Inactive [INACTIVE] CommandDisabler 1.0 - USE BUKKIT.YML INSTEAD!

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    CommandDisabler - v1.0 by Sleaker

    This project has been superceded by bukkit.yml functionality.

    Please refer to the bukkit wiki on how to setup command aliases to disable player access to commands.

    I will NOT update this plugin, or provide source for anyone else to do so. Thank you for understanding.
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    How well does this work with commands using variables, or multiple words.
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    @NEO t doesn't check against args at all - it tests against the beginning of the command message. So it only checks the beginning of the command typed against the list of disabled 'commands'. example: You have 'kill' in your disabled list. It will block any command beginning with /kill regardless of anything that comes after it whether there are spaces or not. It will NOT cancel any other command ever. Such as: /tp Sleaker to XkillerX
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    Nice.. please add a 'reload' option.
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    a reload option? set the config manually, reload/restart your server :-/
    The plugin is designed to not need server interaction - ie - player commands.
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    Yeap, but ppl like me that have a 300+ server running LWC with 10 million protections can't even think in using /reload. (my server would simple crash) In fact there are many disadvantages in running /reload, even on low-end servers.
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    so use plugman to reload it dynamically? I mean really guys.. there are many other ways to reload a lightweight plugin. or just set the config up and have it reload on your next server restart.
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    i just thought, "Yeah, finally a way to diasalbe that /plugins command", but then i remembered that the new intern alias-system from bukkit (since#928) also can do this.
    thank you anyway for your work!
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    @Taranis01 - Already tested, it can't disable internal notch commands. it can only alias 1 command at a time. Nothc commands work with ANYTHING a player types that is prefixed by the notch command. Bukkit only handles per-command aliasing. so if you attempt to use bukkit aliasing to alias /kill to nothing, your players can still type /killsss (or any infinite character combination thereof). In your example if you simply alias away /plugins via Bukkit I gaurantee I can still connect to your server and type /pluginss and get the plugin listing.
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    tha d0ctor

    would you be able to edit this to disable a certain plugin's commands? like essential's /home etc..
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    no: if you want to replace one plugins commands with another plugins commands. Then you need to manually edit the plugin.yml in the jar file of the plugin you no longer want the command for. Or alternatively don't use bloat like essentials (My Opinion)

    Yes: if you want to completely disallow any use of ANY /home command.
  13. or you don't use essentials... *facepalm*
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    Notch commands are handled differently to CraftBukkit commands... Also Notch commands are handled with 'startsWith' which means '/stopssssssss' triggers '/stop' even though they are two completely different commands.

    CraftBukkit handles commands differently and '/pluginss' should NOT trigger '/plugins'

    The alias system can be used to direct notch commands to bukkit commands, however it can't be used to remove them completely... You should be able to use "stop : ['help']" to alias stop to the help comand instead of stopping your server, however you can't just do "stop : ''" as all that is telling CB to remove the command handling of that command from Bukkit... but it still gets processed by Minecrafts command handling.
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    @Rigby - Notch commands still get passed to the command pre-processor. My plugin blocks ANY command you want that begins with the strings you define in the config. Not sure why you quoted me as I already understand how bukkit is handling the aliases. I was saying that the bukkit alias system doesn't alias out all variations of something you can type to trigger notch commands and as such, there was a need for this plugin.
    As far as plugins being a bukkit command, that makes more sense. in that it wont trigger on pluginss. But the example is still valid for disabling other commands such as kill, or to just disable any command you don't want.
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    Yeh the explanation was more in response to your OP stating that 'pluginsssss' triggers 'plugins' when it doesn't. But no worries seems like you're well aware of how commands are handled and it was just an example :).
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    tha d0ctor

    thanks for you unhelpful condescending comment.*facepalm*

    Essentials is just fine, I'll stick to un-raring and editing the yml
  18. ok then. Enjoy your bloat
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    Thanks for the plugin!
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    Please update the download link!
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    Dude, I have been looking for something like this ever since I started my server. I can not thank you enough for this amazing and simple plugin!
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    Hey :p Could you update your plugin so it is command disables per world ? Cause i have a commanding world and a non commanding world :D
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    Leon Philips

    Nice plugin,Could you make it possible to disable a specific command for example:

    /i TNT *
    (the * is a wildcart so anything behind tnt is included)
    So: that /i isn't disabled but they can't cheat [tnt]
    So: the use of: /i wood [Nummeric] is allowed

    Is that possible? (I'm trying to make my normal map Non-Holed wich get's realy hard if they have cheat perm's)
  25. So multiworld support? Im trying to use this plugin that makes it so players can buy fly permits and use feathers to fly. The problem is I want them to only buy them in certain worlds. The dev of the plugin doesn't use any permission nodes so..... please?
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    if you don't want players getting tnt on your server just add - 'i tnt' to the list of disabled commands like I mentioned in the original post - it will look at whatever the player has typed and disallow the command if the denial string is contained within the players command string. I'll add this to the example configuration

    Unfortunately that seems like something beyond the scope of this plugin, It seems more like you should request proper permission support in the fly mod than trying to limit it via other plugins. Just my thoughts though.

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    Nice plugin ! Can you add mutliworld support :) ?

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    I had:
    - kill

    In the config yet I coudl still kill myself?

    Sorry for my stupidity, somehow the .jar automatically loaded that to be "disabledplugins:" instead of "disabledcommands:" i've changed it manually and works fine.
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    Hmmm not sure how that happened as this is the code in the plugin for loading the default:

    config.setProperty("disabledcommands", null);
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    how can i check the server plugin list besides using the command /plugins ?
    because ive disabled but know a user who can still check the listing and wont tell me how :/

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