell bug (selling one would credit for amount in the first stack)
    Version 1.6.0e - 3/17/11 - jascotty2

    • fixed a removal error - there was a typecast exception previously
    Version 1.6.0d - 3/17/11 - jascotty2

    • if the old PriceList.yml file exists, will import into whatever db is enabled, then rename the file
    • fixed public message bug - would send broadcast (num_players-1) times
    Version 1.6.0c (?) - 3/17/11 - jascotty2

    • added more options: allowbuyillegal, usemaxstack, buybacktools
    • fixed buystack history
    • major buystack logic error repaired - previously didn't work correctly
    • buystack can now be given multiple items, or number of stacks: "/buystack wool 5" or "/buystack wool blackdye reddye"
    • damaged tools can now be resold for an adjusted value of sellprice*(1-(damage/maxdamage))
    Version 1.6.0b (?) - 3/16/11 - jascotty2

    • fixed a minor buy error if tried to buy more than they can hold, and could hold 0 more
    • major MySQL problem fixed - pricelist table wasn't being created
    Version 1.6.0 - 3/16/11 - jascotty2

    • major code restructure & reorganization
    • changed item db to a more descriptive yml file
      • can define what items make an item (for calculated/dynamic costs)
      • can change what color it will be outputted as in the listing
      • define kits (sold.. store won't buy them)
    • MySQL buy & sell fields increased to decimal(11,2), and cap in program set to 999,999,999
    • shoplist can now optionally not show listing tail (or head, but recommended to leave <page> of <pages>)
    • removed value check - can now "sell" items that sell for 0
    • added /shop command alias - for if a user is more used to "/shop help" than "/shophelp"
    • many commands have sub-aliases.. eg. shoplist kits will run shoplistkits
    • now does pre-check for if user can hold as much as they're trying to buy
      • and "all" to try to buy as many as they can hold
    • items can be marked as illegal, and can only be purchased by a select few (using permissions)
      • also not shown to users who cannot buy them, except with pricecheck
    • option in config to make transactions publicly broadcasted
    • option in config to have a custom sort order
    • shopsellall can be given multiple items (/sell all cobble gravel flint dirt)
    • now shows what items were sold when using shopsellall
    • fixed bug where single sell parameter would == sell [item] all
    • all, full, -1 added as a pricelist pagenumber: will print the full list (intended for console use)
    • marketactivity table truncate logic repaired..
    • marketactivity MySQL table changed with primary key(DATE, USER, ID) (instead of DATE, USER) to resolve conflicts with sellall
    • items can be marked as 'legal: false', and only those with permissions can buy them (can still sell)
    • if encounters errors while editing a player's account, will attempt to reload iConomy
    • sellall can be given "inv" as first parameter to only sell from inventory (not in quick access slots)
    • shopcheck given partial name matching: "/shopcheck wool" (not "shopcheck 35") will show all colored wool prices :)
    • fixed sellall bug when an item not for sale
    • /shopbuystack (buystack): buy a stack of an item (usually 64)
    • /shopbuyagain (buyagain,sba): repeat last buy action
    • /shopsellagain (sellagain,ssa): repeat last sell action
    • /shopkits (skits): show a listing of avalliable kits (will be elaborated later)
    • can now buy kits :)
    • /add now has sell as an optional parameter.. will set to -1 if not given (or if is a kit)
    Version 1.5.9b - 3/11/11 - jascotty2

    • width outputting in minecraft chat (for /shoplist): now can have item (or listing) right-align, left-align, or centered
    • implemented transaction log and total transactions record
    • no longer dependent on permissions: if missing, ops have .admin.* & everyone has .user.*
    • bugs: MySQL buy & sell is decimal(6,2), limiting price to 9,999 (plus a nondescriptive error)
      • to fix (db minecraft, table BetterShop):
      • alter table minecraft.BetterShop change column buy buy decimal(11,2);
      • alter table minecraft.BetterShop change column sell sell decimal(11,2);
    • unknown error: MySQL connection seems to get dropped & won't connect until restart plugin
      • seems to stem from iConomy (v4.4 (Arcadia)) or v0.2 [Coelho].. i only have 4.4, but .2 is being logged
      • shopload should fix this, but iconomy will still be down.. if you have a plugin like hotswap, reload iConomy
    • not a bug, but forgot to remove: debug output of select statements being executed
    Version 1.5.8(?) - 3/10/11 - jascotty2

