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  2. does herobrine always spawn on the throne?
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    Funciona en la version 1.7.3?


    Does it work in version 1.7.3?
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    You would make a thunder, when He spawn
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    he dosent spawn any help it says its enabled
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    why Isnt he spawning??? I built it Correctly checked it 10 times and he still isnt spawning please help..
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    I will not help you if you just say he won't spawn. Give me details.
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    Heh , Very nice plugin. First time me and my friends saw it, I Shit a brick. XD
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    it says that basicherobrine enabled and i make the throne with mossycobble in middle netherrack on top gold blocks around redstone torches light it and its at night no spawn
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    You fail again. I need INFORMATION. Send me your server log.
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    OMFG, thats was awesome :p had some trouble getting it to work but that was awesome! thanks :)
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    I don't know if this is supposed to happen, but when we do it, it instantly turns night, lightning strikes, super creepers spawn, but then he disappears and it turns day again with the creepers still there. Is he supposed to go and ravage and blow up stuff or is that not in this one?

    Anyway, I had fun with what we were able to do, so yea.
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    Same happens to me. Also, I can't avoid getting hit by the lightning once I light the throne on fire.
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    Hey there, I have the plugin and I think it's a great idea![gold]
    But I have a problem, all Herobrine does is stand there and disappear :confused: which to be honest I find a bit boring, please could you make him behave like he did in all the legends? (stalking, smashing stuff, summoning zombies and all that shiz)
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    13:19:03 [INFO] [BasicHerobrine] BasicHerobrine version 1.2.1 has been enabled.
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    I Built it Correctly But nothing happens i rebuilt it 5x than Gave up because He Never appeared Not During The Day and Not During the night Do i need to Download a Achivements mod?
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    why dont you just make it spawn a monster (steve)
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    Because there is absolutely no code left in Minecraft for steve?
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    Keep up the good work man. Although the plugin is basic, at least it's a step in the right direction towards a real Herobrine plugin.

    NONE of the Herobrine plugins, including Tips48's, get Herobrine just right. Tips' feels like a glorified mugger. First time he spawned on the server he appeared right behind someone, set them on fire, bashed them in the head, stole their shovel, and left a redstone torch. No mystery or eeriness in it at all.
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    -_- what about TechGuard's one?
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    That one has been delayed so many times I'm not sure it's going to get finalized.
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    There's a test version out.
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    Test, as in alpha he said on the thread. It's along time before Alpha becomes Beta, and Beta becomes final.

    Amen lol. Thanks that comment just made my day, I think I'll work on Herobrine some more (as in all) of today!

    Edit: I'm working on my more advanced version that isnt doomed with glitches that follows the same idea of BasicHerobrine.

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    Never seen nor heard of it. Link?

    Cool! I mean, the shock my playerbase had as a result of the attack was pretty big. I'm 90% sure they think it was a real attack(mostly because the one who got attacked is a minecraft fanatic and also a crappy troll), but if it keeps happening(lol) they'll start to suspect it's just programmed to beat the crap out of them and steal their shit.

    Something more elusive would be nice, with MINOR player/herobrine interaction. Random tunnels with redstone torches, odd out-of-place pyramids and leafless trees, as well as signs with ambiguous passive-aggressive phrases like you shouldnt have done that' on them. THAT's what I know herobrine to be. Would be even cooler if you could add options to add names to sign, should the admin know the people's names. That'd really freak them out.

    The OCCASSIONAL attack would be approapriate; -sometimes- Herobrine -does- attack when hit. Sometimes he doesn't. Sometimes he can't take damage at all. Sometimes he tries to lead you into a trap. My god, some of the things the plugin I'm using has herobrine programmed to say are just... Silly and cliche. Not ever remotely creepy! I disabled all his 'chat' stuff. I do think it's neat what Tips' spout-related stuff allows herobrine to do(turn it to night, start it raining, set render distance to tiny if you have spoutcraft), but other then that it doesn't really fit the bill.

    If you can get the best end result, I'll be happy. Dunno why people have been giving you shit on here. I wouldn't take it personally; there are lots of weird herobrine people out there now. Don't let'm bother you. lol.
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    Lol, thanks for the comments and ideas. Ironically, most of what you said I what I am going todo. I also like the sign with the name idea. The major thing I dislike about Tips48's is its requirement for Spout (not to mention it needs to build dev build), along with the fact it needs a client mod to really perform. So I'm trying to make the Spoutless build be as close to the Spout build as possible.
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    OMG, you read my mind. No offense to the other devs, but yours is the most basic, yet it still has the idea of the 'real' Herobrine. Therefor it is the best i've seen. Sneaky, creepy stays in the shadows. I love the recent ideas posted, there so good. I can't wait for the release.
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    Is it possible to have weather changing, per-person time alteration, and render distance change without Spout? Personally I like Spout; I think it's the way of the future for plugins, allowing for seamless server/client alterations on the part of the Admin. Our server now has ambient background music, all users can see our server's texture pack, as well as some other here-to-fore impossible and awesome things. But I think it's ridiculous to require a specific development build in order to use one for-fun plugin that doesn't even accomplish the intended function.

