[INACTIVE] bShot 2.4 - autocorrects the chest/sign wipe bug by from a backup of data [1000]

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    autocorrects the chest/sign wipe bug from a backup of data

    System.out.println("[bShot] Be proud, be tall, bShot.");
    Download 2.4

    • stores a backup of all chest and sign data in memory.
    • only operates when chunks load/unload so zero performance impact on the average server.
    • persistant data stored in chunks.hmap in the server root. DO NOT DELETE THIS FILE!
    How to use:
    • drop into plugins/
    • leave running in the background
    • don't delete chunks.hmap - this is where all the raw data is stored when you stop your server!
    • 31/07/2011 - 2.2 - fixed unexpected NPE
    • 01/08/2011 - 2.3 - fixed another bout of unexpected NPE's - stupid unserializable CraftBukkit objects
    • 01/08/2011 - 2.4 - added extra anti-NPE protection and increased performance
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    Testing this. Even if it doesn't work properly, if it reduces the chest wiping at all it's worth using.
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    Don't forget to, please.
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    Just when I was going to use this =S
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    The plugin so far has been doing a good job at making sure things aren't wiped BUT.. it duplicates items in chests and repairs items frequently.
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    i modified this plugin to fix issues. to do it i just change the event to recovery object.

    the event was onChunkLoad but i think the problem was the chunk was not finished to load so the plugin can't put the item on chest... I also fixed the problem of null pointer

    this is my version, it seem to be working.

    link: http://mine-elite.fr/plugin/bShotCustom.jar

    You must remove bshot from your plugin. Put the plugin in the folder and restart your server.

    PS: i'm french so sorry for my english :S
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    Thank you I will test this out
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    some how my comment didnt get in here? well can you make this "IconomyChestshop" copatible, it will not open the iconomychestshop plugin if i have this :/
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    Thanks timoun this has been working very well for me.
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    Feel free to release it and credit me as the original author.
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    Well I tested ^ it does not error anymore but still does not actually work very well signs and chests are going missing by the day :( I guess the only way to fix this is to hound notch until he bleeds over it. Tho imo I think he is waiting for 1.8 to fix it and I'd be damned if im going to wait that long or even use 1.8 until some months after release going by his track record I expect 1.8 to break the game 2x worse than 1.6 did.

    Not to mention I'm going to need to generate a new world to explore and wait for the bazzillion plugins to change and work with his new stuff like I know Citizens will probably make use of his Inbuilt Npc's Ai and well yea im not going into detail how much waiting I will need to do.

    Nice try on this plugin all the same if you ever manage to get this working send me a PM :) I'm still desperately interested in Paying to get this fixed, Maybe I could extend my offer to @EvilSeph and get craftbukkit.
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    You are already credit in this plugin, its your plugin, that why it is in your thread

    new Craftbukkit 1060 fix this bug
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    Are you saying that 1060 has fixed the chest and sign wipe bug ?, If so where can I find the info about it being fixed ?
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    you can see in build 1044 , here (see the change)
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    I see and is it not so experimental now ?
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    I have been told by several developers on IRC that is has been fixed in 1060. I want to update but a few essential plugins I use aren't ready for 1060 yet.
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    That is correct.
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    Good stuff, yea I have been using 1060 for a last week now and its being going fine no reports issues to do with signs and chests as yet.

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