    • fixed a sell error for one parameter
    • major-ish code restructure - removed data redundancy
    • / shopsell all [item] (alias to /shopsell [item] all)
    Version 1.5.7(?) - 3/10/11 - jascotty2

    • / shopsell [item] all added: sell all of an item that you have
    • fixed total sell value min to .01 instead of 1 (if your server uses low prices)
      • before this fix, one could get around this check by trying to sell alot of an item
    • now automatically downloads mysql dependency (zip from mysql mirror & unzip or from iConomy mirror)
    Version 1.5.5(?) - 3/9/11 - jascotty2

    • Pricelist can now be in a MySQL database
    Version 1.5.4 - 3/2/11

    Fixed some lingering bugs with lologarithm's help.

    Version 1.5.3
    Fixed sell 0 < sellprice < 1 bug.

    Version 1.5.2
    Now it'll convert your old pricelist.yml to the new 1.5.x format automagically!

    Version 1.5.1
    Fixed the bug where setting a price to -1 didn't disable it
    Fixed the "LOLWTFDOESN'TWORK" bug.
    Made price-list listing configurable in config.yml. The way it was 'sposta be.

    (older versions not shown..)

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    the plugin is great, but we need some type of default pricelist because this is going to take me ages to get a fair and working pricing system.

    can people please paste theres somewhere and give me a link? thanks :)
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    I concur, link is down. Can someone post a temporary one?
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    First, how so? And secondly, I don't mind adding support for MySQL and/or SQLite as options. Thirdly, would you like to do it?
    --- merged: Mar 2, 2011 11:32 PM ---
    link fixed
    --- merged: Mar 2, 2011 11:34 PM ---
    This is the first I've seen that. What version of BetterShop do you have there? And I'd try redownloading it. Maybe the download was corrupted.
    --- merged: Mar 2, 2011 11:36 PM ---
    This has been the problem with all shops I've tried (including back during hM0d's days). It takes a while, a little trial and error, but it can be done. If someone has a pricelist that seems fair, can they please post it and I'll include it as a default pricelist with the plugin.
    --- merged: Mar 2, 2011 11:38 PM ---
    What version of permissions do you have? Aaaaaand can you please post your entire console log during server startup so I can see the order that things load and what BetterShop is doing? That'd be very helpful.
    --- merged: Mar 2, 2011 11:40 PM ---
    I'll look into that. It's a bug I think.
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    hey. I have just finished all my pricing and stuff, now im wondering where you find the balance (of coins) that your on, please add this in or tell me the /command THANKS!
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    /money. Also check out /money help! That's iConomy magic.
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    I really wish you ran some of the other shop plugins, I can't get any other shop to work even remotely except this one lol. good work

    cb 493, icon 4.2 indev

    warning icon not yet found
    warning permissions not yet found

    then later donw the console it says "attached to permissions and icon"

    seems fine, just a weird warning
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    Thanks for the words of praise!