    I think that, perhaps, you should make the plugin usable by and fully functional to non-spout/spoutcraft users, but those servers who have the plugin with users who use the launcher can take advantage of enhanced features such as the subtle atmospheric changes involved around the presence of Herobrine.

    There needs to be a level of randomness to each experience; another thing that tip's mod lacks is the ability to randomize the next time Herobrine will appear. It's the same number every time; 10 minutes, 60 minutes, blah blah blah. I have to go in and edit the config after every attack to make sure he doesn't just come back 5 minutes later and become more of a nuisance then a myth.

    I really wish there was a way I could help you with this. I would totally learn to program in Java to do this, but I don't have the personal drive. :p

    Edit: And OH YEAH, TestGuard's. I remember that now. I looked there and voted on it. His plugin has the right idea, but Herobrine is, again, too visible. He got it right with the random weird encounters, but Herobrine is also not supposed to have a name above his head(for one), he is NEVER that close to a person unless they are on Tiny render distance, and then just plain disapears if they increase their visibility. Also, the way that Herobrine runs around breaking people's chests, as well as talking, just looks plain SILLY. He looks like a prankster/troll rather then something to be feared.

    The idea behind suspense horror is that you RARELY EVER actually -see- the monster. The fear is entirely in your head, made up by your imagination over-reacting to odd circumstances and the things that you've heard about 'the monster'. "Ghost in the machine" is the basis behind Herobrine myths, and that should be how he works.

    Makes me wonder if it's even possible to do it properly without something that alters the client.
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    Glad to here that, if you have any ideas you would want to submit me, feel free :)

    Your plan about Spout is how I'm going to do it, if you have it then enjoy some extra features, if not, thats not a problem. It will also be a dependency free plugin. Not something that requires Spout/BukkitContrib/etc.

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    FYI, incase you didn't know, Spout = BukkitContrib.
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    That's good! And yes, minus Outcast's rudeness, I believe Spout and Bukkitcontrib are the same thing now. Though I'm not sure, I heard someone else went with the bukkitcontrib data and continued on in another direction with that. No clue, though.

    As far as other suggestions go he should be able to break player-built things, BUT perhaps only certain things or in a limited fashion. One should not come home after being offline for a while and find one's entire work destroyed with a herobrine sign. Then people will think they're just being trolled.

    Specific things, like breaking glass blocks/panes and leaving signs. Signs are generally a must unless some other evidence of his prior or current presence is there. It would also be good, if at all possible, to make it so Herobrine's appearance on a server is does not neccesarily require a player to be online. A timer, perhaps. Lets say the random timer goes off to trigger a Herobrine event; but instead of an active appearance event going off, it selects a player and the plugin observes the areas in which they travel and work, then sets a timer before he will appear. You could have the server watch for block break and placement events. From this it decides where Herobrine is going to strike based on that player's activity.

    The timer for this delayed appearance could be anywhere from an hour to longer, and what happens when the delayed timer runs out could depend on whether or not the player is online or off. If he logged off sometime before the timer ran out and the plugin has enough data on where he was working, Herobrine can appear and place things like redstone torches, dig tunnels(if they were underground), or break a small amount of their work and leave a passive-aggressive sign. If they are still online, it could either do the same as mentioned above while trying to avoid the player, or it could initiate an actual encounter. This, obviously, will also depend on where they are at the time. An encounter above ground during the day or night would probably be different then an encounter underground while digging, an encounter while exploring/wandering, or in one's (minecraft)home.

    I feel like I may be over-complicating this, but what we are essentially trying to do is make a thinking plugin. Herobrine needs to be different and react accordingly to the people and circumstances around him. :p
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    You want me to be rude? I'll be rude, TO YOU. To my best understanding that wasn't rude. I don't know how you could possibly take that offensively. Don't get me wrong I like your ideas but if you want to sit here and criticize people, by all means go ahead. But I don't have time for it. I have a life. So go outside, go to the parks, join a band? Just get a life. People aren't perfect to your standards. Especially on the Internet. Nuff said.

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