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    Notice: I have ceased development on my plugins. If you wish to continue developing anything, feel free to fork the repository on GitHub!

    Version: 0.9.3

    The ChatterCraft Web Addon is now included with FabianN's repack of Minecraft Overviewer. Get the latest Minecraft Overviewer at http://github.com/FabianN/Minecraft-Overviewer then grab the plugin JAR below.

    The ChatterCraft Web Addon included with FabianN's repack is OUT OF DATE. Feel free to download FabianN's Overviewer, but if you want to use ChatterCraft, you'll need to follow steps 1 and 2 of "To add ChatterCraft to Andrew Brown's ORIGINAL Minecraft Overviewer" below. Steps 3 - 6 are already done, all you need to do is replace the files in 'web_assets/chattercraft/' with the new ones in 'web/chattercraft/' of the ZIP file.

    Download ZIP (contains Latest JAR, example configuration, and Minecraft Overviewer add on)
    Download Stable JAR

    Testing Version: Download Testing JAR

    Source | Issues/TODO | Changelog (GitHub)

    To add ChatterCraft to Andrew Brown's ORIGINAL Minecraft Overviewer do the following:
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    1. Download the ZIP above
    2. Extract the contents of the 'web' folder to the 'web_assets' folder of your Minecraft Overviewer installation.
    3. Add a <link> tag for ChatterCraft's style sheet after the other style sheets <link> tags, but BEFORE the <script> tags in 'index.html':
      <link rel="stylesheet" type="text/css" href="chattercraft/chattercraft.css" />
    4. Add a <script> tag for ChatterCraft's script after the other <script> tags but BEFORE the </head> tag.
      <script type="text/javascript" src="chattercraft/chattercraft.js"></script>
    5. Locate the <body> tag, it may look like this:
      <body onload="overviewer.util.initialize()">
      Add a semicolon (;)after the '()' and then add 'chattercraft.init()'. It should look like this:
      <body onload="overviewer.util.initialize(); chattercraft.init()">
    6. One more thing to add, after the <div> tag for the map:
                           <div id="mcmap"></div>
                           <!-- ChatterCraft start -->
                           <div id="chattercraft">
                           <div id="chattercraft_loginwin"> 
                             			<label for="chattercraft_username_field">Username:</label> 
                             			<input type="text" id="chattercraft_username_field" /> 
                             			<a href="Javascript:;" onclick="chattercraft.set_username();" class="image-button">Login</a> 
                             		<div id="chattercraft_chatwin"> 
                             			<div id="chattercraft_status_message"></div> 
                             			<div id="chattercraft_messages"></div> 
                             			<div id="chattercraft_userlist"></div> 
                             		<div id="chattercraft_sendform"> 
                             			<input type="text" id="chattercraft_sendform-msg" name="msg" /> 
                             			<a href="Javascript:;" onclick="chattercraft.send_message();" class="image-button" id="chattercraft_send_button" >Send</a> 
                             	<!-- ChatterCraft end -->
      Please make sure the <div id="mcmap"></div> appears only once! I included it for clarity!
    The above instructions are for the original Minecraft Overviewer available here. If you get FabianN's version (here) ChatterCraft is already included! You will just need the JAR download below!

    Setting up the Bukkit Plugin
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    1. Download either the JAR only or the ZIP. The ZIP also contains the example configuration file below. You do not need the web stuff if you are using FabianN's version of Minecraft Overviewer.
    2. Move 'ChatterCraftPlugin.jar' into your plugins directory.
    3. Optionally, create a directory in your plugins directory called 'ChatterCraft' and put your config.yml inside it. See the configuration example and explanations below.
    4. Start CraftBukkit.
    5. Report problems with installation here. Please include the 'gibberish' from the log if the plugin throws errors. Pastebin links only, please!

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    • Chat with players on the server
    • Track locations of players on a Minecraft Overviewer map (requires you to set up and render a Minecraft Overview map)
    • Minequery replacement - compatible with Minestatus, etc.