    Yep. I'll have to remove those warnings I think. A few people have noticed them and commented here. They're really just notifications that the plugins weren't enabled when BetterShop was enabled.
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    name: stone
    buy: 2.0
    sell: 4.0
    name: dirt
    buy: 2.0
    sell: 2.0
    name: cobblestone
    buy: 3.0
    sell: 5.0
    name: wood
    buy: 2.0
    sell: 3.0
    name: sapling
    buy: 2.0
    sell: 2.0
    name: stationarywater
    buy: 3.0
    sell: 3.0
    name: stationarylava
    buy: 5.0
    sell: 5.0
    name: sand
    buy: 2.0
    sell: 2.0
    name: gravel
    buy: 2.0
    sell: 2.0
    name: goldore
    buy: 200.0
    sell: 200.0
    name: ironore
    buy: 150.0
    sell: 150.0
    name: log
    buy: 1.0
    sell: 1.0
    name: leaves
    buy: 3.0
    sell: 5.0
    name: sponge
    buy: 8.0
    sell: 10.0
    name: glass
    buy: 3.0
    sell: 5.0
    name: lapislazuliblock
    buy: 13.0
    sell: 13.0
    name: dispenser
    buy: 22.0
    sell: 22.0
    name: sandstone
    buy: 5.0
    sell: 6.0
    name: noteblock
    buy: 15.0
    sell: 15.0
    name: whitecloth
    buy: 2.0
    sell: 4.0
    name: yellowflower
    buy: 2.0
    sell: 3.0
    name: redrose
    buy: 2.0
    sell: 3.0
    name: brownmushroom
    buy: 2.0
    sell: 3.0
    name: redmushroom
    buy: 2.0
    sell: 3.0
    name: goldblock
    buy: 450.0
    sell: 455.0
    name: ironblock
    buy: 350.0
    sell: 351.0
    name: step
    buy: 5.0
    sell: 7.0
    name: brickblock
    buy: 10.0
    sell: 11.0
    name: tnt
    buy: 30.0
    sell: 35.0
    name: bookshelf
    buy: 20.0
    sell: 21.0
    name: mossycobblestone
    buy: 15.0
    sell: 17.0
    name: obsidian
    buy: 15.0
    sell: 17.0
    name: torch
    buy: 1.0
    sell: 1.0
    name: woodenstairs
    buy: 5.0
    sell: 5.0
    name: chest
    buy: 10.0
    sell: 10.0
    name: diamondblock
    buy: 1000.0
    sell: 1005.0
    name: workbench
    buy: 3.0
    sell: 4.0
    name: furnace
    buy: 10.0
    sell: 11.0
    name: ladder
    buy: 5.0
    sell: 6.0
    name: minecarttrack
    buy: 16.0
    sell: 17.0
    name: cobblestonestairs
    buy: 6.0
    sell: 6.0
    name: lever
    buy: 2.0
    sell: 2.0
    name: stonepressureplate
    buy: 2.0
    sell: 2.0
    name: woodenpressureplate
    buy: 2.0
    sell: 2.0
    name: redstonetorchon
    buy: 1.0
    sell: 1.0
    name: stonebutton
    buy: 2.0
    sell: 2.0
    name: ice
    buy: 1.0
    sell: 1.0
    name: snowblock
    buy: 0.0
    sell: 0.0
    name: cactus
    buy: 5.0
    sell: 4.0
    name: jukebox
    buy: 30.0
    sell: 29.0
    name: fence
    buy: 5.0
    sell: 6.0
    name: pumpkin
    buy: 3.0
    sell: 3.0
    name: netherack
    buy: 6.0
    sell: 7.0
    name: soulsand
    buy: 5.0
    sell: 5.0
    name: glowstone
    buy: 6.0
    sell: 6.0
    name: jackolantern
    buy: 8.0
    sell: 9.0
    name: ironshovel
    buy: 40.0
    sell: 45.0
    name: ironpickaxe
    buy: 40.0
    sell: 45.0
    name: ironaxe
    buy: 40.0
    sell: 45.0
    name: flintandsteel
    buy: 3.0
    sell: 4.0
    name: apple
    buy: 10.0
    sell: 11.0
    name: bow
    buy: 20.0
    sell: 23.0
    name: coal
    buy: 1.0
    sell: 1.0
    name: diamond
    buy: 80.0
    sell: 80.0
    name: ironingot
    buy: 40.0
    sell: 50.0
    name: goldingot
    buy: 50.0
    sell: 50.0
    name: ironsword
    buy: 40.0
    sell: 45.0
    name: woodensword
    buy: 10.0
    sell: 15.0
    name: woodenshovel
    buy: 10.0
    sell: 15.0
    name: woodenpickaxe
    buy: 10.0
    sell: 15.0
    name: woodenaxe
    buy: 10.0
    sell: 15.0
    name: stonesword
    buy: 15.0
    sell: 20.0
    name: stoneshovel
    buy: 15.0
    sell: 20.0
    name: stoneaxe
    buy: 15.0
    sell: 20.0
    name: diamondsword
    buy: 60.0
    sell: 65.0
    name: diamondshovel
    buy: 60.0
    sell: 65.0
    name: diamondpickaxe
    buy: 60.0
    sell: 65.0
    name: diamondaxe
    buy: 60.0
    sell: 65.0
    name: stick
    buy: 1.0
    sell: 1.0
    name: bowl
    buy: 1.0
    sell: 1.0
    name: mushroomsoup
    buy: 5.0
    sell: 5.0
    name: goldsword
    buy: 20.0
    sell: 25.0
    name: goldshovel
    buy: 20.0
    sell: 25.0
    name: goldpickaxe
    buy: 20.0
    sell: 25.0
    name: goldaxe
    buy: 20.0
    sell: 25.0
    name: string
    buy: 1.0
    sell: 1.0
    name: gunpowder
    buy: 3.0
    sell: 5.0
    name: woodenhoe
    buy: 10.0
    sell: 15.0
    name: stonehoe
    buy: 15.0
    sell: 20.0
    name: ironhoe
    buy: 40.0
    sell: 45.0
    name: diamondhoe
    buy: 60.0
    sell: 65.0
    name: goldhoe
    buy: 20.0
    sell: 25.0
    name: seeds
    buy: 1.0
    sell: 2.0
    name: wheat
    buy: 2.0
    sell: 4.0
    name: bread
    buy: 6.0
    sell: 7.0
    name: leatherhelmet
    buy: 10.0
    sell: 15.0
    name: leatherchestplate
    buy: 10.0
    sell: 15.0
    name: leatherleggings
    buy: 10.0
    sell: 15.0
    name: leatherboots
    buy: 10.0
    sell: 15.0
    name: ironhelmet
    buy: 40.0
    sell: 45.0
    name: ironchestplate
    buy: 40.0
    sell: 45.0
    name: ironleggings
    buy: 40.0
    sell: 45.0
    name: ironboots
    buy: 40.0
    sell: 45.0
    name: diamondhelmet
    buy: 60.0
    sell: 65.0
    name: diamondchestplate
    buy: 60.0
    sell: 65.0
    name: diamondleggings
    buy: 60.0
    sell: 65.0
    name: diamondboots
    buy: 60.0
    sell: 65.0
    name: goldhelmet
    buy: 20.0
    sell: 25.0
    name: goldchestplate
    buy: 20.0
    sell: 25.0
    name: goldleggings
    buy: 20.0
    sell: 25.0
    name: goldboots
    buy: 20.0
    sell: 25.0
    name: flint
    buy: 3.0
    sell: 3.0
    name: pork
    buy: 4.0
    sell: 4.0
    name: grilledpork
    buy: 6.0
    sell: 5.0
    name: painting
    buy: 15.0
    sell: 15.0
    name: goldenapple
    buy: 1500.0
    sell: 1550.0
    name: sign
    buy: 5.0
    sell: 6.0
    name: woodendoor
    buy: 3.0
    sell: 4.0
    name: bucket
    buy: 3.0
    sell: 4.0
    name: waterbucket
    buy: 4.0
    sell: 5.0
    name: lavabucket
    buy: 6.0
    sell: 7.0
    name: minecart
    buy: 15.0
    sell: 15.0
    name: saddle
    buy: 5.0
    sell: 5.0
    name: irondoor
    buy: 5.0
    sell: 6.0
    name: redstone
    buy: 10.0
    sell: 11.0
    name: snowball
    buy: 1.0
    sell: 0.0
    name: boat
    buy: 5.0
    sell: 5.0
    name: leather
    buy: 1.0
    sell: 1.0
    name: milkbucket
    buy: 5.0
    sell: 6.0
    name: claybrick
    buy: 4.0
    sell: 5.0
    name: clayball
    buy: 2.0
    sell: 1.0
    name: reeds
    buy: 3.0
    sell: 4.0
    name: paper
    buy: 4.0
    sell: 4.0
    name: book
    buy: 4.0
    sell: 4.0
    name: slimeball
    buy: 4.0
    sell: 4.0
    name: storageminecart
    buy: 17.0
    sell: 17.0
    name: poweredminecart
    buy: 17.0
    sell: 17.0
    name: egg
    buy: 1.0
    sell: 1.0
    name: compass
    buy: 10.0
    sell: 10.0
    name: fishingrod
    buy: 15.0
    sell: 16.0
    name: watch
    buy: 10.0
    sell: 10.0
    name: lightstonedust
    buy: 2.0
    sell: 2.0
    name: rawfish
    buy: 1.0
    sell: 1.0
    name: cookedfish
    buy: 3.0
    sell: 3.0
    name: blackdye
    buy: 4.0
    sell: 5.0
    name: bone
    buy: 3.0
    sell: 4.0
    name: sugar
    buy: 5.0
    sell: 4.0
    name: cake
    buy: 20.0
    sell: 25.0
    name: goldrecord
    buy: 50.0
    sell: 50.0
    name: greenrecord
    buy: 50.0
    sell: 50.0