    Configuration Example: ('%BUKKIT_HOME%/plugins/ChatterCraft/config.yml')
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    port: 25566
    chat_enabled: true
    chat_tag: "&f<&b[WWW Portal] &c%u&f> "
    send_all_chats: true
        signon: true
        signoff: true
    The above configuration is the default. If you do not provide a config.yml, these defaults will be used. Feel free to omit any options that you do not need.
    • port: Port number for the query server
    • chat_enabled: Enable or disable all WWW chat. Does not affect chat between in-game players.
    • chat_tag: The ENTIRE prefix to messages sent from the Web to users in-game. It is recommended that you include the username and something indicating that it was sent from the web. You can use the place holder '%u' for the username. Use '&' followed by a color code (0-9,a-f) to change the color of the text after that point. The default is the same as it has always been. Experiment to see what you like best. Make sure this is in quotes so the white space is handled properly.
    • send_all_chats: Whether or not to allow WWW users to see in-game chats.
    • notify.signon: Notify in-game users of a WWW user logging in.
    • notify.signoff: Notify in-game users of a WWW user disconnecting.

    Changelog (Minecraft Overviewer Addon)
    Version 1.5
    • ChatterCraft uses GET requests now instead of POST requests.
    Version 1.4
    • Updated buttons
    Version 1.3
    • Added player Info Windows
    • Changed player markers icon to be generated using the player's skin.
    Version 1.2
    • Added option to disable player location markers.
    Version 1.1
    • Added Press Enter to Send Message
    • Added Press Enter to Login
    Version 1.0
    • Fixed CSS glitches (scrollbar in wrong place, 1 pixel glitches).
    • Shrunk text size in chat.
    Version 0.9
    • Initial version.
    Changelog (Plugin)
    Version TESTING:
    • Create default plugin configuration file when a configuration file is not present.
    • Optionally log all chats (enabled by default, disable by adding 'log_all_chats: false' to your config file.
    Version 0.9.3
    • Fixed bug where ChatterCraft server was started before the config was loaded, causing it to ignore the settings in 'config.yml'.
    Version 0.9.2
    • Added option to change the chat prefix for chats being sent from the Web.
    Version 0.9.1
    • Added configuration
    Version 0.9
    • Initial release
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    Hmmmm....so I'm running Ubuntu, I've installed a few bits from PHP. Would there possibly be a library I'm missing?
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    Make sure you have the libapache2-mod-php5 package ("sudo apt-get install libapache2-mod-php5")

    EDIT: Assuming you are using Apache for your HTTP server...
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    And that did it! Awesome, thank you so much!
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    Thanks to a suggestion be @Treboran I have added the option to disable player location markers on the map. If you look in the chattercraft/chattercraft.js file, you'll find a new option towards the top:


    Simply, set it to false to disable player location markers on your map.

    Grab the new ZIP from here.
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    The new option works, I'm back to the markers from Mapmarkers. :)

    That being said...since you're actively working on your plugin and Mapmarkers seems stalled, I would switch to just ChatterCraft in a heartbeat if you were able to do skin based markers. Perhaps check out the code from Mapmarkers?
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    My idea for this was to take a basic marker image (like the one that is already used without any icon on it) and superimpose the skin based 'avatar' over it. That way it would look like a legit Google Maps interface. I was looking at the code for mapmarkers and it looks like it uses a cache as well. I will definitely do this, but right now I have another plugin that I'm getting ready to release that will also integrate with Overviewer.
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    That sounds great. Definitely interested to see what else you're cooking....
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    I have implemented Player Avatar markers. Please replace chattercraft.js with the new one from my GitHub. Delete the two images and replace with them with marker_blank.png and marker_shadow.png. Finally, grab the icon.php file for handling the player avatars.

    Now, I need suggestions for what should appear in the info box when you click on the players. So far I have:
    • Forward facing image of the player skin.
    • Player's name
    Any ideas?

    EDIT: It works now. Test it: http://minecraft.schneenet.com/
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    Having some issues with the new version. Chat works, markers don't. Restarted Apache along with the server proc. I had to revert to my other marker system. Wonder what I broke.....