    this is good i think because the people will make more money (then you will get faggets that will just buy stuff to sell it for more but you know...)
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    1. better integration, easy administration, a website which shows all the prices needs mysql
    2. hm, okay.. there are several alternatives
    3. No, I don't like to do this. Reason: 2
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    This is ok, but I believe that the sell price should never exceed the buy price so that people don't make money by doing "/buy cake 9000" "/sell cake 9000". I think that it's a good idea for the player to have to do something to make money. For example, buy iron ore, cook the ore, make iron pickaxe, sell iron pickaxe for a little more than the buy price of the iron ore and sticks.
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    i keep getting the message "there is no page 1" when i do /shoplist I have items posted in the price list. Any suggestions?
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    Try this:
    First backup your pricelist.yml
    Start the plugin
    Use /sadd stone 1 1
    Then use /slist. Do you see [ stone ] Buy: 1 Sell: 1?
    Now do a /reload.
    Use /slist. Do you still see [ stone ] Buy: 1 Sell: 1?
    If so, then the problem with your old pricelist.yml. You can look at the new one and compare it to the format of your old one and fix it properly.
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    I'd just like to thank you for this awesome plugin. When all the other plugins were down and out, you updated first.
    Much appreciated. Works like a champ.
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    [SEVERE] Could not pass event PLUGIN_ENABLE to BetterShop
    java.lang.NoClassDefFoundError: com/nijiko/coelho/iConomy/system/Bank
    at com.nhksos.jjfs85.BetterShop.BetterShop$Listener.onPluginEnabled(BetterShop.java:50)
    at org.bukkit.plugin.java.JavaPluginLoader$32.execute(JavaPluginLoader.java:289)
    at org.bukkit.plugin.RegisteredListener.callEvent(RegisteredListener.java:59)
    at org.bukkit.plugin.SimplePluginManager.callEvent(SimplePluginManager.java:225)
    at org.bukkit.plugin.java.JavaPluginLoader.enablePlugin(JavaPluginLoader.java:424)
    at org.bukkit.plugin.SimplePluginManager.enablePlugin(SimplePluginManager.java:187)
    at com.nijikokun.cjcfork.bukkit.General.General.setupiConomy(General.java:280)
    at com.nijikokun.cjcfork.bukkit.General.General.onEnable(General.java:155)
    at org.bukkit.plugin.java.JavaPlugin.setEnabled(JavaPlugin.java:140)
    at org.bukkit.plugin.java.JavaPluginLoader.enablePlugin(JavaPluginLoader.java:426)
    at org.bukkit.plugin.SimplePluginManager.enablePlugin(SimplePluginManager.java:187)
    at org.bukkit.craftbukkit.CraftServer.loadPlugin(CraftServer.java:79)
    at org.bukkit.craftbukkit.CraftServer.loadPlugins(CraftServer.java:60)
    at net.minecraft.server.MinecraftServer.e(MinecraftServer.java:187)
    at net.minecraft.server.MinecraftServer.a(MinecraftServer.java:174)
    at net.minecraft.server.MinecraftServer.d(MinecraftServer.java:120)
    at net.minecraft.server.MinecraftServer.run(MinecraftServer.java:227)
    at net.minecraft.server.ThreadServerApplication.run(SourceFile:366)
    Caused by: java.lang.ClassNotFoundException: com.nijiko.coelho.iConomy.system.Bank
    at java.net.URLClassLoader$1.run(Unknown Source)
    at java.security.AccessController.doPrivileged(Native Method)
    at java.net.URLClassLoader.findClass(Unknown Source)
    at org.bukkit.plugin.java.PluginClassLoader.findClass(PluginClassLoader.java:30)
    at java.lang.ClassLoader.loadClass(Unknown Source)
    at java.lang.ClassLoader.loadClass(Unknown Source)
    ... 18 more
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    Upgrade your iConomy.
    And possibly your craftbukkit.
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    Almost identical problem to above. Freshly downloaded server, iConomy and Permissions.
    Hoping to use this, looks like a great plugin.
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    alright, something is up. I dont know what is doing it, but when someone uses the /shopsell (unknown) a certain time about once a day, it will kick everyone from the server, yet the server is running fine. This bug has been in every version and I'd really like to narrow it down. It's rare, but consistent, about once a day, and i ask trying to figure out what did it, and usually this is involved. I'll test further, but let me know if anyone has had this mysterious bug of kicking every person off the server with no sign of errors
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    With the latest update I still can't set sell to shop prices below 1.00.. otherwise it won't buy em.
  20. Offline


    Update tomorrow.
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    There are some issues with damage-codes. Let me give an example:
    I added cloth for 2 (buy) and 1.6 (sell). Afterwards I added red cloth for 7 (buy) and 5.6 (sell). Both items are listed with their prices when using /shoplist or /shopcheck; however when purchasing red cloth it uses the price of white wool.
    Similar issue when I tried to add 351:11 (lapis dye); it was listed but couldn't be purchased (I guess since I didn't add 351:0 ?).
    There are some naming-issues too (again with color/colored wool. For example orange cloth is named whitecloth; lapis dye is named yellow or red (can't remember....)), but these aren't that bad.

    I used your version 1.5.4 and b478 (every other plugin is running fine with this and I didn't run into any issues with BetterShop up until now, so I didn't want to upgrade.... might these problems occur because b478 is not supported?)

    Edit: Just retried buying red cloth and it works now; maybe I had to restart the server?
    However, the issues about naming stayed... and not every clothcolor I added is still listed. And those that are listed have partially wrong prices....

    Edit2: When selling colored cloth it will sell normal (or even all?) cloth too.... thus making it possible to get large amounts of money by paying only 2 gold per white cloth and getting 5 gold per selling them as red cloth (though they are still white)
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    I'll take a look at this tonight. Thank you for the bug report. :D
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    someone attempted to buy iron and didnt have enough money. Deducted the money anyway. Noticed it after he did a shopcheck on it. The amount lost was 600 ballerpoints
  24. Offline


    I would love this plugin, if it had MySQL connectivity
  25. Offline


    Just want to thank you for your good work!
    Works perfect for me! My users are happy!