    Thanks for the help tonight, man. Hope you're enjoying your time on the server as well. :cool:

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    Can you make your chat understand unicode? I have cyrillic symbols in the game but the web chat doesn't recognize them.
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    Unfortunately, I have no idea how to do this. I have tried to change the encoding of every single file to UTF-8, add the <meta> headers and add it to the header call in PHP. Even then, Unicode chars still show up as a little question mark inside the black diamond. If someone wants to fork my repository and fix the Java code or something, I seriously have no idea where to begin. I will probably be posting to Stack Overflow about this.
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    Thanks for your attention :)
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    Any chance you could take a peak and tell me what I'm doing wrong, got all the css/js in the right places, PHP is workign on the server.

    when you click chat, it doesnt popup though.
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    The window was there, but it was opening BEHIND the Map (which covers the entire window). Move the ChatterCraft DIV to after the mcmap DIV. Then it should work. Check out this for an example.
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    thanks, that did the trick! :)

    the only other small problem im having is that it doesnt listen on the port I specify in the config. I dont see "chattercraft" loading, but after looking at the jar, it loads something called Waypoints.

    Something you should add to the instructions, Waypoints folder needs to be created, or you get a ton of errors in console.

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    Oh boy. The "ChatterCraftPlugin.jar" is the wrong JAR. Honestly, that is my mistake and it slipped through my quality control. Go ahead and re-download this ZIP file, it contains the CORRECT ChatterCraftPlugin.jar. Unless you want to use Waypoints, you won't need the "Waypoints" folder. To verify you have the correct JAR, open it in 7-zip or any other archive utility and verify it contains 'com/schneenet/minecraft/ChatterCraft/' and the plugin.yml has ChatterCraft for the name.

    'Waypoints' is another one of my plugins, I must have built a JAR for it with the name 'ChatterCraftPlugin.jar' instead. Whoops. So, your small problem is actually my large problem.
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    Sorry but the download link doesn't work. Can you fix it? Thanx.

    Edit: It works now, thanks again.
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    The archive appears to be corrupt, can you upload a fixed version?
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    I've been having problems with my server. Please try again.
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    Still says the archive is corrupt. I found an older version of the jar and grabbed the rest from source, it works on my server except for double-posting (typing in chat posts 4 in chat and 2 in game; typing in game posts 1 in game and 2 in chat) Dunno if it's related
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    Probably not the most ideal way to do that. I would rather you try to clone my GitHub and build a JAR. I use Eclipse for development. However, I would REALLY rather fix the problem with the JAR on my server. I am rather stumped, because when I download the ZIP file and unzip it using 7-zip, the JAR file works correctly and I have no problems. I can test with Windows Explorer in Windows 7, but I have no other archive tools installed as 7-zip fulfills all of my archive needs.

    What archive software are you using?
    What is the MD5 of the ZIP you downloaded and the JAR you extracted from that?

    Edit: Latest JAR is here.
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    Says corrupted for me as well. Really looking forward to trying this out. Thanks.

    EDIT: Used the JAR you provided in a previous post and the web files from your Github and got it working. Thanks.
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    I was using 7zip, think I tried winrar and the windows one as well.

    I'll have to give it a try later. I used an older one and it's working, but I'm getting those double posts and such. I'll download the latest one and give it a try. It's not a huge deal since it's just a couple of us on the server so I don't think anyone really uses it, but it is nice to have available.
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    Were you able to get player location to work? I haven't had much luck. In addition the chat logs out the mobile user after a shirt period of time. Using Google chrome as browser.
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    Sorry for no replies in a few days. I've been quite busy. On Wednesday my wife gave birth to our beautiful baby girl, Lilli.
    I used 7-zip to make the ZIP archive. I can make a 7z archive and try that or tweak the settings on the ZIP one. It might be that since I was using 7-zip to make my own texture pack.

    If you switch tabs on Google Chrome, the JavaScript timers that ping the server every now and again stop working, and the server assumes you have closed the window and logs you out. After realizing this, I have planned to change this to an explicit log out function that is called either when you click a button or navigate away from the page (which includes closing the window.) Then the plugin would never disconnect anyone unless the log out function is called.

    EDIT: New ZIP is live and it SHOULD work. It is here.
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    Thanks for the update. Ill try the new zip this weekend.
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    I can confirm the zip is working at the office. Assuming it will be fine at home as well.

    And congratulations on your daughter!
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    Grats! My first daughter was born right before Father's Day as well...18 years ago...:p
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    Please report any problems with this plugin on the new RB's in this thread. It should work properly with 935. Thank you!
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    I think I need some support with this... I have the map working fine, but it does not show anyone is online, nor does it have player locations on the map. It seems like there is a large portion of the setup tutorial missing, which is causing this not to work properly.

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