    Running on:
    Cb 493(recommended)
    iConomy 4.3
    Permissions 2.5.2
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    Greetings :)

    Updated to the latest build earlier. In doing so:
    1. the pricelist was wiped (as you apparently expected - good thing I had a backup)
    2. it loaded the first time without errors
    3. it had errors immediately upon trying a command
    4. reloading the server did not fix it
    5. copying in the pricelist backup causes a new error upon loading the server (See below.)
    6. noticed that BetterShop is loading BEFORE iConomy, if that is at all useful.
    2011-03-05 20:11:16 [SEVERE] Could not pass event PLUGIN_ENABLE to BetterShop
    java.lang.NoClassDefFoundError: com/nijiko/coelho/iConomy/system/Bank
            at com.nhksos.jjfs85.BetterShop.BetterShop$Listener.onPluginEnabled(Bett
            at org.bukkit.plugin.java.JavaPluginLoader$32.execute(JavaPluginLoader.j
            at org.bukkit.plugin.RegisteredListener.callEvent(RegisteredListener.jav
            at org.bukkit.plugin.SimplePluginManager.callEvent(SimplePluginManager.j
            at org.bukkit.plugin.java.JavaPluginLoader.enablePlugin(JavaPluginLoader
            at org.bukkit.plugin.SimplePluginManager.enablePlugin(SimplePluginManage
            at org.bukkit.craftbukkit.CraftServer.loadPlugin(CraftServer.java:79)
            at org.bukkit.craftbukkit.CraftServer.loadPlugins(CraftServer.java:60)
            at net.minecraft.server.MinecraftServer.e(MinecraftServer.java:187)
            at net.minecraft.server.MinecraftServer.a(MinecraftServer.java:174)
            at net.minecraft.server.MinecraftServer.d(MinecraftServer.java:120)
            at net.minecraft.server.MinecraftServer.run(MinecraftServer.java:227)
            at net.minecraft.server.ThreadServerApplication.run(SourceFile:366)
    Caused by: java.lang.ClassNotFoundException: com.nijiko.coelho.iConomy.system.Ba
            at java.net.URLClassLoader$1.run(Unknown Source)
            at java.security.AccessController.doPrivileged(Native Method)
            at java.net.URLClassLoader.findClass(Unknown Source)
            at org.bukkit.plugin.java.PluginClassLoader.findClass(PluginClassLoader.
            at java.lang.ClassLoader.loadClass(Unknown Source)
            at java.lang.ClassLoader.loadClass(Unknown Source)
            ... 13 more
    2011-03-05 20:11:16 [INFO] [iConomy] Logging is currently disabled.
    2011-03-05 20:11:16 [INFO] [iConomy] v4.3 (Lind) loaded.
    2011-03-05 20:11:16 [INFO] [iConomy] Developed by: [Nijikokun, Coelho]

    I went ahead and deleted both iConomy and BetterShop, started and reloaded the server once through, then installed a clean copy of iConomy (loaded and stopped server) and then the same for BetterShop. The errors continued to show. I noticed you mentioning errors regarding a blank price list, so I went ahead and copied in the information for our price list and reloaded the server. Still errors. =/ No luck!

    Hope this helps and thanks for your assistance! <3
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  28. Offline


    Try the latest recommended CB. Its 493. (Or if u have so.. update ur sig ;))
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    Besides not being able to sell stuff for under 1 yet, the dyes seem to share the same item id? I was going to sell bonemeal to the store, but it sold my redrose stuff instead? After some experimenting it treats all of them the same it would seem.
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    ^^ I tried with both 440 and newest recc'd build 493. I was hesitant to update the build b/c a few other plugins went kaput, but I've since removed some instead. Not having any luck on the latest build, but worth another try anyways, of course.

    EDIT (3/7/11)

    Well, I went through and gave everything another try with a clean install on an existing iConomy. Showed up fine (again) for the first couple reloads of the server. I added an item in game before copying over my older items. I noticed the difference in coding, however. I went ahead and reloaded (stopped/started) the server as it was as I'd recalled reading that there was an auto-conversion.

    It came up with errors afterwards - no changes to the file format, either. I went ahead and manually added the sub0 after the different items to match the formatting and viola! She works! Not sure if that was entirely it, as having a space after an item also produced another type of error (removing the space fixed it). Either way, it's up and working!

    Thanks. :)
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    i'd like to issue a feature request: an option to instead use a MySQL pricelist database
    that would make it much easier for me to add a summary page to my website, and edit prices

    also: a bug: if there are 9 items in the shop (2 pages, 2nd has 1 item) it will still say page 1 of 1 (but will not show the last item)

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